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Updated December 3, 2012 - 11:28 PM EST
Syria's Alleged Chemical Arms Prompt US Bluster
  Al-Qaeda-Style Rebels 'Key' to Syria Civil War
  Assad Army Pounds Rebel Strongholds, at Least 25 Killed Across Syria
Israel Seizes $120M in Palestinian Tax Money
  Netanyahu: Settlement Green Light Not the Same as Construction
  Palestinian Authority to Officially Change Its Name to Palestine
Five-Year Legacy of Iraq Mission Gone Awry
  Despite Searches, US Still Slamming Iraq for Iran Overflights
Pentagon Plans Spy Network to Rival CIA
  Thursday's Senate Vote Does Nothing to Settle Detainee Debate
Insurgents Launch Complex Attack on NATO Base
Egypt's Supreme Court Suspends Operations Over Protests
Sen. Graham Slams 'Light Footprint' of US Security Worldwide
Truth and Trauma in Gaza  by Kathy Kelly
Senate Votes Down Indefinite Detention of Americans – or Does It?  by Natasha Lennard
Three Men Who Wouldn't Let the NSA Get Away With It  by Thomas Hedges
Why Is the US Building an Underground Bunker for Israel?  by Richard Silverstein
Making the Case for Palestine  by Daoud Kuttab
It's Time to Stop Killing in Secret  by David Cole

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Report: Israel May Use Drones in Azerbaijan for Iran Strike
Iraqi Suspect Arrested in Connection to Social Security Explosion
Israel Called to Explain Targeting Reporters
At Least 26 Killed in Somali Clan Battles
Kosovo Demands Investigation Into Ex-UN Prosecutor Del Ponte
West Bank Cheers Abbas' Return After UN Vote
Europe Threatens to Withdraw Support for Israel Over Settlement Building Plans
Israel Settlement Bid a 'Fatal Blow' to Peace: UN Chief
300 Israelis Rally in Support of Palestinian Statehood
Eight Men Out: Why Did the Czechs, Palau, and Half-a-Dozen Others Stand With Israel Against Palestine?
Iran Says Nuclear Fuel Removed From Plant Because of Debris, Shutdown Part of Normal Procedure
Iran DM Downplays Repeated Israeli Threats
Iran Pushes Out Afghans as Regional Power-Play Heats Up
Attackers at US-Afghan Base Wore Coalition Uniforms
Australian Diggers' Non-Combat Injuries in Afghanistan 'Intolerable'
North Korea Defies Critics, Challenges South With Rocket Plan
Pakistani Hindus Protest Destruction of Temple
Mortar Shell Left From Vietnam War Explodes, Killing 4 Children; 5 Other People Injured
14 Tons of Bomb-Making Chemical Seized in Quetta
Slovenian Ex-PM Borut Pahor Wins Presidency
Gunmen Assassinate Peasant Leader in Paraguay
Displaced Colombians Grapple With the Hurdles of Going Home
Syrian Warplanes Strike Rebels in Damascus Suburbs
Syria Moves Its Chemical Weapons and Gets Another Warning
To Retrieve Attack Helicopters From Russia, Syria Asks Iraq for Help, Documents Show
Syria TV Airs Images of Dead Lebanese Salafists
Syria War Drives Druze Students Away
Turkey: Syrian Regime Resembles Armed Militia
Seven Killed Across Iraq
High-Ranking al-Qaeda in Iraq Figure Arrested, Officials Say
Turkey Conducts 55 Cross-Border Operations Into Northern Iraq During 2012
Maliki Reveals a Proposal Sent to Kurdistan About Mixed Areas Protection
Middle East
In Jordanian Terror Plot, Officials See Hand of Resurgent al-Qaeda in Iraq
Shi'ites Score Big Win in Kuwaiti Poll
Yemeni Army Attacks Tribesmen Suspected of Blowing Up Pipeline
Storm Over German Plan to Supply Saudi Arabia With Armored Vehicles
At Least 10 Killed in Northeast Nigeria Violence
Niger's President Vows to Help Mali
Rebels in Congo Demand Negotiations
Burkina Faso Parliamentary Vote on Heels of Unrest
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