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Updated December 13, 2012 - 11:19 PM EST
US Providing Training to Syrian Rebels in Jordan
  As Syria War Escalates, Regime Turns to Scuds and Barrel Bombs
  Hundreds Reported Slain in Attack on Syrian Alawite Village
  Syrian Rebels Pledge Allegiance to al-Qaeda-Linked Group
Susan Rice Out of Running for Secretary of State
US Officials 'Paint Rosy Picture' of Afghan War
  As Afghanistan's Pakistan Talks Move Forward, US May Be Cut Out
North Korea Launches Satellite Into Orbit
  Isolating North Korea Fails to Improve Security
  India Slams North Korea Rocket Test, Then Launches Its Own
Gitmo Judge Bans Mention of Detention, Torture
  Pressure on Obama Over CIA Rendition of Innocent Car Salesman
  The Senate Report on CIA Interrogations You May Never See
Protests as Israeli Troops Kill Boy Over Toy Gun
  EU Slams Israeli FM for Likening Criticism of Settlements to Holocaust
  Settler Price-Tag Attacks Target Monastery in East Jerusalem
Right, Left Call for Defense Cuts
Egypt Opposition Calls Off Boycott, Seeks 'No' Vote
Empire Pays For Corporatist US Diplomats in Kosovo
Government Spying Out of Control  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Corporatist Intelligence Agency  by Tim Kelly
7 Shocking Ways the Military Wastes Our Money  by Laura Gottesdiener
Republicans Must Get Real on Foreign Policy  by Daniel Larison
Unsafe Security  by Bruce Schneier
Operation Delirium  by Raffi Khatchadourian

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New Mali PM Has 'Respect' of US
British Government Agents Helped Kill Belfast Lawyer
Nigeria: Jonathan Urges US to Help Fight Boko Haram
Tracking North Korea's Weather Satellite
Antiwar 'Grannies' Briefly Make Toys 'R' US Store Their Battlefield
Syria Opposition Chief Invited to US
Paris Confirms Presence of French Aircraft Carrier in Waters Outside Syria
5 Killed in Triple Blasts Targeting Syria Interior Ministry
Syria's Missing Spokesman: 'He Hasn't Disappeared. He's Just on Three Months' Leave'
Syria Calls for Arresting 2 Lebanese MPs Over Arming Rebels
Lebanon Army Receives 6 Helicopters From US
Maronite Bishops Call for New Lebanon Electoral Law
Security Personnel and Students Among 17 Killed in Iraq
Kurdistan: Barzani's Visit to Kirkuk Is as a Commander of the Armed Forces in the Region
2 Tikrit University Students Killed, Professor Wounded
Over Five Million Iraqi Children Deprived of Basic Services
Iraq Stays Execution of Man Allegedly Held at 16
Government Says 42 PKK Militants Killed in Eastern Turkey
Gas Field Off of Cyprus Stokes Tensions With Turkey
Highlights From Egypt's Draft Constitution
Egypt Court Jails Blogger Alber Saber for Blasphemy
Four Libyan Policemen Wounded in Blast
Psychological Scars of War Take Toll in Misrata
Egyptian President OKs New Road to Libya
Jews Warned Not to Wear Religious Symbols in Copenhagen
Man Charged Over Threat to Northern Ireland First Minister
Putin's Pledges in State-of-Nation Speech Draw Skepticism From Critics
Bosnian Serb Zdravko Tolimir Convicted Over Srebrenica
Israelis and Palestinians to Meet in Jordan in February, King Abdullah Says
Livni: Settlements Necessary for Peace
Rooftop Gardens Provide Food and Hope for Cash-Strapped Palestinians
Some Likud-Beytenu MKs Call for End of Traditional Partnership With Haredi Parties
EU Reaches Out to Iran for Negotiations
Iran Says It Can Make Copy of Captured CIA Drone
The Plight of Yemen's 'Untouchables'
UN Committee Deplores Yemen Juvenile Offender Execution
Bales Ignored 'We Are Children!' Shouts, Afghan Witnesses Say
Afghanistan Must Avoid 'Baseless' Allegations Against Pakistan, Warns PM
Afghan Judge Zahorudin Recorded on Tape 'Seeking Bribe'
Pakistan Gives Afghan Refugees 6 More Months
China Sentences 3 Uighurs to Death, 1 to Life in Prison in Alleged Hijack Attempt
Kazakh Border Guard Sentenced in 15 Killings
Witnesses: 10 Sudan Students Arrested After Clashes Involving Troubled Darfur Region
Kidnappings Fuel Extremists in Western Africa
Lawmakers Assail Mexico, Obama Administration Over Jailed US Marine Veteran
Canada Starts New Search for Fighters, May Still Buy F-35
The War at Home
Air Force Launches X-37b Space Plane ... Again
Top Terrorism Lawyer Leaving State Department
Public Buses Across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations
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