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Updated November 2, 2012 - 11:11 PM EDT
  Report: Afghan Can't Maintain US-Built Facilities After Pullout
  US Relaxes Sanctions on Medicine Sales to Iran
Israel Assassinated Palestinian Leader in 1988
  Netanyahu, Romney Campaigns Share Major Donors
  Israeli Minister Mulls Likud Split as Poll Shows Appetite for New Party
  Kadima Leader: Netanyahu Obsessed With Attacking Iran
Rebels 'Execute' 78 Syrian Soldiers in Video
  Syrian Rebel Bloc Not Comfortable With Obama Picking Their Leaders
  China Proposes New Initiatives for Syria Ceasefire
  Syria's Christians: 'We Left Homs Because They Were Trying to Kill Us'
  Armed Libyan Protesters, Militiamen Occupy Area Near Parliament
Obama Iraq Envoy: I Wanted Troops to Stay in Iraq
Madeleine Albright Raps 'Disgusting Serbs' in Prague
Afghans Can't Maintain US-Built Facilities After Pullout
Nigeria's Human Rights Abuses Fueling Insurgency
As Peace Expands in Somalia, Govt Wants Weapons
Why Is Mexico Drug War Being Ignored?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
What's the Foreign Policy Agenda for the Next Four Years?  by Stephen M. Walt
At Guantánamo, the Government Is Still Making Up the Law as It Goes Along  by John Knefel
How the Washington Post Strips Casualties From Drone Data  by Chris Woods
Turkey Haunted by Hubris  by Colin Hallinan
George McGovern Reconsidered  by Tim Kelly

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CIA Says It Rushed to Save Diplomats as Libya Attack Was Underway
Romney, Netanyahu Share Donors as Well as Friendship
Lawyers for 9/11 Gitmo Defendants Ask Penetta to Televise Trial
Taliban Talk Prospects Dim, Not Dead
27 Cadets Injured in Brawl at Air Force Academy
The War at Home
Exam Leaked to Guards at Y-12 Nuclear Site, Inquiry Finds
Sandy Caused 'Major Damage' to UN Headquarters: Official
Man Gets 17 Years for Planned Model Airplane Attack on Capitol, Pentagon
Iraq War Veteran Challenges Military on Injury Benefits
Secret Service Agent Kills Self Amid Affair Probe
Tunisia Says Foiled Plot to Kidnap Local Jews

Uproar in Tunisia, After Islamist Politician Says Hamas Sanctions Ties With Israel

Nigeria Army 'Abuses' in Boko Haram Crackdown: Amnesty
Alleged Member of Boko Haram Sets Peace Talk Conditions
Russian and Estonian Crew Freed in Nigeria
Somali Traders Want UN to Lift Charcoal Trade Ban
Mauritanian Opposition Tells Army to Stay Out of Politics
Tanzania: Border With Malawi Fraudulent: Elders
Guinea-Bissau, After Coup, Is Drug-Trafficking Haven
Prisoners Rot on Death Row in South Sudan
8 Militants Killed in Khyber Clashes
Fiancee of Main Suspect in Malala Shooting Arrested
China's Communist Elite Readies for Power Transfer
As Party Congress Nears, Beijing Fears Subversive Ping-Pong Balls
Sri Lanka MPs' Impeachment Bid
Myanmar Parliament Approves Foreign Investment Bill
Lib-Dem Chief: Changing UK-EU Relations Could Be Catastrophic
British Scientists Build Machine to Detect Smuggling of Nuclear Materials
Palestinian-Israelis Wary of Upcoming Polls
Abbas: No Territory Demands Outside of Pre-1967 Lines
PA President: As Long as I Am in Power, There Will Be No Third Intifada
Israel Arrests Refugee Camp Groom for Wedding Fireworks
Israel Captures Gazan Caught Importing Iron
Polls Give Likud's Kahlon 10-20 Seats if He Bolts, but He's Undecided
Iranian Commander: Our Missiles Can Penetrate the Iron Dome
Iran Confirms Completing Centrifuges Installation in Fordo
Gunman Wounds Fatah Official in South Lebanon Refugee Camp
Israeli Forces Stormed Into Areas Near Sheb'aa Farms Southern Lebanon
Kurds in Northern Iraq Are Exporting Their Own Oil
Iraq Court Hands Sunni VP 2nd Death Sentence
Civilian Killed East of Fallujah
Iraqi Illegal Immigrants in Dutch Limbo
Turkey Using Anti-Terrorism Law to Quash Debate
Car Explodes Outside Barracks in Turkey's Iskenderun Port
Turkey: Risk of Death Nearing in Kurdish Militant Hunger Strike, Doctors Say
Middle East
Aleppo Field Hospital Reveals Grim Reality of War in Once-Vibrant City
Kuwait and Bahrain Crack Down on Protests
Kuwaiti Ex-MP Held Over Emir Remarks to Be Freed on Bail
Egypt Detains 12 Militants, Including Tunisian, Libyan
2 Killed, 37 Injured by Colombia Bomb Blast During Children's Halloween Festivities
23 Police Officers Detained in Mexico City Suburbs for Alleged Ties to Organized Crime
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