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Updated October 18, 2012 - 11:17 PM EDT
NATO 'Regrets' Killing Children in Afghan Attack
  Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Security Contractors While on Duty
  Kandahar Bombing Killed CIA Officer, Army Intel Analyst
  45 Afghan Troops Hurt in Car Bomb at NATO-Afghan Paktia Base
Israel Counted Minimum Calorie Needs in Gaza
  US Troops Arrive in Israel for Missile-Defense Exercise
  Israel: Gaza Flooded With Missiles From Libya
  PLO Officials Blast Israeli Move as De Facto West Bank Annexation
Iran Sanctions Putting Millions of Lives at Risk
  IAEA Chief: 'We Continue to See Activities' at Iranian Parchin Site
  Used Car Dealer Pleads Guilty to 'Iranian Plot' Against Saudi Envoy
  Massive US-Led Anti-Mining Drill in Persian Gulf a Disaster
At Least 44 Killed in Northern Syria Air Strikes
FBI Arrests Man in Sting to Bomb Federal Reserve
Yemeni MP: Drones 'Prepare Ground for al-Qaeda'
US Military Assistance to Central Asia Highly 'Opaque'
Nigerians Push for Military Pullout After Civilian Massacre
Who Is Responsible for the Mess in Libya?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Beyond Guantánamo's Wardrobe Malfunction  by Amy Davidson
Refreshing, Rational US Views on Iran  by Rami G. Khouri
The US Lacks Interests in the Mideast  by John Quiggin
The Pentagon's Palmetto Patsy  by W. James Antle III
What Foreign Policy Debate?  by Jacob Sullum

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Gaza-Bound Ship With Food, Activists Off Greek Coast
UK Foreign Ministry: Scottish Independence 'Threatens Security'
US Singles Out Islamist as a Commander in Consulate Attack, Libyans Say
9/11 Tribunal to Take on Rat Feces at Guantanamo
Fighting for Peace at the Local Level
Turkish Artillery Strikes Back at Syria
Iran and Turkey Join Syria Peace Envoy in Truce Call
Syria Envoy Says Bloodshed Could Engulf Middle East
Syrian Opponents Consider Brahimi Ceasefire Proposal
Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Helicopter in Idlib
Tensions Among Alawites Pose New Challenge for Assad
Long Cultivated by Assad, Syria's Business Elite Feels Squeeze of War, Sanctions
Iran Denies Strait of Hormuz Oil-Spill Plan
Russia Slams EU for New Round of Iran Sanctions
Iran Lawmaker: We Can't Dismiss Effects of Sanctions
Iran Media Officials Castigate Europe Over Satellite Blackout
Israel Thwarts UNESCO Resolution Condemning Its Temple Mount Activities
For First Time, Palestinians in Gaza Fire Missile at IAF Helicopter
Israel Seeks to Contain Gaza's Salafi-Jihadist Threat
Kadima MPs Mull Quitting the Party
Turkish Planes Bomb Iraq, Again; 11 Killed in Other Attacks
Kurdistan Alliance Refuses Any Moves of Iraqi Army Units to Kirkuk
Iraq Intends to Deploy Troops in North of Country to Avoid Turkish Army Operations
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Calls for Dialogue With PKK
Maliki Threatens to Return to the Politics of Exclusion
Middle East
Five Arrested at Big Kuwait Anti-Government Rally
Egyptian Court to Rule on Constitutional Assembly on October 23
Salafists Blamed for Destroying Pagan Rock Carving in Morocco
Chile Approves Extradition Request for Ex-US Officer in 2 Killings, Including Journalist
7 Mexican Federal Officials Detained for Allegedly Having Links to Sinaloa Drug Cartel
US Singles Out Libyan Islamist as a Commander in Consulate Attack, Libyans Say
Libyan Militias Shell Former Gadhafi Stronghold Town
Many Libyans Executed in Gadhafi Capture: Report
For Benghazi Diplomatic Security, US Relied on Small British Firm
Pakistani Interior Minister: Drone Attacks Kill 80% Innocent People
Official: Shot Pakistani Girl's Condition Improving, She's Moving Her Limbs
'Mullah Radio' Believed to Be Behind Attack on Pakistani Schoolgirl
Taliban Threat Worries Pakistan Media
Why the Taliban Hates Polio Vaccines
Belgian Militant Reportedly Killed in Pakistan
IED Bomb Attack Deaths Coming Down... Because of Rising Costs
Afghan Farmers Weigh Up Saffron Against Opium
French Army Gazelle Helicopters Leave Afghanistan
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tiger Leader Selvarasa Pathmanathan a 'Free Man'
Locals Trained to Clear a Million Landmines
US Sailor Allegedly Confesses to Rape in Japan
Philippines Arrests Militant Over US Hostage Deaths
Police: 30 People Killed as Muslim Herdsmen Attack Christian Village in Central Nigeria
Peacekeeper Killed, Three Wounded in Sudan's Darfur Region
Uganda Denies Backing Congo Rebels, Claims UN Is Undermining Regional Efforts to End Crisis
Malawi Refers Lake Border Dispute With Tanzania to AU
Scottish Independence
UK's Cameron to Sign Scotland Referendum Deal
Scottish Independence: Lib Dems Push Federal UK Plans
Russia Opens Probe Against Opposition Leader
Putin's Backers Favor Obama Over Romney for US Presidency
EU Renews Belarus Sanctions Due to Human Rights Concerns
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