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Updated October 27, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Britain, US in Talks on Using Bases to Attack Iran
  Israel's Super-Hawk Merger Makes Iran War the Election's Central Issue
  Steel Sanctions Have Iran Scrambling to Import Coal
Escalating Syrian Civil War a Lose-Lose for US
  Syria Shelling Further Undermines Eid Al-Adha 'Truce'
  US Rushes to Stop Syria From Expanding Chemical Weapon Stockpile
  Syria-Like Violence Unlikely in a Lebanon That's Stable in Its Instability
Afghan Mosque Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 42
Lieberman Defends Party Merger Amid Signs of Likud Revolt
Revenge Attacks Loom as Libya Fighters Conquer Bani Walid
African Union: Western Nations to Bankroll Mali Invasion
US Airport Security Interrogates Pakistani Politician Over Drone Opposition
'Disposition Matrix': President's 10-Year Plan for the Kill List  by Joe Wolverton, II
ACLU Fights the Good Fight to Stop Govt Surveillance of Our Citizens  by Naomi Wolf
Five Specific Questions Journalists Should Ask About the Drone Strike Policy  by Robert Naiman
The Drug War Devolves in Honduras  by Kelley Vlahos
Poorly Learned Lessons About Terrorism  by Paul R. Pillar
President Romney Can Thank Obama for His Permanent Robotic Death List  by Spencer Ackerman

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Iraq, Afghanistan War Wounded Pass 50,000
Army Corps Can't Show $1 Billion in Iraq Fuel Delivered
Putin Health Worries Postpone Ex-Soviet Summit
US, South Korea Eye Closer Military Cooperation
Clinton Won't Leave Until Successor in Place
Malala Yousafzai Is Recovering at 'Encouraging Speed' Father Says
Hand Grenade Blast Creates Panic in Old Karachi
Pakistan Condemns Attack in Afghanistan
British Army Medic and Royal Marine Were Not Shot Dead by Own Forces in Afghanistan
New Zealand to Resettle Afghan Interpreters
US Absentee Ballots May Have Been Destroyed in Afghanistan Crash
Myanmar Revises Down Death Toll in Sectarian Violence
Bo Xilai: China Parliament Expels Disgraced Politician
Sudan Arms Factory Blast: Khartoum to Report Israel to UN
South Sudan: AU Supports Abyei Referendum in 2013 but Gives Six Weeks for a Deal
DR Congo
DR Congo Anti-Rape Doctor Attacked
Virunga National Park: DR Congo Rangers Killed
Uganda Fury at Congo Claims: Somalia Operation Reviewed
Ethiopia's Muslims Accuse Government of Religious Meddling
Interpol: Central Africa Becoming New Drug Transit Point for South American Cartels
Amnesty International: Ivory Coast Torturing Detainees
The War at Home
Cold War Jet-Fuel Tanks, Other Debris Hauled From Alaska Parks
Boarding Pass Barcodes 'Can Be Read by Smartphones'
Weekend Reviews
How Expanded Executive Power, Spiraling National Debt, and Restricted Civil Liberties Shaped Wartime America
Orderly and Humane: Expulsion of Germans Sad Payback
Homeland: Does It Give an Accurate Picture of Middle East Politics?
The Black Tulip Shows Afghanistan's Triumphs, Tragedies
UK Opposed to Military Strike on Iran 'At the Moment'
Gunmen Kill 2 Policemen in Southeastern Iran
Egypt Seizes Libyan Weapons, Suspects in Further Sign of Spreading Terrorist Influence
Rand Paul Persists in Effort to Cut Foreign Aid to Libya
Obama: Election 'Has Nothing to Do' With Libya Deaths
Obama: 'Not Personally Aware' of Security Requests Before Libya Attack
On Facebook, IDF Illustrates Palestinian Violence – With Photo From Bahrain
Lieberman Vows to See Netanyahu Keep Premiership
Canada Joins Israel, US in Calling for UN Rapporteur's Removal for Criticizing Settlements
Syrian Army Says Responded to Rebel Ceasefire 'Violations'
Winter's Approach Adds to Crisis as Refugee Population Swells
Hamas Brinkmanship Masks Quiet Confidence
US Official Urges EU to Designate Hezbollah a Terror Group
Seven Killed Across Iraq
Four Civilians Killed, 12 Others Wounded in a Car Bomb in Diyala
The Oil Backfire in Baghdad
Northrop Grumman Outfits Iraqi Patrol Vessel
Bahrain Policeman Injured in April Attack Dies
Ex-Soviet Summit Postponed Amid Worries Over Putin's Health
Russian Leftist Sergei Udaltsov Charged With Conspiracy
Honduran Police Chief, Veteran Commanders in Faceoff Over Efforts to Clean Up Ranks
Cuban Dissident Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo Dies
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Israel: The End of the Dream

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Hamlet in Belgrade

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Blaming the Muslims

Ivan Eland
Middle East Peace Remains Elusive

Kelley B. Vlahos
Romney's 'Me Too' Foreign Policy Debate

Ran HaCohen
Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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