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Updated October 24, 2012 - 11:04 PM EDT
Benghazi Suspect Killed in Cairo Shootout
US Develops New Kill Lists, Expands Drone War
NYPD Paid Informant to 'Bait' Muslims
US Drones Kill 3 in Pakistan, 'Not Clear' Whom
US State Dept. Demands Lebanon Form New Govt.
  Rebels Split as Syrian Govt. Agrees to Cease-Fire
  Intense Fighting Continues as Syrian Rebels Struggle to Keep Key Town
  Despite Army Claims of Cease-Fire, Fighting Continues in N. Lebanon
US Troops Kill Four Children in Afghan East
  Afghan Forces Die in Clash With Taliban in Herat
Iran Says May Stop Oil Sales if Sanctions Tighten
  West Seeks Even More Demands for Next Iran Talks
  Romney Campaign: First Amendment Doesn't Protect Iranian President
Massive US Flood Relief for Pakistan Feeds Distrust
  UK Support for US Drones in Pakistan May Be War Crime, Court Is Told
Third-Party Presidential Debate Talks Foreign Policy
Majority of Israeli Jews Would Support Apartheid Regime
Christians Worry Over a Future in Egypt
Army Hires PR Firm to Promote Faulty Anti-IED Device
Libya Marks 'Anniversary' of War, But Fighting Continues
Blood Is Their Argument: The Real Campaign Trail  by Chris Floyd
The Starvation Diet for Gaza Shows the Blockade Will Fall  by Jonathan Cook
How Will Mitt Romney Demonstrate 'Backbone' With Vladimir Putin?  by Mark Adomanis
Obama and Romney: War Is Peace  by Anthony Gregory
A False Idol, a Loaded Weapon  by Gene Healy
How American Exceptionalism Dooms US Foreign Policy  by Morton Abramowitz

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China Fires Back at US Presidential Candidates
The Top 20 Airports for TSA Theft
Experts Warn About Security Flaws in Airline Boarding Passes
Executions Increasingly Viewed as Torture: UN Investigator
Massacre at Syrian Bakery Dims Hopes for a Holiday Truce
Envoy Pushes for Syria Truce
Syrian Warplanes Strike Rebel-Held Town in North
Caught in Months of Fighting for Syrian City, Aleppo Residents Strain for Survival
Lebanon Crisis Deepens as 11 Die in Clashes
Army Says Gunmen Agree to Truce in Lebanon's Tripoli
Nine Israeli Planes Violate Lebanese Airspace
New Details in Lebanese General's Death
Hezbollah Against Foreign Probe of Assassination
Over 100,000 Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Now
Bani Walid Residents Say Military in Control of Surrounding Districts as Tens of Thousands Flee
US Blocks Russia's Draft Statement in UN on Peaceful Resolution of Bani Walid Violence
Three Gunned Down as Violence Continues in Balochistan
US Declines to Comment on Media Reports About bin Laden
China Reshuffles Top Military Ranks Ahead of Leadership Change
China's Other Transition: Military to Be Led by New Generation
Chinese Protester Who Attacked US Ambassador's Car Wants US Visa
Tibetan Dies After Setting Himself Ablaze in Front of Market Near Monastery in Western China
Spanish Troops to Withdraw From Two Afghan Bases
Myanmar: New Clashes Between Muslims, Buddhists
Sudan Shelling: 'Children Killed' in South Kordofan
Large Fire After Explosion at Arms Factory in Sudan's Capital
The Whiff of Conflict Grows in a Divided Mali
Somali Rebels Bolster Northern 'Tora Bora' Base
Benin President Boni Yayi 'Poison Plot': Three Charged
Stolen Nigeria Oil 'Goes to Balkans and Singapore'
UN Condemns Attack on Guinea-Bissau Military Base
Qatar Visit Breaks Gaza Ice, Delights Hamas
Palestinian Killed in Israeli Air Raid
Israeli Christian Leaders: Arrest 'Price-Tag' Vandals
Labor Head May Be in Talks to Join Forces With Ex-Politico Livni
Residents: Obama Uses Sderot as Campaign Tool
Will Israel Get Its Own Election Debate?
Terrorist Leaders Can Change – if We Let Them, Israeli Researcher Says
Russia to Veto Any UN Motion for Strikes on Iran
White House Says No Bilateral Talks Scheduled for Iran
Major Powers Examine Long-Shot Options in Iran Talks
Iran Will Only Negotiate With US Over Afghanistan: Diplomat
Baghdad Blasts Leave 14 Killed, 44 Wounded
Kurdish Official Delegation Leaves Baghdad
Sadr Grants the Sadrist Trend's Political Body Extensive Power to Manage Its Political Portfolio
Al Qaeda Goes Underground in Yemen Against US-Driven Crackdown
France Reaffirms Support to Yemen
Middle East
Cyberattack on Saudi Oil Firm Disquiets US
Kuwait Bans Public Gatherings Above 20 People
Erdogan Calls for Unity Between Turks and Kurds
Egypt Ruling Allows Time for Constitution
Russia's Parliament Votes to Expand Definition of High Treason
US Navy Dolphins and Divers Help Scout Ordnance Off Montenegrin Coast
UK Bomb Plotters 'Discussed Blade Attack'
William Hague: Britons' EU Disillusionment Deepest Ever
At Guantanamo, Marines Grow Scarce but Base Is More Lively
Judge Pauses Guantanamo Hearing Over Defendant's Courtroom Presence
With 60,000 Dead, Mexicans Wonder Why Drug War Doesn't Rate in Presidential Debate
Chile Will Request Extradition of US Captain Over Pinochet Murders
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