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Updated November 24, 2012 - 11:19 PM EST
Clashes as Egyptians Slam Mursi's Power Grab
  Mursi's Power Grab: Egypt President Claims Broad New Authority
Gaza Truce Holding Even After Palestinian Death
  1 Killed, 19 Wounded in Israeli Troops Fire on Gazans
  Netanyahu Struggles to Sell 'Victory' in Gaza War
  Food and Farming Sector in Gaza Has Been Severely Maimed
Syria Kurds Talk Alliance to Fight Invading Rebels
  Syrian Rebels Claim Control of Northeast 'Supply Route' to Iraq
Iran Complains to UN About Illegal US Overflights
Turkey, Iraq PMs Trade Barbs Over Respective Kurd Problems
Libya's Investigation of Benghazi Consulate Attack in Limbo
Washington's Role in the Renewed Violence in DR Congo
Jordan Nixes Iran Offer of 30 Yrs Free Oil for Tourism Access
US Using Bad Info for Drone Strikes Like It Did for Detainees  by Russ Wellen
Gaza Is Testing the Limits of Iran's Mideast Ambitions  by Trita Parsi
Gaza, Petraeus, Benghazi: US Foreign Policy Fantasy Continues Unbroken  by Paul Rosenberg
Behind the Pillars of Cloud  by Rami Zurayk & Anne Gough
Down With Drone War Silence  by Fouad Pervez
'People Are Resisting by Existing': Gaza After the Bombing  by Sharif Abdel Kouddous

More Viewpoints

Former UK Defense Chief: Neutron Bombs Could Mark Afghan-Pak Border
UN Mali Mandate Inches Closer
US Urges Bahrain to Use 'Restraint' on Protesters
9 More Iraq, Afghan War Veterans Joining Congress
Victims of Automation: Navy Mine-Detecting Dolphins to Retire by 2017
Afghan Suicide Attack Kills 3, Wounds More Than 90
Casualties Down but IED Attacks Continue
Army Rushing Equipment to Fight IEDs to Afghanistan
Beijing's South China Sea Rivals Protest Passport Map
Tibetan Man Sets Self on Fire in Protest in China
Naked Sailor Nabbed for Urinating in Japanese Cafe
Backflip Bid Lands Okinawa Marine Behind Bars
Pakistan Shuts Down Cell Phone Service to 'Fight Terror'
India Successfully Test-Fires Ballistic Missile Interceptor
Thai Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters
DR Congo
Congo Rebels Push on After Repelling Counter-Attack
Congo Fires Army Chief After Rebel Seizure of Goma
Civilians Suffer in Crossfire of DRC Conflict
DR Congo Conflict: UN Aid Agencies Warn of Crisis
South Sudan: Sudan Carried Out Aerial Bombardment Killing 7 People, Breaking Peace Pact
Sudan's Ex-Spy Chief Arrested in Connection With 'Sabotage Attempt'
Nigeria Army Offers $1.8m in Rewards for Top Members of Sect That Killed Hundreds This Year
Report: Impunity Endangers Somalia's Journalists
Ivory Coast Exiles in Ghana Still Support Gbagbo
Israel Chief of Staff: As the Dust Settles, Hamas Will Realize the Price It Has Paid
Only 1 in 5 Think Israel 'Won' the Eight-Day Battle Against Hamas
Hamas Official: Palestinian Reconciliation Is Top Priority
Nasrallah Lauds Palestinian Resistance, Mocks Israel
Israel Ceasefire Among Politicians Comes to End
Two Powers, Qatar and Iran, Try to Sway Hamas
Bomb in Palestinian Camp in Damascus Kills 4
London-Based Group: 40,000 Killed Since Start of Syria Conflict
Army Arrests 5 Syrians Over Ashoura Attack Plot
Syria Says Turkey's Bid for NATO Missiles Provocative
Iran Criticizes Turkish Request for Patriots
Confusion Over Turkey's Request for Patriot Missiles
Middle East
Iraq's Kurds: We Don't Want a New War With Iraq
Bahrain Reconciliation Distant Amid Slow Reform Pace
In a Jordan Camp, Outsiders Seek Syrian Brides
Iranian Blogger Beheshti 'May Have Died of Shock'
Russia Briefly Bans YouTube 'By Mistake'
UN Panel Strongly Criticizes Russia for Failing to Investigate Widespread Torture Allegations
Pussy Riot Woman Moved to Solitary Cell Over Tensions
Weekend Reviews
Sibel Edmonds's Secrets
Homeland Security Meets Office Politics Jesse Walker
Whose City? Which Hill?
The World America Unmade
Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency
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Justin Raimondo
Israel’s Crumbling Pillar of ‘Defense’

Nebojsa Malic
Injustice for All, Again

Philip Giraldi
Educating the President

Ivan Eland
How Israel's Assault on Gaza Is Like the War of 1812

Kelley B. Vlahos
Fall of the House of Petraeus?

Ran HaCohen
Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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