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Updated November 20, 2012 - 11:22 PM EST
Israel Continues Shelling on Gaza, Six Killed
Hamas Blames Israel for 'Delay' of Truce Deal
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 3 Journalists in Their Cars
Israel Tells Gazans to Evacuate Their Homes
  Israeli Army Chief: Don't Just Attack Random Houses
  Israeli Ministers to Discuss Ceasefire With Hamas
  Two Killed, 54 Wounded as Israel Cracks Down on Antiwar Protests
  Attacks on Gaza Unite Palestinians
  Gaza Hawks Mirror Israelis in Self-Justification of War
  Russia: US Blocking UN Call for Gaza Ceasefire
Putting a Price Tag on War With Iran
  Israel Using Gaza as 'Warm-Up' Round for Iran?
Islamist Factions Spurn Syrian Opposition Bloc
  Syria Rebels Clash with Kurds in Effort to Expand Territory
Karzai Orders Afghan Takeover of Bagram Prison
  Malfeasance in Afghanistan: 'Anyone We Drop Off Will Die'
Japan Warns of Instability in China Territorial Dispute
Did the White House Know Its Libya Talk Was Inaccurate?
Pentagon Overseas Propaganda Plan Stirs Controversy
Coming to Terms With the Taliban  by Philip Giraldi
Congress's Shameful Support for Israeli Bombing  by Matthew Rothschild
The Banality of Evil: How the US Govt. Killed an Innocent Man  by Andy Worthington
At the Gates of Hell Again  by Robert Fisk
Likening Palestinians to Blades of Grass  by Elizabeth Murray
Say No to Tokyo  by Doug Bandow

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Colombian Rebels Announce Two-Month Ceasefire
Notes From Gaza
Mexico Focus on Police Commanders in CIA Shooting
US-Yemeni Terror Obsession Will Not Solve Yemen's Woes
US Military Base Attracts Thousands of Protesters This Weekend, One Arrest
Human Rights Watch: Ban Killbots Worldwide
Global Gaza Impact
Turkey's Erdogan Calls Israel a 'Terrorist State'
As Israeli Airstrikes Continue, US Warships Reportedly on the Way
Obama Urges End to Hamas Rocket Fire
Lebanese Army Dismantles Rockets Aimed at Israel
Anti-American Protests Break Out in Iraq, Yemen
Poll: Majority of Americans Say Israel's Gaza Offensive Is Justified
UN Chief to Meet Netanyahu, Abbas
Qatar's Amir Calls for Solid Arab Stance to End Israeli Aggression
Obama Meets With Cambodia's Longtime 'Strongman'
Obama Defends Historic Trip to Myanmar
China and Cambodia Stall Move to Quell Disputes in Southeast Asia
Okinawa Governor's Office Files Protest After Second Trespassing Incident
Woman Suicide Bomber Attacks Qazi Hussain Ahmed
DR Congo/Rwanda
DR Congo Rejects M23 Rebels' Ultimatum to Leave Goma
Congo Fires Heavy Weapons Into Rwanda, Source Says
Rioters Attack Ethnic Somalis in Kenyan Capital
Kenyan Soldiers 'Rampage' After Garissa Shooting
Nigeria's Boko Haram Battle: Army Rejects 'Killing' Video
Tuareg Rebels Battle Islamists for North Mali Town
Rwanda Accuses Congo of Shelling Border Town
Sudan Denies Delaying South's Oil Exports
Cote d'Ivoire: New Spate of Abuses by Military
Changes in Cuba Create Support for Easing Embargo
World Court: Disputed Islands Near Nicaragua Belong to Colombia, but Not All Their Waters
Chile: Salvador Allende's VP, Jose Toha, Reburied After Autopsy on Cause of Death
War on Gaza
Gaza's Dead Include Farmers, Water Sellers, and the Girl Next Door
Tears Breed Defiance at Funeral for Gaza Family
Israel Bombs Gaza Media Building for Second Day
Israel, Hamas Trade Fire and Tough Truce Proposals
Hamas Strengthens as Palestinian Authority Weakens
Israeli Strike Kills Four Gaza Family Members: Hamas
Israel's Bedouin Arabs Caught in Middle as Rockets Fly in Both Directions
Israeli Offensive in Gaza Was Years in the Making
Likud Candidate Feiglin Opposes Invading Gaza
In Southern Israel, Running to Bomb Shelters for Cover
Turkey to Ask NATO for Air Defense Missiles Aimed at Syria
Al-Qaeda a 'Cancer' in Syria, Says Iraq's UN Ambassador
France Eyes Mideast Influence, Image With Syria Gamble
Video Allegedly Shows Syrian Rebels Capturing Strategic Army Base
Syria Crisis: Refugee Children 'Face Winter Risks'
Iran Says US, Powers Must Be More Constructive in Atom Talks
Iran Starts Building $10 Billion Gas Pipeline to Syria to Boost Its Energy Sector
Iraq PM Warns Kurd Security Forces to Stay Put
Security Forces and Saddam's Father's Tomb Attacked
Middle East
Turkey Says It Will Hold Talks With Kurdish Militants
US-Yemeni Terror Obsession Will Not Solve Yemen's Woes
Pakistan Participates in Qatar Defense Exercise
Police Clash With Egyptian Protesters Commemorating Last Year's Deadly Street Battles
The War at Home
FBI Releases Stalin's Daughter Files
Petraeus Scandal a Black Eye for Army, but No Long-Term Effects, Personnel Say
Sergeant Charged in Iraq Shooting Appears in Court
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