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Updated October 22, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
CIA Chiefs Face Arrest Over 'Video-Game' Sorties
France Sends Drones for Mali Invasion
Sen. Graham Blasts Reports of US-Iran Talks
  US and Iran: Could Romney Be Tougher Than Obama? Unlikely
Fatah Fares Poorly in Palestinian Elections
  PM: Israel to Expand Settlements in East Jerusalem 'Without Limits'
  Gaza-Bound Aid Ship's Crew Tasered, Greek MPs Reportedly Attacked
  Major US, Israeli Air Defense Exercise Begins
Turks Suspect US Plot Is Behind Syria's Implosion
  Lebanon Erupts: Protesters Clash With Troops After Spy Chief's Funeral
Afghan Army Getting Bigger, But Readiness Lags
  Candidates Skirt Talk of Hard Afghanistan Choices
  Pakistan Presses for Afghan Extradition of Leader Behind Girl's Shooting
US Drone Kills Four in Central Yemen Strike
22 'Pro-Govt.' Militiamen Killed in Attack on Libyan Town
Putin Flexes Muscle in Big Test of Russia's Nuclear Arsenal
Constitutional Questions Hound Domestic Role for US Military
The Remarkable, Unfathomable Ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Schultz  by Glenn Greenwald
Myths of Iraq and Afghanistan  by Steve Chapman
US Bombing of Iraq Left Legacy of Deformed Babies  by Haroon Siddiqui
Will the Apocalypse Arrive Online?  by Karen J. Greenberg
America's Drone Terrorism  by Sheldon Richman
Growing Opposition to US Drones Program  by Jeff Bachman

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George McGovern, War Critic Routed by Nixon, Dies at 90
As Iraq, Afghan Wars End, Private Security Firms Adapt
30% of Recent Combat Vets Treated by VA Have PTSD
Syria Strife Tests Turkish Alawites
Spain's Nuclear Legacy
US to Turn Over Emails in Manning Case
Protesters Break Into Grounds of Libya's Parliament
Fighting Flares in Gadhafi Stronghold for 5th Day as Army Disperses Protest With Gunfire
Explanation for Benghazi Attack Under Scrutiny
Confusion in Libya Over Fate of Former Gadhafi Spokesman
Libyan Town Under Siege Is a Center of Resistance
Rep. Rogers Calls Latest Libya Intel Disclosures 'Orchestrated Defense' of Administration
Afghan Roadside Bombs Claiming More Civilian Victims
As World Helps Shot Pakistani Girl, Afghans Ask 'What About Us?'
China's CNPC Begins Oil Production in Afghanistan
US Army Corps of Engineers Plans Improvements to Dangerous Afghan Tunnel
8 'Terrorists' Killed in Orakzai Operation
Pakistan's Osama bin Laden Report: Al-Qaeda Leader Feared to Set Foot Outside Compound
Bangladesh Mutiny: 723 Border Guards Jailed
Gunmen Kill at Least 31 in Nigerian City
Seven Dead in Attack on Guinea-Bissau Army Barracks
Three Catholic Priests Kidnapped in Eastern Congo
South Africa Condemns Death of Darfur Peacekeeper
Russian Forces Kill 49 Militants in North Caucasus Operation
US Diplomat Says Canadian Spied for Russia
Signs of Rancor as Georgia's New Parliament Meets
The War at Home
Monday's Debate Puts Focus on Foreign Policy Clashes
Benghazi and Arab Spring Rear Up in US Campaign
Poll: Jobs Top Issue for Military
Children of Grand Forks Airmen Get to 'Deploy'
Hoax in Massachusetts Chemical-Weapons Threat
Lebanese Soldiers Stave Off Beirut Mob Trying to Storm Government Compound
Syria Denounced at Beirut Funeral Rally for Slain Official
Killing of Security Chief Raises Fears for Lebanon
A Look at Some of the Key Players in Lebanon's Latest Crisis
Blast in Syria Kills at Least 13
Car Bomb Explodes at French Hospital in Syria's Aleppo
Syria Peace Envoy Brahimi Meets President Assad
War Arrives in Damascus Old City
Aleppo: Scenes From a City Under Siege
Rahm Emanuel Says Iran Weakened, Isolated by Obama Strategy
Iran Hangs Three for 2010 Bombings
Netanyahu Says Gaza-Bound Activists Aimed to Provoke
Activists Accuse Israeli Navy of Tasering
Lapid Reportedly Offers No. 2 Slot to Religious Leader
Netanyahu: Israel Unaware of Any Breakthrough in US-Iran Nuclear Talks
Emir of Qatar to Be First Head of State to Visit Gaza
In Iraq, Blasts Kill 11, Gunfire Claims 6
Iraq Troops Attack Protesters, Wound Four
Sadr: Iraq Is Passing Through Political and Security Crisis
Iraq Plans Kurdistan Stock Exchange
Middle East
Jordan Says It Arrests 11 in Alleged Al-Qaeda-Linked Terror Plot Against Western Diplomats
Rights Group: Yemen Security Forces Raid Hospitals
Police in Kuwait Teargas Opposition Protesters
Egypt Freezes Assets of Ex-Candidate, Ex-PM Shafiq
Bahrain Detains Seven Over Killing of Policeman
Twitter Gives Saudi Arabia a Revolution of Its Own
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