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Updated October 25, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
Another Afghan Cop Kills Two US Soldiers
Israel's Netanyahu, Lieberman Merge Parties
  4 Palestinians Killed as Strikes Escalate on Israel-Gaza Border
Benghazi Suspect Killed in Cairo Shootout
  Emails Add to Growing Questions About Benghazi Response
Rebels Split as Syrian Govt. Agrees to Cease-Fire
  Russia: Syrian Rebels Using US-Made Stinger Missiles
US Drones Kill 3 in Pakistan, 'Not Clear' Whom
  Pakistani Troops Capture 2,500 'Suspects' in Khyber Raid
Iran May Toughen Line After Combative US Shift
African Union Reinstates Mali Ahead of Invasion
WikiLeaks to Release 100 Secret Docs on Detention Policies
US General: Too Early to Tell Whether Iraq Effort Created Ally
Sudan Blames Israeli Airstrike for Arms Factory Fire
Obama Adviser Defends Killing US Boy With Drone
Army Suicides This Year Exceed 2012 Combat Deaths in Afghanistan
The Foreign Policy Debate: Coke or Pepsi?  by Kevin Carson
A Foreign Policy of Arrogant Meddling  by Jacob Sullum
Debate Reveals Outdated US Foreign Policy  by Gregor Peter Schmitz
Silence on Libya  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Grover Norquist vs. the Pentagon  by Michael D. Ostrolenk
Washington's Endless War  by Doug Bandow

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Ecuador Fears for Assange's Health, Seeks UK Safe Passage
Panetta: US Cannot Let al-Qaeda Hide in North Africa
Mass Rallies Mark 1956 Hungary Uprising
TSA Fights Major Image Problem
So How Many Horses and Bayonets Does the US Military Really Have?
Romney's Navy Guru Made Millions From Building Ships
Activists: Syrian Warplanes Strike Village, Kill 5
More Than 35,000 Killed in Syria, Rebels Claim
Shells From Syria Fall Inside North Lebanon
Lebanese Opposition Blames Syria for Assassination
Syrian Soldiers Fight Rebels and Fatigue in Homs
Lebanese President Seeks Talks on Government Future
Gazans Fire 80 Rockets at Israel in 24 Hours
Israel Threatens 'Deeper Action' Over Hamas Rocket Blitz Bombardment
Peres Charges That Palestinians Use Aid Money to Fire Rockets
Palestinian Official: Egypt Mediating Hamas-Israel Truce
Israel Expels 15 Gaza Boat Activists, 2 More Left
US-Israel Drill Simulates Missile Attacks... as Rockets Fall on South
Southern Israel Residents Describe Near-Death Hits, Children Out of School, and Non-Stop Missiles
Arab MPs: Israeli Jews' Support of Apartheid Is Not Surprising
UAE Cyclists Tackling Turkish Terrain for Gaza Refugee Fundraiser
Shrinking Military-Led Aid Sparks Concern Among Afghans
Human Trafficking, Prostitution Thrive in Afghanistan
Some Afghans Prefer Ancient Treatment for Mental Ailments
Musharraf Issued Notice in Drone Case
Malala Attack Fuels Pakistani Conspiracy Theories
Buddhists in New Clashes With Muslims
Myanmar Imposes Overnight Curfew in Rakhine State
US Navy Reviews Rules on Japan Bases
Tibetan Farmer Self-Immolates
The War at Home
Convicted Terrorist Sentenced to 37 Years for Plotting to Bomb Los Angeles Airport Around Millennium
Accused USS Cole Plotter Complains of Mistreatment
Homeland Security to Recruit From US Universities
Libyan Militia Takes Former Gadhafi Stronghold
Tunisia Makes Arrest in Connection With Benghazi Consulate Attack
Clinton Downplays Emails Implicating Militant Group Within Hours of Libya Strike
Clinton: Facebook Post About Benghazi Attack Not Hard Evidence
Egypt Catches Arms Smugglers Near Libyan Border
Iran Judicial Chief Fires Back at Ahmadinejad
Iran Arrests 50 Over Currency Decline
Iran Looks to Silk Road Ties in Time of Sanctions
Military Exports to Iran Get Woman Two Years in US Prison
Iran to Unveil New Hovercraft, Missiles: Defense Minister
Pre-Eid Attacks Leave 25 Dead Across Iraq, Including Nine-Year-Old
Partial Curfew Imposed on Fallujah
North Africa
Mubarak's Egypt, Where Everything Was for Sale
Rached Ghannouchi Says He Doesn't Want an Islamic State in Tunisia. Can He Prove His Critics Wrong?
War on Mali Islamists 'Inevitable' as Europe Agrees to Act
Mali Crisis: 'Foreign Fighters Come to Help Islamists'
3,200 African Troops Needed to Fight Rebels, Islamist Militants in Mali, Official Says
Islamist Riots Threaten Zanzibar's Stability
Equatorial Guinean Rights Lawyer Nsue 'Missing'
Russia's New Treason Law Alarms Dissident Groups
Russia Says Kills Suspects in Attacks on Muslim Clerics
Russia Demands Expulsion of Reporters, Envoys Over UN Leaks
UK Downgrades Threat Posed by Northern Ireland Terrorists to British Mainland
Terror Trial: 'Suicide Bombers Ready to Take on England'
Ukraine President Kuchma's Ex-Bodyguard Held in Kiev
Bosnians Elect Their First Hijab-Wearing Mayor
Georgia's Next Prime Minister to Quit 'in 18 Months'
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