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Updated November 8, 2012 - 11:03 PM EST
Iranian Jets Fired on US Predator Drone
  Netanyahu Sought to Provoke Iran War, Drag in US
  Mixed Messages From Iran on Interest in US Talks
Netanyahu's Pro-Romney Stance Worries Israel
  Obama Bombs Yemen Hours After Winning Reelection
  Arabs Pessimistic on Obama's Second Term
Manning Offers Guilty Plea to Lesser Charges
  US WikiLeaks Criminal Probe 'Ongoing,' Judge Reveals
Turkey Asks NATO for Patriot Missiles
  Syrian Forces Raid Hamas Offices in Damascus
  As Key Syrian City Remains Contested, Rebel 'Leadership' Strained
  Rebel Factions Kill 10 Pro-Assad Palestinians in Refugee Camp
Israeli Policy Splits Palestinian Families
  Israeli Foreign Minister Threatens to Destroy Palestinian Authority
  Settlers Cut Down Olive Grove in West Bank 'Price Tag' Attack
  US Judge Dismisses Hamas Financing Lawsuit
Pot Legalization in US States May Encourage Central America
  Mexico: US Marijuana Vote Changes 'Rules of the Game' in Drug War
Bahrain Revokes Citizenship for 31 Opposition Activists
Four US-Backed Afghan Police Found Guilty of Rape
Why the United States Will Never Have Another Peacetime President  by Micah Zenko
Obama's Victory and Israel: Five Takeaways  by Noam Sheizaf
A Poor Economy and Foreign Policy Go Hand in Hand  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Sun Sets on American Empire  by Daniel Larison
Lies, Damned Lies, and Defense-Job Statistics  by Christopher Preble
Obama Again, but Is the Global Grace Gone?  by Hamid Dabashi

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Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Jailed
Iran Inflation Soars to 24.9 Percent
Armed Services Panel Could Bypass Senate Floor for Defense Bill
UN Security Council Extends Somalia Force
Georgian Govt. Detains Army General, Ex-Minister
In US Soldier's War Crimes Hearing, Afghans to Take Center Stage
Bales Was Denied Promotion Before Incident
Syrian Rebels Make New Push Into Damascus, Fire at a Presidential Palace, Clash With Troops
Syrian Rebels Kill 10 Pro-Assad Militia
After Quiet Revolt, Power Struggle Looms for Syria's Kurds
Rebel Mortar Attacks Shake Damascus as Envoys Issue Warnings
David Cameron Meets Syrian Refugees as UK Begins Rebel Talks
526 Syrian Refugees Arrive in Jordan
After Perceived Tilt Toward Romney, Israeli Leader Must Mend Ties With Obama
Europe Condemns Israel's Okay for New Settler Homes
Israel Court Jails Palestinian Activist Bassem Tamimi
13 Killed, 39 Wounded in Iraq; Turkish Troops Enter North
East of Mosul's Blasts Casualties Up to 3 Killed, 21 Wounded
Iraq Replaces Food Rations With Cash Handouts, Minister Says
Iraq Says Exxon to Quit Oilfield, Ends Turkey TPAO Deal
Middle East
In Egypt, a Delicate Balance Between Political Salafists and Jihadi Ones
Kuwait Election Boycott Gains Momentum
The War at Home
F-35 Will Get Stealthier With Age Says Lockheed Martin
Female Officers Sent Nude Photos to General
Ex-Subordinate: Army General in Sex Case Threatened to Kill Her if She Disclosed Affair
Libya Court to Summon Transitional Leader as Witness in Killing of Rebel Commander
Hague Prosecutor Urges Libya Not to Grant Amnesty for War Crimes
Retired Colonel Found Dead in Benghazi
Prosecutor Expects Libya's Cooperation if Judges Rule Gadhafi's Son Should Be Tried by ICC
House Panel to Hold Closed Hearing on Deadly Libya Attack
Taliban Urge Obama to Pull Troops Out Now
NATO Chief: 'We Will Not Abandon Afghanistan'
Five Royal Marines Charged With Murder Get Anonymity
Top Cop Among Six Killed in Peshawar Blast
Pakistani Militants Hiding in Afghanistan
Blast Kills 1 in Lower Kurram Agency
Two NATO Tankers Reach Torkham
Rights Group: 3 Teenage Monks, 1 Nomadic Tibetan Woman Set Fire to Themselves in Single Day
West Africa Army Chiefs Adopt Mali Intervention Strategy
Mali's Ansar Dine Islamists in Humanitarian Aid Deal
Nigeria: Army Faults Amnesty International Report
South Sudan Army Vows Readiness to Pull Back From Buffer Zone
German Offices of Defense Company EADS Raided in Austria Bribery Probe
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