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Updated December 23, 2012 - 11:22 PM EST
Rebels Threaten to Storm Syrian Christian Towns
  Airstrike Kills Scores of Syrians Trying to Buy Bread
  Syrian Rebels Set Up Aleppo 'Religious Police'
  6 Die in Syria Car Bombing; Gunman Slays State Journalist
Bomb Kills 9 Including Minister at Pakistan Rally
  Gunmen Kill 11 Pakistanis, Afghans in SW Pakistan
Obama Nominates Kerry for Secretary of State
  Chuck Hagel Faces Relentless Assaults
  House, Senate Pass $633 Billion Defense Spending Bill
Bethlehem Christians Feel Squeeze as Settlements Spread
  New Wave of Radical Israeli Settlers Digging in for the Long Haul
Egypt Voters Approve Controversial Constitution
Report on CIA Abuse Is Secret, Senators Blast Movie Torture
US Carried Out 333 Drone Strikes in Afghanistan This Year
Neocons Against Chuck Hagel: The Senator Who Wouldn't Genuflect  by Doug Bandow
The Absurd Chuck Hagel Anti-Semitism Accusations  by Justin Logan
Pentagon, CIA Likely Approved Zero Dark Thirty Torture Scenes  by David Sirota
The Torture Chronicle
 by Philip Giraldi
Torture, Torture Everywhere  by Andy Worthington
Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment  by Conor Friedersdorf

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The Art of
the Smear

by Stephen M. Walt
Iraq and Afghanistan Account for 35% of Last Decade's Terrorist Attacks
US Marine Pleads Guilty to Urinating on Taliban Corpse
List of 1000s of Missing People Raises Doubts in Mexico
Fury as Britain Fights Ruling on Kenya Torture Victims
Blackwater Wins the Battle of Benghazi
FBI Question Benghazi Consulate Attack Suspect
Russia Says Neither Side Will Win Syrian Civil War
Syria Acting to Safeguard Chemical Weapons, Says Russia
Russia: Assad Will Not Quit Even if Given Safe Passage
For Syrian Refugees, Winter Makes a Harsh Life Rougher
Syrian Resort Town Is Stronghold for Alawites
Syria Returns Bodies of Lebanese Fighters
2 Palestinians Breach IDF Base; Assault Soldier
Assad: 'PA Won't Allow E1 Settlement Project to Happen'
Bill Would Let Israeli Police Block Websites, Without Court Order
Iraqiya Party Threatens Walkout, 7 Killed in Attacks
Iraqi Turkmens Seek Turkey's Protection Against Attacks
Iraq Without Key Mediator as New Crisis Looms
Don't Return to Sectarian Strife: Iraq PM
Kurdish Leaders Warn Baghdad Against Use of Surveillance Aircraft
Hundreds of Overseas Filipino Workers Stranded in US Bases in Iraq
Egypt's Vice President Quits
Egypt Cabinet Denies Central Bank Chief Resigns: State TV
Officials: 2 Finns Kidnapped in Yemen
Kidnappings of Foreigners on Rise in Yemen
Tunisia Islamists Besiege Opposition Meeting
Ex-Tunisian Dictator's Property Expected to Raise Millions for the State at Auction
Middle East
In Hezbollah Stronghold, Lebanese Christians Find Respect, Stability
Iran Says Seizes Explosives on Pakistan Border
Bahrain Protesters Demand Departure of PM
Algerian Army Eliminates Four al-Qaeda Militants
Oman Holds First Municipal Elections
Mexico Frees Ex-Marine Jailed for Bringing in Gun
Americans Still Dying
Louisiana SpecOps Marine Killed on Sixth Combat Tour
Monroeville (PA) Navy SEAL Laid to Rest at Arlington
Baldwin (NY) Soldier Was Planning to Start a Family When He Returned From Afghanistan
The War at Home
Military Academies Report Increase in Sexual Assaults
Congress Defeats E-Mail Privacy Legislation — Again
CIA Memo to Employees: Zero Dark Thirty Is 'Not a Documentary'
Energy Department's Nuclear Weapons Chief Stepping Down
Taliban Seek New Afghanistan Constitution
Taliban Hint at Softer Line in Talks With Afghan Officials
Afghan Leader: Foreigners to Blame for Corruption
Stalking the Taliban in Afghan Currency Markets
Now in Afghanistan, Many a Dull Moment
TTP Claims Peshawar Blast Responsibility
Violence, Fear, and Suspicion Imperil Pakistan's War on Polio
Pakistani Mob Beats to Death Muslim Accused of Blasphemy
Pakistan: Abducted German Aid Worker Seen Alive in Video
Pakistan Says 29 Nationals Beaten by Afghans
'Torture' of Pakistani Laborers: Border Gate Reopened After Afghan Assurance
India Police Fire Water Cannon at Delhi Rape Protesters
Indian Police Arrest Kashmiri Woman on Murder Charges for Throwing Rocks at Security Forces 2 Years Ago
'Banquet Ban' for China Military
Taiwan Condemned Over Executions
North Korean Leader Calls for More Powerful Rockets
Indonesia's Killers Escape Justice, but Feature on the Silver Screen
Philippines Signs Human Rights Law on Forced Disappearances
More Than 50 Arrested for Raid on Kenyan Coastal Village
Amnesty Says Kenya Sending Refugees to Camps Unlawful
Russia Demands Action Over UN Helicopter Downed in South Sudan
Central African Republic Rebels Seize Another Town
Mali Militants Seek Peace After UN Backs Force
Nigerian Suicide Bombers Target Kano Mobile Phone Firms
In Ex-Soviet States, Russian Spy Tech Still Watches You
Italy Election Campaign Begins as Parliament Dissolved
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