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Another war in the Middle East will send gas prices – all prices – soaring: in short, the next war will knock the world economy for a loop, and you with it.

Public pressure can stop the rush to war, but an uninformed public is easily misled. We've been through that before.

Don't let it happen again!

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Updated November 26, 2012 - 11:24 PM EST
Egypt's Mursi Defends Power Grab
  Clashes Continue as Egyptians Brace for More Protests of Mursi Edict
  Has Mursi Saved or Stolen Egypt's Revolution?
After Gaza War, Palestinian Unity Gets Big Boost
  In Shocker, Israel's Barak Quits Politics
  Ceasefire Questions Grow as Israel Denies Hamas Claim on Fishing Deal
  Israeli Army Chief: Gaza Situation Seems 'Positive'
  Gaza Baby 'Only Knew How to Smile'
  Gazans Denied Day in Israeli Courts
Syria Short on Loyalists, Rebels Short on Guns
  Syrian Rebels Briefly Capture, Loot Air Base Near Damascus
  Syrian Rebels Seize Palestinian Camp in Damascus
US Military Suicides 'Out of Control'
Iran Struggles With Medicine Shortage
Iraqi Army, Kurds Continue Buildup in Disputed Region
Obama 'Drone-War Rulebook' Condemned by Rights Groups
Israel's 'Right to Self-Defense': A Tremendous Propaganda Victory  by Amira Hass
Once and for All  by Uri Avnery
The Latest War Over Gaza Proves Netanyahu Is Leading Israel Into Isolation  by Robert Fisk
Is Gaza Outside Israel?  by Oded Na'aman and Tom Engelhardt
Photo of Dead Baby in Gaza Holds Part of the 'Truth'  by Patrick B. Pexton
Why Israel Didn't Win  by Adam Shatz

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Rep. King to Step Down as Chair of Homeland Comm.
Separatists Win Election in Spain's Catalonia
19 Bodies Found in Northern Mexico Border State
All Deputy Ministers Dismissed in Libya
Gaza Cleric Calls Violation of Israel Truce Sinful
Mursi Decrees Are 'Temporary,' Wants Talks
'Judges for Egypt' Declares Support for Mursi's Constitutional Decree
Egyptians Braced for New Violence
Egypt's Presidency Rejects Accusations of Dictatorship
Egypt's Political Foes Dig in Their Heels
Egypt Mursi Crisis Prompts Stock Market Dive
McCain: US Should Rebuke Egypt's Mursi
Taliban Leader Killed in Airstrike
NATO, Afghan Forces Kill 6 Taliban Militants, Detain Another
In Afghanistan, Private Guards and Hazardous Duty
Kabul Closes Universities After Sectarian Clashes
The Quiet Pain of Insider Shootings in Afghanistan
Taliban Strikes Again at Shi'ite Rally in Pakistan, Six Dead
Second Pakistan Bomb Targets Dera Ismail Khan
Spain Rejects Basque Separatists ETA Talks Offer
Top Tory Tells PM: Make EU Pact With UKIP or Face Defeat
The War at Home
Kyl Suggests Benghazi 'Cover-Up'
Suicide Drones, Mini Blimps, and 3D Printers: Inside the New Army Arsenal
Gaza Damage to Cost $1.2 Billion: Hamas
Hamas to Free All Fatah Prisoners in Gaza
Lapid Offers Livni Number-Two Spot on Party List
In Gaza, Even a Wealthy Man Cannot Silence the Bombs
Russia Sends Warships Off Coast of Gaza in Response to Tensions
Turkey FM Confirms Resumption of Reconciliation Talks With Israel
Israel Successfully Tests New Missile Defense System
Israel Accuses Palestinian of Spying for Hezbollah
Hamas to Probe 'Unlawful Executions' of Alleged Collaborators
UK Urges US 'Decisive' Lead on Mideast
Hezbollah Says It Would Hit Tel Aviv in Future War
Lebanese Leader Blames Iran for Drone Downed Over Israel
Middle East
Five Killed, Including 13-Year-Old, in Iraq
Divided Kuwait Limps Toward Boycott-Hit Elections
DR Congo
Congo and M23 Rebels Negotiate in Uganda
As Rebels Gain, Congo Again Slips Into Chaos
Journey of Fear for the Displaced of Congo
Nigeria: 11 Killed, Many Injured at Jaji Church Explosions
12 Dead in Somalia Shabab Attack
Darfur Rebels 'Seize' Sudan Army Base
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Playing the Historical Analogy Game

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How Israel's Assault on Gaza Is Like the War of 1812

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Fall of the House of Petraeus?

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Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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