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Updated October 15, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
NATO Airstrike Kills Three Afghan Children
  UK to Speed Afghan Pullout: Half of Troops to Leave in 2013
  Afghan Peace Negotiator Sees Progress in Talks With Taliban
Western-Backed Rebels Attack Syria's Christians
  Jihadists Receiving Most Arms Sent to Syrian Rebels
  HRW: Evidence of Syrian Cluster-Bomb Use
  Turkey, Syria Trade Airspace Bans as Tensions Rise
EU Plans Major New Sanctions Against Iran
  EMPs and Oil Spills: 'Experts' Cook Up New Iran Hypotheticals to Fear
24 Killed in Attack in North Nigeria Mosque
Multiple Israeli Attacks Against Gaza Strip Kill 5
Stop Supporting Separatist Groups in Iran  by Muhammad Sahimi
Afghanistan's Latest Casualty Is Naiveté  by Jeffrey Simpson
On to Timbuktu! A New Jolly Little War We Can't Find on a Map  by Eric Margolis
Questions on Drones, Unanswered Still  by Margaret Sullivan
Iraq Comes Full Circle  by Paul R. Pillar
Bibi's Three Steps Forward, One Back  by Trita Parsi

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Western Spies Get Discreetly Involved in Syria
Obama Campaign Paints Romney Defense Strategy as Path to War
Judge in Sept. 11 Trial Asked for Rules That Would Shield Torture Testimony
US Politicians Trade Accusations on Libya Attack
Navy Sub, Aegis Cruiser Collide During Routine Ops; No Injuries, Damage Unclear
Israeli Cabinet Sets January 22 as Election Date
UN Envoy Alarmed by Attacks on Palestinian Trees
Israel Unveils Enhanced Drone
'Hezbollah Drone Photographed Secret Israeli Bases'
Army Radio Asks Musician Not to Perform Song for 'Debasing' IDF Soldiers
Abbas: Palestinians, Israel Were Two Months Away From Inking Peace Deal Under Olmert
Libyan Government Struggles to Rein in Powerful Militias
Libya's Legislature Elects Former Congressman and Human Rights Lawyer as New Prime Minister
5 UK Marines Charged With Afghan Murder
Afghanistan Publishes Mining Contracts in Anti-Graft Fight
Imran Khan Says Taliban's 'Holy War' in Afghanistan Is Justified by Islamic Law
Thousands of Pakistanis Rally for Girl Shot by Taliban
Pakistan Holds US Responsible for Protecting Malala's Attackers
UAE to Send Air Ambulance for Girl Shot by Taliban
200 Muslim Guerrillas Led by Elusive Chieftain in Capital for Philippine Peace Pact Signing
Japan and US Mull Troop Drill to Take Island
Myanmar Army-Backed Party to Choose New Leadership
Iran Denies Role in Cyberattacks on Oil and Gas Companies in Gulf, Welcomes Probe
Iran Denies Claims It Supports PKK
Hezbollah Drone Proves Tehran's Capabilities, Says Iranian Defense Minister
Iran Accused of Plotting Gulf Oil Spill to Punish West for Sanctions by Poisoning Gulf
An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack – the 'Other' Iranian Nuclear Threat
Talk of Northern Mali Intervention Grows, No Action Soon
Mauritania Head Abdelaziz Flies to Paris After Shooting
Middle East
106 US Tanks Delivered to Yemen
Baghdad Places Little Faith in US Election
Syria: Gunmen Kill 4 on Factory Bus in Homs
At Home, Hezbollah Lambasted for 'Reckless' Foreign Policy
Algeria: North African Al-Qaeda Official Killed in Army Ambush
US Ambassador to Tunisia Calls for Embassy Attackers to Be Brought to Justice
Jailed Bahraini Medics Go on Hunger Strike
UK, Scottish Authorities to Announce Terms of Referendum That Could See Breakup of Britain
Belgian Elections a Test of Flemish Separatists
A Shift to the Left in Lithuania Jeopardizes the Ruling Party
Pussy Riot Members Face Tough Life in Penal Colony
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