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Updated November 29, 2012 - 11:25 PM EST
Iraq Bloodbath: 54 Killed, 237 Wounded
UN Votes To Upgrade Palestinian Status
  Israel Backs Off Threats Against Palestinian UN Vote
  Israeli Troops Shoot 5 Palestinians Near Gaza Border
  US Overseeing Mysterious Construction Project in Israel
  Israeli Navy Captures Gaza Fishermen for Violating 'Blockade'
US Considers Directly Arming Syrian Rebels
  Turmoil in Syria: Battle Rages Near Airport as Internet Goes Down
  Over 100 Slain as Car Bombs Strike Damascus
  Truce in East Syria, Kurds Vow to Stop Islamist Expansion
  Officials: Syrian Rebels' Arsenal Includes 40 Antiaircraft Missile Systems
Pentagon Sees Impoverished Iran as Threat No. 1
  AP's Shoddy Evidence Presented as Proof of Iranian Weapons Program
Judge Gives Manning Permission to Plead Guilty
Egypt's Constitution Vote Hurried Amid Anti-Morsi Protests
Pakistan FM: Relations With US Fully Repaired
Yemeni Killed by US Drone – Why Wasn't He Taken Alive?
On Anniversary, Nationalists Push for 'Greater Albania'
Yemeni Detainee at Guantánamo Died of Overdose
Is Hamas Really a 'Surrogate' of Iran?  by Robert Wright
A Reformist Strategy to Downsize the Drone-Strike Policy  by Robert Naiman
Will Congress Protect Your Inbox From Warrantless Snooping?  by Adam Serwer
AP Believes It Found Evidence of Iran's Work on Nuclear Weapons  by Glenn Greenwald
Paradoxes of Counterterrorism  by Arie Kruglanski & Anna C. Sheveland
Close Guantánamo Prison  The New York Times

More Viewpoints

Assange Has Lung Infection: Ecuador
Study: US Jails Could Handle Guantanamo Detainees
Fears Grow Over Efforts to Govern the Web
Time's Interview With Egyptian President Morsi
Pentagon: A Human Will Always Decide When a Robot Kills You
The War at Home
Report: Chuck Hagel Being Vetted for Top State, Defense Posts
Army Boss 'Did Not Direct Manning Punishment'
Officer: Other Prisoner's Suicide Led to Wariness About Manning
Attorney for Jill Kelley, Involved in Petraeus Case, Warns He'll Sue Over Further Leaks
Fight Over Susan Rice Holds Political Risks for White House
US Dominates List of World's '500 Most Influential Muslims'
Marine Accused of Sexual Behavior With Neighborhood Dogs
US Military Chiefs 'Planned to Blow Up the Moon,' Physicist Claims
Family of Seven Among 11 Killed in Iraq
US Says Kurds, Iraqi Leadership Likely to Avoid War
Iraq, Saudi Arabia Begin Talks on Security Cooperation, Exchange of Prisoners
Immunity at Issue for Troops in Afghanistan
Afghan Women Caught Between Modernity, Tradition
An Ending in Afghanistan: US Closes Forward Operating Base Tillman
Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile
Japan Anti-Nuclear Groups Join Forces Ahead of Poll
Surge in Immolations and Demonstrations by Tibetans Marks New Phase in Protests Against China
Philippines Will Not Stamp Visa in New Chinese Passport Because Map Image Claims Disputed Seas
Crackdown on Copper Mine Protest in Myanmar Injures Dozens Hours Before Suu Kyi Visit
DR Congo
Congo Rebels Begin Slow Retreat From Occupied Territories in Masisi, but Still Hold Goma
UN Extends Arms Embargo on Congo Rebels, Threatens Sanctions Against M23 Fighters
Islamist Extremists Push Secular Tuareg Rebels Into Northern Mali Desert
UN Envoy: No Settlement in Sight for Western Sahara; Will Launch Shuttle Diplomacy Round
Albania Celebrates 100 Years of Independence, Yet Angers Half Its Neighbors
Red Square Bomb Plotter Gets 15 Years
Palestine UN Bid
Palestinians Win More European Support for Limited Statehood
Israel Overreacted to Palestinian UN Bid, Says Former Israeli Ambassador
Palestinians Win Support From Swiss, Danes for UN Vote
Canada to Oppose Palestinian Statehood Bid at UN
Germany Will Not Back Palestinian UN Bid: Govt. Spokesman
Palestinians Say UN Bid Is Last-Ditch Peace Effort
Six Kadima MPs Pledge to Join Livni's New Party
Erdogan Said to Consider Accompanying Khaled Mashaal to Gaza
Leader of Hamas Calls for Palestinian Unity
Artists, Nobel Laureates Call for Military Boycott of Israel
Benghazi Violence Beyond Control of Militias
With Focus on Talking Points, Benghazi Attack's Big Issues Fade
Rice Concedes Error on Benghazi Attack; Republicans Dig In
Middle East
7 Egyptian Christians Sentenced to Death in Absentia Over Anti-Islam Film
Saudi Diplomat Shot Dead in Yemen, al-Qaeda Blamed
Syrian Govt. Finds Rare Friends in Latin America
Qatar's Support for Islamists Muddles Its Reputation as Neutral Broker in Mideast
Turkish PM Fumes Over Steamy Ottoman Soap Opera
Lebanon's Sectarian Tensions Derail Basketball Season
Libya in Need of 900,000 New Homes, Says Ministry
Jordan Demands Libya Pay Up on Hospital Bills
Assailants Pelt Iranian Embassy in Berlin With Paint, Stones; German FM Voices Regret to Iran
Fueled by War on Drugs, Mexican Death Toll Could Exceed 120,000 as Calderon Ends Six-Year Reign
Colombia's President: We Will No Longer Recognize World Court in Border Disputes
Argentina Tries 68 Suspects in 1970s 'Death Flights' of Nearly 800 Prisoners Who Disappeared
Corruption Trial Begins for Judge Whose Charge of Rape in Prison Set Off Scandal in Venezuela
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Forget Benghazi and Focus on What Matters

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