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Updated November 11, 2012 - 11:06 PM EST
Israel Fires Warning Shots Into Syria
  Rebel Leader: Without Assistance, 'We'll All Turn into Terrorists'
  Syrian National Council Resists Unification With Other Rebel Groups
  Twin Suicide Blasts in Syria Kill at Least 20 Troops
  Syria Clashes Kill 90; Regime Tells Japan to Cancel Meeting
Petraeus Quits CIA, Leaked Secrets to Girlfriend
  Petraeus Mistress Had Access to His Private Email
  Scandal Reported With Veneration of All Things Military (Greenwald)
  Behind Petraeus's Resignation (Parry)
  Pundit Tears for Petraeus’s Fall (McGovern)
US, Israel Cancel Mideast Nuke-Free Zone Talks
  Israel Threaten to Cut Off Tax Revenues if Palestinians Make UN Bid
  Israeli Tank Shells on Gaza Kill at Least 5, Wound Dozens
Afghan Army Soldier Kills NATO Soldier
  Afghan Soldiers Attack NATO Troops
  Military Stats Reveal Epicenter of US Drone War
Signs of US Military's Growing Focus on Asia
Mexican Cartel Bought Guns From US Border Patrol
Iraq Reconsiders Plans to Buy $4 Billion in Russian Arms
Algerian Official: Int'l Military Intervention in Mali Would Be 'Useless'
Man Who Dared to Feed Sanction-Starved Iraq Remains in Prison  by John Pilger
President Obama Has Time to Deal With Iran, if Only He Knew It  by Mark Jansson
Conservative Judges Demolish the False Legitimacy of Gitmo's Terror Trials  by Andy Worthington
The Looming Sunni-Shia Crisis  by Kelley Vlahos
A New Niche for the Moribund Non-Aligned Movement  by Thomas H. Naylor
Scholar of Iran Hostage Crisis Puts Argo in Historical Context  by Mohsen Milani

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Ecuador Says Charges About CIA Interference Are Credible
Afghan Victims Say Only One US Soldier Attacked
Top British Spooks to Be Quizzed in Public
UK Court to Consider if Soldiers Have 'Human Rights'
Stuxnet Infected Chevron's IT Network
The Fall of David Petraeus
Why David Petraeus's Gmail Account Is a National Security Issue
FBI Probe Into Biographer's 'Harassing' Emails Uncovered Petraeus Affair
Petraeus' Biographer a Military Reservist, Scholar

David Petraeus, Seen as an Invincible CIA Director, Self-Destructs

Death Toll in Karachi Violence Climbs to 20
Soldier Killed in Wana Attack
Three Shia Muslims Shot Dead in Quetta
Chinese Official Accuses Washington of 'Cold War' Mentality
China Using Massive Surveillance Grid to Stop Tibetan Self-Immolation
'Volunteers' Roped Into Beijing Crackdown
Google Services Blocked in China
Karzai Pledges to 'Hunt' for Malala's Attackers
Kyrgyzstan Risks Regional Water Fight, as Russia Waits in the Wings
US Denies Russia Request for Convicted Arms Dealer
Thousands of Portuguese Soldiers Protest Budget Cuts
Pipe Bombs Are Found During Security Alert Near West Belfast
Americans Still Dying
Friends Remember Alden (NY) Soldier Killed by Afghan Bomb
Navy SEAL From New Jersey Killed in Afghanistan Is Laid to Rest
Corning (NY) Family Remembers Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb
Port Henry (NY) Soldier Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Family Mourns Shenandoah (IA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
New Head of Syria's Opposition Group Urges West to Send Aid Without Strings
Fleeing Fallen Syrian Town, Refugees Fear Assad's Air Power
Pilgrims Held Hostage in Syria Contact Kin in Lebanon
West Bank Area in the Line of Israeli Fire
Rocket Salvo Hits South; IAF Strikes Gaza
Army Jeep Reportedly Struck by Anti-Tank Missile on Gaza Border
IDF Soldier Lightly Injured in Gaza Tunnel Blast
His Big Secret: He's Arab, Muslim and Serves in the IDF
12 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Official: Exxon Seeks Exit Deal This Year
Middle East
Opposition: Bahrain's National Guard Deploys to Back Up Police Against Protesters
17 Turkish Soldiers Killed After Weather Downs Military Helicopter During Mission Against Kurdish Rebels
Congo: Rebels Say Government Forces Attack
Guinea Treasury Chief Assassinated
Argentinian Sailors Brandish Weapons to Stop Ghana Officials From Moving Seized Sailing Ship
Wave of Killings Sweeps Brazil's Biggest City, 140 Slain in Last 2 Weeks
Stagnant US Exports to Cuba Belie Fair's Optimism
The War at Home
Without an Agreement, Reid Eyes Last 2012 Effort on Cybersecurity Act
Boy Testifies About Afghan Massacre
Doctors Taking a Closer Look at Crime by Veterans
Husband Arrested in US Killing of Iraqi Woman That Made International News
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