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Updated November 3, 2012 - 10:54 PM EDT
Israel: Syria Tanks Enter Golan Heights DMZ
  Rebel Council: Hold Syrian Fighters Accountable for War Crimes
  Syrian Military Abandons Last Base Near Saraqeb Amid Rebel Offensive
  No Matter Who Wins Election, US Likely to Become Entangled in Syria
Hamas Slams Abbas Over 'Right of Return'
  Hamas Realignment Leaves 'Resistance Axis' Reeling
  Israeli Ministry of Tourism Map Annexes Over 60% of West Bank
Last Ditch Efforts to Secure Benghazi Consulate
  Libyan Militia's Failed Security at Benghazi
Another Insider Attack: 4 Afghan Police Killed
Attack on Gas Station in Pakistan Kills 18
Nigeria Military Massacres Civilians in Maiduguri
Yemen's Ruler 'Embraces' US Drones as Offensives Continue
UK High Court Blocks UK Detainee Transfers in Afghanistan
The Indefinite Detention of the Progressive Voter  by Sam Husseini
Romney's Defense Budget Is Unrealistic  by Winslow T. Wheeler
Nuclear Talks With Iran: Prospects  by Peter Jenkins
Revisiting the Iraq Debacle  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Beyond Allies and Adversaries  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Romney's Other 47% Problem  by Benjamin H. Friedman

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US Renews Sanctions, Sudan Criticizes Decision
Russian Defense Chief in Hot Water
Petraeus's Lower Profile at CIA Leaves Void in Benghazi Furor
Pentagon on Benghazi Troop Movements: 'Swift Action' on Night of Attack
Iraq War Contractor Ordered to Pay $85 Million to Poisoned Soldiers
Libya Gunmen End Occupation of Parliament Building
Senators: US Gets Access to Libya Attack Suspect
Moscow and Beijing Congratulate Libya on New Government
Islamists in Cairo Call for Islamic Law
Egypt Terror Threat Level Raised by UK Foreign Office
Israeli Defense Official: Appalling Dictatorship in Egypt
Four Norwegian Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan
Afghan Civilian Hit on Australian Firing Range
US Airman Accused of Attacking Japanese Teen After Breaking Into Home
Pakistan: Two Killed in Orakzai
North Korea Says Proud of Its Human Rights Record
Girl Killed in Pakistani-Administered Kashmir Acid Attack
India Anti-Sikh Riots: Australia Petition to Call It Genocide
UN Official Urges China to Address Issues in Tibet
Northern Ireland
3 IRA Suspects Arrested Over Prison Guard Killing
Sinn Fein Official Charged With IRA Membership in Case That Highlights 2005 Murder, Cover-Up
Alexander Litvinenko Inquest 'May Look at MI6 Role'
Albanian Protester Dies 3 Weeks After Immolation
Belarus Buries Remains of 110 Napoleonic Soldiers
Sudan Oil State Rebels Say Repulsed Government Advance
Uganda Threatens to Pull Peacekeepers From Somalia Over UN Congo Allegations
Somalia: Mass Kismayo Arrests of 'Islamist Supporters'
Nigerian Gunmen Kill Ex-General: Military
Mali Militant Affiliated With al-Qaeda Easy to Track
Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo Fit for Hague Trial
Rebels May Have Committed War Crimes
A Look at Atrocities in Syria's Civil War
Increased Air Raids Bring Death and Ruin to Damascus Suburbs
Russia Warns West Over Involvement in Syrian Opposition
Death of Monument to Human History in Syria's War-Torn Aleppo
Turkey: Efforts Ongoing to Free Pilgrims in Syria
Abbas: There Is No Justification for Gaza Rocket Attacks
Israeli Troops Bombard Central Gaza, Detain Woman
Turkey's Prime Minister Plans Visit to Gaza
Kahlon Won't Get Many Arab Votes, but Shas May
'Right Loses 4 Seats From Likud Beytenu Merger'
Iran Sanctions Take Toll on Medical Imports
Iranians Mark Anniversary of US Embassy Seizure
At Iran Rally, Little Interest in US Election
Turkish Jets Strike PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Tourist Sector Hurt by Iran's Currency Pain
MP: No Benefit From Holding Anti-Terror Conference in Iraq
Middle East
Algeria Wins Over Long Hostile Berbers to Root Out al-Qaeda in Last Mountain Refuge
Morocco 'Dismantles Terrorist Cell'
One Soldier Killed, Six Others Wounded in Clash With PKK in Southeast Turkey
F1 Chief Backs Bahrain Race Despite Security Woes
Mayor of Mexico's Acapulco Resort Says 500 Police Officers to Be Fired Because of Corruption
Mexican Officials Negotiating With Vigilantes Who Seized Control of Town After Killing by Gang
Cuba Denounces US Diplomats
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