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Updated January 1, 2013 - 10:10 PM EST
'Fiscal Cliff' Still Leaves Pentagon Sitting Pretty
  Congress Approves Slight Decrease in Spying Budget for 2013
  Obama Reauthorizes Warrantless Wiretapping
Blasts Aimed at Iraqi Shi'ites, Police Kill 23
  39 Killed, 125 Wounded Ahead of Arba'Een Holiday
  US Support for Dictatorship in Iraq Sowing Future Chaos
Israeli PM Wants Disarmed Palestinian State
2012 Was Deadliest Year for Afghan Military
  Afghan Govt. Announces New Security Transfer in Two Months
  Pakistan's Military Plays Afghan Peacemaker
Is US Meddling Making a China-Japan War Inevitable?
US Bombs Killed At Least 223 People in Yemen in 2012
Senate: 'Grievous' Error to Have Kept Open Libya Outpost
Chuck Hagel's Big Problem: Being a Realist About US Power and Iran  by Stephen Kinzer
Only One Good Way to Stop Going Over the Debt Cliff: Cut Wasteful War Spending!  by Coleen Rowley
Syria Is Many Conflicts Rolled Into One  by Patrick Cockburn
What Killed Arafat?  Al-Jazeera

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Al-Qaeda Carves Out Own Country in Mali
Bomb Hits Prosecutor Office in Benghazi
Raptor: Problem Jet of the Year
New York Bomb Suspects Had 'Terrorist Encyclopedia'
Gitmo a Lesson in US Pop Culture for Detainee
Suspension Lifted for DoD Propaganda Contractor
Nine Taliban Fighters Found Dead in North Waziristan
Pakistan 'Frees Afghan Taliban Ex-Minister Mullah Turabi'
Girls' School Blown Up in Jamrud
Myanmar Ends Year of Firsts With Another: A Public Countdown
Hundreds of Rohingya Refugees Reach Langkawi, Malaysia
North Korean Leader, in Rare Address, Seeks End to Confrontation With South
New York Times Reporter in China Is Forced to Leave Over Visa Issue
Central African Republic
Rebels Reject President's Power-Sharing Offer
CAR Rebels Say Split Over Peace Talks Offer
Fearing Fighting, Residents Flee Capital of Central African Republic
African Union Warns of Sanctions, Isolation if Rebels Take Over Central African Republic
Attackers Kill 15 at Nigerian Church
Nigeria President Likens Nation's Unrest to Syria
In Nigeria, Trapped Between Islamist Radicals and Security Forces
UN Security Council Imposes Arms Embargo on M23 and FDLR Rebels in Congo
Central Africa's Wildlife Rangers Face Deadly Risks From Soldiers
Russian Activists Detained at Protest for Free Assembly
Silent Sub: Russian Noiseless Borei Class Nuclear Submarine Immersed
Nine Bodies Found in Envigado Luxury House
Fatah, Hamas Spar Over West Bank Control Comments
Abbas Sees Palestinian State in 2013
Court Cuts Israeli Army Leaker's Prison Sentence
Fearing Racial Backlash, Shas Shelves Campaign Video That Stokes Fear of Africans in Israel
Syria Says Rebels Destroyed Gas Pipeline
Assad's Forces Battle to Retake Damascus Suburb
Syria Says Will Respond to Any Talks on Ending Conflict
Desperate for Weapons, Syrian Rebels Make Their Own, Fix Tanks
39 Killed, 125 Wounded Ahead of Arba'Een Holiday
Iraq's Deputy PM Survives Assassination Bid
Maliki Says Turkey Failed to Divide Iraqi Turks, Arabs
Iran Tests New Version of Missiles in Exercise
Iran Moves Rafsanjani Daughter to Solitary Confinement
Chinese Firm Partner Offered to Illegally Sell HP Computers to Iran
Gunmen Fire on Protesters in Tahrir Square
Israeli Held for Sneaking Into Egypt: Army Officer or Pro-Palestinian Activist?
Police Seek Somali Man Subject to Terror Control Measure
EU Federalists: UK Could Be 'Associate Member'
Catalan Leader Mas Urges Separatism in New Year Speech
Bomb Found Near Northern Ireland Police Station
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