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Updated December 20, 2012 - 11:27 PM EST
Congress Drops Feinstein Amendment to NDAA
  Chuck Hagel and the Neocon Smear Machine
  Michele Flournoy Pushed for Pentagon Chief as 'Stop Hagel' Candidate
  Did General Petraeus Grant Friends Access to Top Secret Files?
UN Slams Israeli Settlements, US Lone Dissenter
  Israeli DM Approves Yet More Settlement Growth
  A Third Intifada on the Horizon?
  Israeli Parliament Bans Arab MP From Running for Reelection
UN Halts Pak Polio Drive After 9 Workers Killed
Britain's Afghan Troop Cuts Smaller Than Expected
Islamist Rallies Blamed for Low Turnout of Egypt's Christians
Congress to Probe Iran 'Presence' in Latin America
'Zero Dark Thirty' Waterboarding Not Accurate, Senators Say
The Guilty Conscience of a Drone Pilot Who Killed a Child  by Conor Friedersdorf
Top Five Reasons Obama Should Pick Chuck Hagel for SecDef  by Stephen M. Walt
Predator Drone 'Double-Taps' Highlight Possible War Crimes by Obama  by Robert Taylor
The Assault on Chuck Hagel  by Robert W. Merry
Egypt's New Pharaoh  by Chris Hedges
Newtown Kids vs. Yemenis and Pakistanis: What Explains the Disparate Reactions?  by Glenn Greenwald

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Ex-Marine: I Burned Ohio Mosque to Avenge Troops
Army Seeks Death Penalty in Afghan Massacre Case
3 in State Dept. Resign After Libya Attack Report
Reported Sex Assaults Spike at Military Academies
Speculation on Assange Speech
Pistol Purchased by ATF Agent Found at Mexico Cartel Crime Scene
Top Syrian Islamic Official Urges Talks: Sana
Dutch Troops 'Lack Experience' on Patriot Missiles in Turkey
Abbas Offers to Take in Palestinian Refugees From Syrian Civil War
Final Member of NBC Team Free After Syria Kidnap
UN Seeks $1.5 Billion to Help Syria Residents and Refugees
West Bank Palestinians Strike as Israeli Sanctions Bite
Israeli Settlements 'Pushing' Palestinians to Hague Court
Israel Approves Qatar Emir's Visit to West Bank, in Nod to Abbas
Israel Charges Tel Aviv Bus Bomb Suspect
Israeli Arabs Unenthusiastic About Jan. 22 Vote
Lieberman Vows to Take Control of Shas Ministries
Poll: Right-Wing Habayit Hayehudi Swells to Third-Biggest Israeli Party
6 Killed Including Mosque Preacher
MP: Iraq, Kurds to Resume Talk Next Week
Illness for Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Could Cause Baghdad Chaos
Iraqi President Talabani to Be Treated in Germany
Lockheed Martin Delivers C-130j Super Hercules to Iraq
Lebanese Bus Bomb Survivors Return Home From Iraq
Middle East
Egypt: Top Elections Official Resigns
Lebanon's Shi'ites and Sunnis Fight in Syria, but Not at Home
Yemeni President Curbs Rival's Power in Army Overhaul
Chuck Hagel for SecDef
Kristol-Founded Group Targets Hagel
Friends of Hagel Gear Up for a Fight
Hagel Nomination Possibility Faces Backlash on Capitol Hill
Russian Warship Docks in Iran
New US Sanctions to Trap More Iran Oil Revenue
Ottawa Orders Canadian Scientific Journals Not to Publish Iranian Articles
Fear Slows Libyan Probe Into Attack on US Mission in Benghazi
Libya Court Probing Military Chief's Killing Quits
Mali Leader Acknowledges Extremists Not Foreigners
Chad Deploys Troops to Fight Central African Republic Rebels
UN: 126 Rape Cases Amid Eastern DR Congo Fighting
Sudan, South Sudan to Discuss Rebel Support Next Month
Pirates Attack Ship and Kidnap Crew Off the Niger Delta
Senegal Gov't Adopts Law to Try Ex-Chad Dictator
Dictator Father Looms Over South Korea's New President
Pakistan Lady Health Workers Association Protests Killing of Polio Workers
Russia Negotiates Economic Union With Ex-Soviet States
Doctor's Arrest Highlights Unrest in Russia's Dagestan as Police Battle Islamic Insurgency
Russian Lawmaker Casts 31 'Aye' Votes, Despite Being Dead
Catalan Separatists Push Referendum, Madrid Will Try to Block
Bullets Mailed to Sinn Fein and Alliance Politicians
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