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Updated November 10, 2012 - 11:12 PM EST
Petraeus Quits CIA, Leaked Secrets to Girlfriend
Afghan Soldiers Attack NATO Troops
Rebels: Without Help, 'We'll Turn into Terrorists'
  Twin Suicide Blasts in Syria Kill at Least 20 Troops
  Rebel Syrian Council Names Christian Communist as President
  Turkey: Two Syrian Generals, 11 Colonels Have Defected
Iran: US Drone Violated Our Airspace
  Israeli DM: Iran's Civilian Use of Uranium 'Delays' War Decision
European Union Plans Escalation Into Africa
  Diplomats in Benghazi Long Questioned US Reliance on Local Militia
Assange: Reelected Obama a 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'
Appeals Court: Tortured US Whistleblowers Can't Sue
Mexico Charges 14 Cops in Attempted Murder of CIA Officers
Turkey: 42 PKK Fighters Killed in Three Days of Bombing
Insider Provides Grim Account of EU Efforts in Kosovo
Man Who Dared to Feed Sanction-Starved Iraq Remains in Prison  by John Pilger
President Obama Has Time to Deal With Iran, if Only He Knew It  by Mark Jansson
Conservative Judges Demolish the False Legitimacy of Gitmo's Terror Trials  by Andy Worthington
The Looming Sunni-Shia Crisis  by Kelley Vlahos
A New Niche for the Moribund Non-Aligned Movement  by Thomas H. Naylor
Scholar of Iran Hostage Crisis Puts Argo in Historical Context  by Mohsen Milani

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US Wanted to Turn All of Okinawa Island Into Base Site in 1945-46: Documents
Pentagon Timeline Shows Military Response to Libya
First US Military Unit to Be Continuously Stationed in Poland Activated
Climate Change Report Outlines Perils for US Military
Ten Years Later, Soldier Still Missing at Guantanamo Bay
Israeli Strike Kills 13-Year-Old Gazan
Jonathan Pollard Not Bearing Grudge Against Peres
Crackdown: Pakistan to Ban Religious TV, Restrict Phone Sales
Soldier Killed in South Waziristan Attack
South Waziristan: Two Militants Killed in Retaliation
Bangladesh: Pakistan Must Apologize for 1971 Genocide
UK to End Financial Aid to India by 2015
Indian Troops Kill Four in Kashmir
Thousands of Tibetans Protest in China, Activists Say
Tibetans Have 'Sacred Duty' to Support Self-Immolations
Exiled Uyghurs Call for China Reforms
2 NATO Troops Die in Afghanistan
Eleven Killed in Clashes at Sri Lanka's Welikada Prison
Rohingya Refugees Streaming to Malaysia
Residents Near Futenma File Base Noise Lawsuit
The War at Home
Victims, Relatives to Testify From Afghanistan in Hearing of US Soldier Charged in Massacre
Morell to Testify on Libya Attack in Place of Petraeus
Pentagon Insiders Seen as Most Likely Successors for Panetta at DoD
Possible Post-David Petraeus CIA Picks
Navy SEALs Punished for Secrets Breach in Video Game
Airport Screeners Ratify First-Ever Union Contract With TSA
As Thousands Flee Syria, Assad Denies Civil War Claims
US Donates $34 Million for Syrian Aid, but UN Plan Hampered by Lack of Funding, Access
Ya'alon: We've Sent Warning Messages to Syria
Ex-Chief of Iraq Central Bank Says His Sudden Removal Was Govt. Effort to Seize Control
Iraq Says Expects Exxon to Finish West Qurna Sale by December
Middle East
Iran, UN Nuclear Agency Plan December Talks
Islamists Protest for Sharia as Egypt Debates Constitution
Bahrain Uses Teargas to Disperse Shi'ites
Anti-Qaeda Militiamen Foil Terrorist Attack in Southern Yemen
Algerian Military Plane Crashes in South France
'Gutted' Uganda Reiterates Somalia Withdrawal Threat
'Boko Haram' Kills Three Police in Northern Nigeria
Ethiopia Abusing Religious Freedom of Muslims: US Body
Putin Replaces Top Military Leaders
Russian Reporter's Murder Was Meant as a Message, Investigator Says
24 Cartel Members Reported Detained, Accused of at Least 48 Killings in Northern Mexico
Argentine Anti-Government Protesters Flood Streets
Argentina's Catholic Bishops Deny Ex-Dictator's Claim Church Played Role in Military Regime
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Is Iran a Threat?

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