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Updated December 4, 2012 - 11:29 PM EST
Egypt's Morsi Flees as Protesters Storm Palace
  Egypt's High Court Won't Boycott Constitutional Vote
Senate Passes Amendment on Syria No-Fly Zone
  Syrian Rebel Attack on School Kills 10
  Syria's Alleged Chemical Arms Prompt US Bluster
  Israel Has Repeatedly Asked Jordan to Back Attack on Syria
  Thousands of Jihadists Joining Syrian Rebels
  NATO Confirms Plan to Send Missiles to Turkey
UN Seeks To Inspect Israel's Nuclear Program
  Israel Expedites Plans to Bisect Palestine's West Bank
  EU Nations Summon Israeli Ambassadors Over Settlement Plan
  Is Israel's Iron Dome Worthy of the Hype?
Iraq Slams Kurds as Troop Dispute Restarts
Republican Senator Wants a Brand New Gitmo
Afghan Govt. Bans US Control of Prisons, Detainees
UK Official: Internet Bill Critics 'Putting Politics Before Lives'
Iran FM: Direct Talks With US 'Possible' With Khamenei's OK
Hasan Judge Ousted for Bias, Throws Out 'Order to Shave'
Moynihan, Zionism, and Racism: What Went Wrong?  by Scott McConnell
The Feinstein Fumble: Indefinite Detention Remains  by Blake Filippi
US Ending the War in Afghanistan? It Depends on the Meaning of the Word 'War'  by Dave Lindorff
Bradley Manning: A Tale of Liberty Lost in America  by Glenn Greenwald
The Feds Want to Spy on Everything  by J.D. Tuccille
Obama Making Up Drone Rules as He Goes  by Allyson Mitchell

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Colombia Forces Bomb FARC Rebels, 20 Killed
UN Internet Regulation Treaty Talks Begin in Dubai
Bradley Manning's Trial Date Postponed
Obama Calls on Russia to Renew Weapons Pact
German Weapons for the World
Turkish Delight – Trading Gold for Gas
Syria Says Would Not Use Chemical Weapons Against Its People
Syrian Spokesman Flees Country, Diplomat Says
UN Pulling Out Nonessential International Staff From Syria
Turkey and Russia Fail to Agree on Syria
Lebanese Army Beefs Up Presence on Syria Border
Syrian Violence Touches Turkey, Lebanon
Hostage Crises
Iraqi and Kurdish Forces Trade Accusations Over Buildup
ENI Confirms Commitment to Iraq
The Sun Paid US Serviceman 'A Substantial Sum' for Saddam Photo, Parliament Told
Middle East
Iran Says Blogger Who Died in Custody Was Beaten
Egyptian Civil Disobedience Could Widen
Libya Pays Extra for Food Imports as Sellers Fear Disarray
Amnesty International Calls 'Horrific' Abuses in South Yemen 'Human Rights Catastrophe'
Tuareg Rebels Attend Mali Mediation Talks
Gen. Carter F. Ham Details al-Qaeda Influence in Mali
Leader of al-Qaeda Unit in Mali Quits AQIM to Create Regional Group
Congo Rebels Stake Out Positions Near Goma
Sudanese Police Kill 2 Militants in Remote Region
Senegal Trial of Chad Dictator Operational Soon
The War at Home
McCain Apologizes to Democrats for Rand Paul's Block on Defense Bill
Vietnam Veterans, Claiming PTSD, Sue for Better Discharges
US Soldier Missing From Vietnam War Identified
Soldier Falls Deeper Into Post-War Depression and Anger
Doyline, Louisiana Evacuated After 6 Million Pounds of Explosive Material Found
US Intensifies Criticism of Israel on Settlement Plan
'We Now Have a State,' Abbas Declares, Returning Triumphant to Ramallah
Britain and France Mull Recalling Ambassadors From Israel
Israeli-German Relations Strained After Abstention
Hamas Official: Mashaal to Retire by End of the Month
Gaza PM Urges Friendly States to Help Gaza Rebuild
Suspected Gaza Collaborators Face a Grisly Fate
Palestinian 'With Axe' Killed by Israeli Forces in West Bank
No Casualties in Kardashian Riots in Bahrain
Why People Are So Upset About Kardashian's Odd Visit to Bahrain
US Pushes to Restart Peace Talks With Taliban
Some Afghan Kids Aren't Bystanders
Afghan Army, Police Suffer Increasing Casualties as Local Forces Assume Growing Burden
Obama Thanks Bulgaria for Afghanistan Efforts
Pakistan Interior Minister Warns of Secret Op in Afghanistan
NATO Assures Pakistan of Strategic Alliance
Karachi Cleric Killing Sparks Backlash in Pakistan
Pakistan's Hazara Shi'ites Under Siege
Pakistan Cleric: No Taliban in Pakistan, Calling People Terrorists Unacceptable
Gunman Severely Wounds Swedish Woman in Pakistan
North Korea
Russia, China Urge North Korea to Drop Rocket Launch Plan
Britain/Northern Ireland
Protestants Storm Belfast City Hall After Catholics Vote to Remove UK Flag; 7 Injured
Abu Qatada Appeal Sought by Home Secretary Theresa May
Peru Asks UN Court to Set Sea Border With Chile
Two Mexican Men Charged in Death of Coast Guard Officer
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