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Updated October 20, 2012 - 11:23 PM EDT
Israel Seizes Gaza-Bound Aid Boat
  Low Turnout in First Palestinian West Bank Elections Since 2005
  Bomb Kills 19 Afghan Wedding Partygoers
  US Behind Turkish Downing of Syrian Passenger Plane
  US, Arab League Back UN Call for Syria Ceasefire
Conflicting Images Emerge of NY Terror Suspect
Al-Qaeda Attack on Yemen Army Base Kills 24
US: No Evidence al-Qaeda Ordered Benghazi Attack
Two Police Killed in Suicide Attack Near Iranian Mosque
North Korea Threatens to Attack Tourist Areas Over Leaflets
US Justice Likely Coming Soon to Benghazi With Extrajudicial Executions  by Glenn Greenwald
The 'Peace' President's War Record  by Jack A. Smith
Most Americans Still Don't Know the Full Truth About the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis  by Eric Margolis
Strategic Insolvency on Defense  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The New Agent Orange?  by Kelley Vlahos
The War Between the Civilized Man and Pamela Geller   by Lizzy Ratner

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White House Taking Steps to Thwart Cyberterrorism Attacks
A Biker, a Blonde, a Jihadist and Piles of CIA Cash
Serbia, Kosovo Leaders Meet at EU
Army Releases September Suicide Data
US Invites Myanmar to Military Drills With Thailand
Report: Fidel Castro Suffered a Stroke, in Near-Vegetative State
Cease-Fire Imposed as Rival Libyan Forces Square Off Outside Bani Walid
A Year After Gadhafi, Libya Must Find Replacement for Euphoria
Gadhafi's Family's Lawyer Says His Killers Should Face Trial
Muslim Brotherhood Party Elects New Leader
Mursi Battles to Prove He Can Revive Egypt's Economy
Egypt and Turkey Seek Alliance Amid Upheaval of Arab Spring
UN Ready to Help Mali Intervention
African Leaders Meet in Mali, Prepare Military Intervention in Islamist-Held North
'Al-Shabab Weapons Seized in Puntland'
Terror Suspects Arrested in Somaliland Lose UK Appeal
DR Congo
Congo M23 Rebels Attack Army in North Kivu Province to Gain More Territory; Army Pushes Back
UN Security Council Plans Sanctions on Leaders of M23 Rebels in Eastern Congo
Chinese Construction Worker, 5 Others Shot Dead in Attacks in Nigeria's Troubled Northeast
Muslim Protesters Fight Police in Tanzania, Popular Cleric Freed
Afghan Police School Tries to Fix Struggling Force
Afghanistan Feels Pressure in Hunt for Swat Taliban Chief
Afghanistan: A Cultural No Man's Land?
Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan Girl 'Standing With Help'
10 More Killed in Karachi
Pakistani Taliban: Bajaur Women Banned From Getting ID Cards
Retired Military Chiefs Face Prosecution
China's Navy Drills Amid Isles Dispute With Japan
Envoy Says China Wants to Resolve Differences With Philippines Over Territorial Spat
Curfew Imposed on American Troops in Japan
Gunmen Attack Kashmir Hotel 'Killing One'
North Korea Leader's Nephew in Rare Interview
Palestinians, Heading to the Polls, Complain About Lack of Competition
Fatah Gears for Municipal Elections in West Bank
'Palestinian Push for UN Upgrade Likely to Succeed'
Olmert, Livni Discuss New Israeli 'Center-Left' Party
Syrian Troops Bomb Town Ahead of Visit by UN Envoy
As Bombs Fall, Turkey Backs Call for Cease-Fire in Syria
Beirut Car Bomb Kills Top Security Official
Lebanon May Sue Hit US TV Show Homeland
Prayer Day Attacks Kill 2 in Iraq
Iraq Seeks Ousted Central Bank Chief's Arrest in Graft Probe
Exxon Seeks to Quit Flagship Iraq Oil Project
Iran: Israel Can Expect 100s More Drones
PNC Official: Iran the Reason Our Website Was So Slow
Middle East
Kurdish Rebels Blow Up Iranian Gas Pipeline in Turkey
Bahrain Policeman Dies From Injuries After Bombing
Jordanian Police Say Ceiling Collapsed at Mall, Prompting False Alarm About Explosion
Scottish National Party Members Asked to Ditch Party's Anti-NATO Policy
UK Soldiers' Families Get Green Light to Sue MoD Over Iraq Deaths
Russia Fires Dummy Warheads From Planes, Sub, Silo
Twitter Removes French Anti-Semitic Tweets
Seizure of Ship From Argentina Forces Shake-Up
Colombia's Santos: Land Restitution Law Undermines Rebels
'War on Terror'
Judge Adjourns Weeklong Hearing in 9/11 Case at Guantanamo Without Ruling on Major Issues
Defendants Are No-Shows in Gitmo Sept 11 Case
Canadian Judge Says There Is Enough Evidence to Extradite Terror Suspect to the US
44 TSA Workers at Newark Face Firing or Suspension
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