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Updated December 9, 2012 - 9:42 PM EST
Morsi Cancels Decree That Sparked Protests
  Egypt Opposition Rejects Planned Referendum
  Egyptian Army Warns It Will Not Allow 'Dark Tunnel'
Syrian Rebels Pick Islamist-Dominated Command
  Syria's Civil War Spills Into Lebanon, 4 Dead
  Experts Skeptical Syria Is Preparing to Use Its Chemical Arsenal
  Syria: Rebels May Resort to Using Chemical Weapons
  Syria's Best Rebel Fighters Also Endorsed by al-Qaeda
US, Afghans to Trade Troop Immunity for Sovereignty
  For Afghan Officials, Prospect of Death Comes With Territory
  Rural Afghan Town Feels Caught Between US and Taliban
US Envoys: No 'Pivot' From Washington Role in Mideast
Website Report: US Air Strike Kills Qaeda Leader
The Forever Wars of Frederick & Kimberly Kagan  by Philip Giraldi
End the War on Terror and Save Billions  by Fareed Zakaria
Why the Gulf States Want to Keep Iran in a Box  by Stephen Walt
Shrinking NATO by Doug Bandow
Zoning Out in the Middle East  by Paul Pillar
Was the 'Good War' Really Good?  by Tim Kelly

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Julian Assange: The Fugitive
US Seeks to Interview Detained Egyptian Jihadist in Benghazi Probe
Next Defense Secretary Would Have to Sell Off Arms Contractor Holdings
Billion-Dollar Flop: Air Force Stumbles on Software Plan
UK Arms Exports: Killing in the Name Of
Report: Syrian Army Seals Off Damascus Following Attacks on the Capital
Foreign Fighters in Rebel-Held Syria
Over 60,000 Syrian Refugees in Iraq: UN
Watch Syrian Rebels Make Rockets Out of Assad's Cluster Bombs
Afghanistan Considering Peace Plan That Would Increase Pakistan's Role
US Says It Has Detained 200 Teens in Course of Afghan War
Raid Rescues US Citizen Kidnapped by Afghan Taliban
Karzai Says Suicide Attack on Aide Was Planned in Pakistan
Pakistan's Zardari in UK, Meets Girl Shot by Taliban
Pakistan, Iran Believe Currency Swap Not Possible
North Korea
North Korea 'Seriously Examining' Changing Rocket Launch Window Set for Monday to Dec. 22
Navy Sends 2 More Warships for N. Korean Missile Launch
Myanmar Apologizes for Violence Against Monks
French Island of Corsica Hit by Attacks by Nationalists
Belfast Flag Protests: Loyalists Clash With Police After Rally
Russian PM Jokes About Secret Alien Files
The War at Home
Air Force May Be Developing Stealth Drones in Secret
From Abuse to a Chat Room, a Martyr Is Made - Jane's Jihad
Army Works to Ensure Homemade Bombs Don't Escape the Gaze of 'Vader'
Unmanned Navy Vehicle Lost at Sea Off Florida
Weekend Reviews
Roosevelt and World War II
The Elizabethan CIA
Academics Look at the Exact Nature of Contemporary Israel and Palestine
Hamas Leader Vows to Continue Israel Jihad
Prosor: UN Vote Changed Nothing for Palestinians
Palestinian Officer Punches Soldier Amid Clashes in Hebron
Thousands March for Human Rights in Tel Aviv
Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians Mark Hamas' 25th Anniversary in Gaza Rally
Olmert: 'Netanyahu Is Isolating Israel and We Are Paying a Heavy Price.'
Libyan Human Rights Activist Held in Iraq
Iraqi Insurgents Once Mounted Rockets on Their Heads
Middle East
Eight Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Ambush
In Egypt's Battle Over Morsi's Powers, No Criminal Charges and No Winners
One Killed in Renewed North Lebanon Clashes
Saudi Official: Gulf Cannot 'Tolerate' Unrest
Tunisians Arrest 2 on Algerian Border Carrying Weapons, Explosives
Mali: Demonstrators Call for International Military Intervention to Regain Control of North
Divided Mali Could Be the Next Terror Battleground
Iranian Warships Dock in Sudan, Risking Latter's Ties With Gulf Arab Donors
Nairobi's Somali Area Eastleigh Hit by Fatal Blast
UN: Initial Investigations Indicate Congolese Soldiers Committed Rapes After Retreat From Goma
Cuba Blocks Calls to Phone System Used by Dissidents
Key Evidence for Argentina's Largest Human Rights Case Found in Florida
Americans Still Dying
Friends, Family Remember Bismarck (ND) Reservist Killed on First Overseas Deployment
Wife, Four Children Devastated by Death of North Dakota Solder
Fatal Gunshot Wound Killed Mechanicville (NY) Marine in Afghanistan
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Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt Knew

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The Protocols for Death

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US Intelligence: Redundancy Increases as Budget Pressure Mounts

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Manning vs. the Marines

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Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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