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Updated November 9, 2012 - 11:25 PM EST
Petraeus Quits CIA, Leaked Secrets to Girlfriend
Obama Victory Infuriates Pakistani Drone Victims
  Rare Photographs Show Ground Zero of the Drone War
Iranian Jets Fired on US Predator Drone
  Netanyahu Sought to Provoke Iran War, Drag in US
US Effort to Set Up Syria Opposition Council Fails
  Assad Rejects Exile: Will 'Live and Die' in Syria
  Mortar Rounds From Syria Hit Israel-Held Golan
  26 Dead in Syria Clashes Near Turkey Border: Watchdog
Netanyahu Calls Obama, Pledges Cooperation
  Sudan's Bashir Vows 'Painful Response' to Alleged Israel Bombing
Manning Offers Guilty Plea to Lesser Charges
  US WikiLeaks Criminal Probe 'Ongoing,' Judge Reveals
Bombs Kill 20 in Spate of Attacks Across Afghanistan
13 Killed, 39 Wounded in Iraq; Turkish Troops Enter North
Red Cross: Mali Invasion Will Have Severe Humanitarian Cost
Russia Eager for Obama's Promised 'Flexibility' on Missiles
CNN Claims Iran Shot at a US Drone, Revealing the News Network's Mindset  by Glenn Greenwald
Election's Over, Can We Focus on the Wars Now?  by Ed Krayewski
Pakistan: The Real Swing State  by Beenish Ahmed
Impressions of Gaza  by Noam Chomsky
Beyond Bayonets and Battleships  by Alfred W. McCoy & Tom Engelhardt
How Obama Can Succeed on Iran  by Trita Parsi & Reza Marashi

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US Anti-Islam Filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Jailed
US Intel Teams to Track Wildlife Poachers in Africa and Asia, Now Considered 'Security Threats'
6 Tibetans Set Themselves on Fire in 2 Days
Source: 7 SEALs Punished for Secrecy Breach
Red Cross Says It Cannot Cope With Syria Emergency
In Syria, Siege Is Test for New Rebel Order
Residents of Mortar-Hit Town Slam Syrian Military for Leaving Them Unprotected
Syrian Children Most Common Sight at Refugee Camp
How One Syrian Family Braves Life in a Divided Aleppo
Palestinians Circulate Draft UN Bill, Embarking on First Step Toward Enhanced Status
IDF Gunfire Kills Palestinian Boy in Gaza Clash, Say Medics
Netanyahu Comes in for Criticism in Wake of US Presidential Election
Israeli Left Mocks 'Bibi's Bet on Romney'
Putin, Obama Share Burden of Saving World, Peres Says During Moscow Trip
Gaza Vicinity Communities Demand Peace
Nine, Including Police Officer, Killed in Karachi Violence
Taliban Suicide Bomber Hits Paramilitary Force in Pakistan's Largest City, Killing 3 Troops
Pakistani Hindus Feel Under Attack
Levies Personnel Killed, 27 Hurt in Kurram Blast
Chinese President Warns Against Taiwan Independence
Chinese Official: No Evidence Murdered Briton in Political Scandal Was a Spy
For Afghan Troops, Donkeys Are the New Helicopters
Myanmar Says Obama to Visit Later This Month
Defector Couple Return to North Korea From South
Sri Lanka's President Promises to Hold Provincial Elections in Former Northern War Zone
10 Colombia Farm Laborers Killed by Drug-Trafficking Paramilitaries
Cuba: Yoani Sanchez and 20 Dissidents Arrested
Thousands of Argentines Vent Anger at President Fernandez in Protest March Through Capital
Map: Where Was the Drone That Iran Tried to Shoot Down?
Obama Administration Announces New Sanctions on Iran
Iran's Ahmadinejad Says Anyone Stockpiling Atom Bombs 'Retarded'
Iran Bans Wide Range of 'Luxury' Imports, Hoping to Save Billions in Foreign Currency
Iran to Hold Air Defense Drill in Country's East
Iranian Blogger Sattar Beheshti Dies After Arrest
More Bloodshed Across Iraq: 13 Killed, 44 Wounded
Iraq Needs $1 Trillion to Rebuild: Investment Head
Maliki: We Seek to Make Iraqi Army's Armament Based on American Weaponry
Iraq Signs Deal With Russian Consortium to Search for Oil in Southern Provinces
Morocco Expels 19 Foreigners From Disputed Western Sahara Region, Says They Were Journalists
Minister: War Still Inevitable in Northern Mali
Mali Arrests French Radical Ibrahim Ouattara 'For Islamist Ties'
Sudan Rebels Claim to Have Downed Warplane, Killed 10 Government Troops in Ambush
Gunmen Shoot Dead 2 Chinese Workers in NE Nigeria, Region Under Assault by Radical Sect
In Mozambique, Transforming Guns Into Art
The War at Home
Court: Alleged Torture Victims Can't Sue Donald Rumsfeld
CIA's Petraeus, DNI's Clapper to Testify on Benghazi Next Week
On Veterans Day, a Vet's Suicide Haunts Those Left Behind
US Soldier Accused of Afghan Massacre 'Showed No Sign of Mental Trauma'
Top Pilot: Air Force Should Put Brakes on All-Stealth Arsenal
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