As Israeli bombs fall on Gaza, the "news" from Gaza is filtered through the mainstream media – which is America's version of the Occupied Territories.

Israeli spokesmen are all over CNN, NBC, and ABC: coverage in this country is completely one-sided. Just as Israel is blockading Gaza, so the American media is blockading the real news from Gaza, where children are dying in Israel's "war on terrorism."

Where can you get the real news from Gaza?

Right here.

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Updated November 17, 2012 - 11:17 PM EST
Israel Calls Up 75K Reservists for Gaza Invasion
  Israel Launches Over 300 Airstrikes on Gaza Saturday, Killing 10
  Hamas Gives Egypt Conditions for Cease-Fire With Israel
  Gaza Kids at Risk in Crowded Urban Battle Zone
  Left to Right, Israeli Politicians Jump on Gaza War Bandwagon
  Israel Killed Hamas Chief Amid Pending Truce
Gaza War Could Pave Way for Israel Attacking Iran
  Israel Lobbies Support for Gaza War
  Israel Finds Arab Spring Has Complicated Its Move Against Hamas
  Despite Rhetoric, Egypt's Options on Gaza Limited
Petraeus: Attack Was al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorism
  Former Spy Catcher Doubts Classified Material Safe
Withdraw From Afghanistan Now: Lord Ashdown
  17 Afghan Civilians Killed in Roadside Bomb En Route to Wedding
Who Has the Most Nukes Per Person?
Despite US Pressure, Iraq Frees Acquitted 'Hezbollah Cmdr.'
Syria Rebels Wait to See if Opposition Leaders Can Get Arms
The Symmetry and Asymmetry of Violence in Gaza  by Paul Pillar
Big Brother, Kill Lists, and Secrecy: What to Expect From Obama’s Second Term  by Christian Stork
Collateral Damage of Our Surveillance State  by Julian Sanchez
A Pillar Built on Sand  by John Mearsheimer
Mideast Peace Starts With Talking to Iran  by Gary Sick
Bomb Iran? No. Bomb Gaza? Yes!  by Pepe Escobar

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Pentagon Wants to Know: 'Did Jesus Die for Klingons?'
Taliban Accidentally Reveal Identities of Their Mailing List Members
Panetta Reaffirms Ties With Authoritarian Cambodia
Report: Save Money by Avoiding Long Ground Wars
The Fall of David Petraeus
David Petraeus Affair Scandal Highlights Email Privacy Issues
Jill Kelley Accompanied General John Allen on Military Flight to DC
Jill Kelley Visited the White House Three Times This Year
Jill Kelley Claims 'Threats' in Email to Mayor
China's New Men of Iron Take Over
China Flexes Its Muscles in Global Arms Bazaar
US Eases Import Ban on Myanmar Ahead of Obama Trip
Myanmar's President Says He'll Consider New Rights for Rohingya Minority Ahead of Obama Visit
Political Prisoners, War, Unrest: Despite Myanmar Reforms, Much Remains to Be Done
Pakistan Releases Son of Afghan Militant Leader
South Korean Cities Fear US Bases Won't Meet Deadline to Vacate
Indonesia Proposes Emergency Call Lines to Deal With Any Violence Amid Territorial Disputes
Mali: Islamist Attack Secular Rebels in North
Mali's Mujao Islamists and Rebels in Battle for Control
Al-Qaeda Linked Group Detains Mali Women
UK Cuts Aid to Ugandan Government
Nigeria Boko Haram Commander Ibn Saleh Ibrahim 'Killed'
UN Renews Peacekeepers for Abyei in Area Contested by Sudan and South Sudan
Sierra Leone Election Key to Peace 10 Years After End of Brutal Civil War
DR Congo Vows to Defend Goma City From M23 Rebels
Tribunal Overturns Convictions of Croat Generals
Serbia Angry Croatian Generals Acquitted
Joy in Croatia as Generals Return
EU Police Arrest Ex-KLA Fighters for Kosovo War Crimes
House Passes Russian Trade Deal, but Moscow Isn't Happy
Putin Provokes Criticism With Pussy Riot Anti-Semitism Charge
Germany and Russia Clash on Human Rights, Build Trade
Georgia: Fresh Wave of Arrests of Former Officials
Police Arrest Fugitive Basque Terror Suspect in Liverpool
Interpol to Restart Search for Bulgaria Bomber
Israel Closes 3 Roads to Gaza, Declaring 'Closed Military Zone'
Israel Strikes 200 Gaza Targets
Tel Aviv: Beloved Oasis Outraged by Rocket Fire
Jerusalem Targeted by Rockets for First Time in Gaza Conflict
IDF Attacks Gaza Workshops, Disrupts Hamas' Drone Production
'We Have Lost Loved Ones in Gaza and So Have They. We Hope for Peace'
Tracking Social Media From Israel and Gaza
In Gaza, New Arsenals Include Weaponized Social Media
Suspected Collaborator With Israel Executed in Gaza
Regional Gaza Impact
Muslims Across Region Protest Against Israel's Attacks on Gaza

Thousands Rally in Egypt Against Israel Offensive

Erdogan: Israeli Strikes a Pre-Election Stunt
Turkish PM to Speak to Obama Over Gaza Strikes
Tunisian Foreign Minister to Visit Gaza
Anonymous Steps Up Attacks on Israeli Sites
'It's Got to Do With Iran': Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks' Unguarded Comments About Gaza Conflict
Iran Says Arrests Foreign-Linked Bomb Plotters
Jordan Protesters Call for 'Downfall of the Regime'
Jordan: King Abdullah II Cancels UK Trip After Protests
Four Killed in Iraq; Clashes Break Out at Politician's Home
Iraqi Forces Clash With Kurdish Troops, One Dead
New Iraq Army HQ Fuels Arab-Kurd Row
McCain to Obama: Take Action Against Iraq for Terror Suspect Release
Middle East
More Syria Officers, Soldiers and Families Defect to Turkey
Suspected al-Qaeda Suicide Bomber Kills 3 Pro-Government Tribesmen in Southern Yemen
Turkey Seeks New Alliance With Visit to Egypt
Egypt's Mursi to Avoid Coptic Ceremony, Dismays Christians
High-Ranking Anti-Narcotics Official in Dominican Fights Extradition to US on Drug Charges
Dutch Fighter in Colombia Peace Talks Role
Mexican Judge Orders 7 Federal Police Officers to Stand Trial in US Embassy Vehicle Shooting
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