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Public pressure can stop the rush to war, but an uninformed public is easily misled. We've been through that before.

Don't let it happen again!

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Updated November 28, 2012 - 11:18 PM EST
Over 100 Slain as Car Bombs Strike Damascus
  20 Killed in Strike on Syrian Olive Oil Factory
  Syrians Resigned to Long Civil War as Battles Continue
Leaked Graph Used to Suggest Iran Bomb-Making
Israelis Shoot 5 Palestinians Near Gaza Border
  Two Months Before Vote, Netanyahu Appears Vulnerable
  France Endorses Palestinian UN Bid, Britain Offers Conditional Backing
  PLO Rejects US Demand to Prohibit War Crimes Charges Against Israel
  Gaza Farmlands to Reopen as Israel Issues New Open-Fire Rules
  Watchdog Urges UN Probe of Deliberate Israeli Attacks on Journalists
  Children Face the Fallout of Gaza War
  Arafat's Exhumation Could Bring Answers – or Just More Questions
Carnage Across Iraq: 42 Killed, 191 Wounded
  Iraq Tensions Rise as Syria Crisis Deepens
US Buys Yemen a Fleet of Spy Planes for Shadow War
  Have US Drones Become a 'Counterinsurgency Air Force' for Our Allies?
Manning to Testify, Arguing His Detention Merits Release
Clashes, Mass Protests as Opposition Blasts Egypt's Mursi
Audit Describes Corrupt Kabul Bank as 'Ponzi Scheme'
Cut Military Waste, Not Charitable Deductions  by Jon Basil Utley
RIP, National Greatness Conservatism, 1997-2012  by Gene Healy
Outrage Over Mursi but Not Over Our Dictator  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Obama's Drone Problem  by Amy Davidson
Why Americans Don't Understand Palestine  by Scott McConnell
Using War as Cover to Target Journalists  by David Carr

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In Suicide Epidemic, Military Wrestles With Prosecuting Troops Who Attempt It
Cold War Project: US Wanted to Nuke the Moon
UN Nuclear Agency Hacked, Contact Details of Experts Made Public
Pentagon Rejects Request to Televise Gitmo Trial
Risk of Robot Uprising Wiping Out Humans to Be Studied
In Gaza, Attempted Warning Failed to Protect Civilians
US Clashes With France Over Palestinians' Status at UN
Israel Not Expected to Respond Dramatically to UN Vote
Police Order Palestinian Workers Off Buses to West Bank, at Request of Israeli Settlers
Barak Surrenders Post, but Is It Strategic Withdrawal?
Tzipi Livni Returns to Israel Politics With New Party
Gillard Compromise: Australia to Abstain on Palestinian UN Status
For Many Palestinians, Arafat Exhumation Recalls Better Days
$1 Million Per Missile: Israel's Magic Wand Test
Palestinian Youth Injured by Israeli Fire at Rafah
Syria Launches Airstrikes as Combat Rages in Damascus
Syria Rebels Build Momentum With Tactical Successes
Copter Downing May Show New Syria Rebel Capability
Key UN Committee Approves Resolution Condemning 'Gross' Human Rights Violations by Syria
Middle East
Sunni Leaders Gaining Clout in Mideast
Egyptian President's Hedging on Decree Fails to Stop Protest
Turkish Soldier, PKK Militants Killed in Clashes
Israel Finds Gaza Easier to Attack Than Lebanon
Seven Separatists Arrested During Clashes in Yemen's Aden
Kurdistan MP: Kurdistan's Military Delegation Will Ask to Cancel Tigris Operations
DR Congo
Congo Rebels Say Will Withdraw From Goma
Congo War Stems From Minerals, Ethnic Animosity
4 Ugandan Bombing Suspects Claim FBI Abused Them
Nigeria: Gunmen Dressed as Soldiers Kill 10
New Rebel Group Strikes in Burundi
Murder Trial in Russia Inflames Ethnic Tensions
Second Man Arrested Over Killing of Northern Irish Policeman
The War at Home
Peter King's Greatest Hits as Homeland Security Chairman
FBI Probes Possible Links Among Rash of US Bomb Threats
Family of Frank Olson, Man Drugged by CIA, Plans Suit
DHS Takes Down 132 Websites in 'Cyber Monday' Crackdown
Attorney for Jill Kelley, Involved in Petraeus Case, Warns He'll Sue Over Further Leaks
After Meeting With Susan Rice, Republican Senators Say They Aren't Reassured
Four Female Service Members Sue Over Pentagon's Combat-Exclusion Policy
FAA: TMZ Never Requested a Drone
Iraq War Contractor Says Federal Government Should Pay $100 Million in Lawsuit Damages, Fees
Afghan President Seeks to Allay Fears of Post-2014 Chaos
Georgia Doubles Afghanistan Troop Deployment
At the Mercy of Afghanistan's Warlords
Pakistan to Start Shipping Wheat to Iran in December
Pakistan Govt. Will Decide on NWA Operation
Pakistan's Judges Muzzling Criticism in Media: HRW
Pakistan's Zardari Qualified to Become Next Prime Minister
Hamid Mir Failed Attack Claimed by Pakistani Taliban
Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Preparing for Missile Test
Japanese Woman Abducted by North Korea May Have Been Moved to Pyongyang
Tibetan Students Protest, as Four More Self-Immolations Reported
'Hotbed of Slander': Tajikistan's Bizarre Explanation for Blocking Facebook
Indonesia's Papua Policemen Killed in Attack on Outpost
Soldiers: Mexico Beauty Queen Had Gun in Her Hands
Hugo Chavez Heading to Cuba for More Treatment
US Rabbi Visits Jailed American in Cuba, Reports He Is in Good Health
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