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Updated January 2, 2013 - 11:21 PM EST
  US Defense Corporations Benefitting From Obama's 'Asia-Pivot'
  Obama's Renditions: Short on Evidence, Long on Secrecy
Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Endorses Sunni Protests in Iraq
  Iraqi PM Condemns 'Unconstitutional' Sunni Protests
Pakistan Forces Faulted for Xmas Bloodbath
  Gunmen in Pakistan Kill 5 Female Teachers, 2 Aid Workers
Israeli Commandos Sneak Into W. Bank Village, 30 Wounded
Aleppo Airport Closed as Syria Rebel Attacks Continue
Could Saudi Arabia Be Next?  by Robert Fisk
How the New York Times Erases Israel's Crimes  by Robert Ross
Guantánamo Bay's Other Anniversary: 110 Years of a Legal Black Hole  by Liz Ševcenko
The US War Machine  by Anthony Gregory
Regimen of Permanent Wars  by Ron Ridenour
Torture Should Not Be a Secret for US to Keep  by Robyn Blumner

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Army Private Last KIA of 2012
Iran Warns Off Foreign Planes During Naval Drill: Report
Palestinians Will Outnumber Israeli Jews by 2020
Police: Manhattan Couple Stored Bomb-Making Items
Syrian Troops, General Defect to Turkey
Jordan Arrests 4 Syrian Soldiers Near Border
Syrian War Leaves Children Traumatized
Reuters TV Cameraman Wounded in Syria
Turkey Talks With Kurdish Leader Ocalan on Disarming PKK
Turkey Hits Back at EU Criticism Over Membership Bid
Afghan Negotiator Welcomes Prisoner Release
Local Police, an Uncertain Player in Afghan Future
Prince Harry Is a 'Jackal' Killing Innocents, Says Feared Afghanistan Warlord
No Word on Ottawa Man, Pregnant Wife Missing in Afghanistan
Afghans Face Massive Humanitarian Disaster as Dire Winter Conditions Set In
Karachi Blast Leaves 4 Dead, 42 Injured
Pakistan Spring? Factions Announce 'Journey to Revolution'
70kg Bomb Defused in Peshawar
Pakistan Child Measles Deaths Surge in 2012
North Korean Leader Vows 'Radical' Economic Shift
Japan Coast Guard Detains Chinese Fishing Boat
118 Kashmiris Killed in 2012
Taiwan's Defense Ministry Begins Transition Toward All-Voluntary Armed Forces
Thousands March Against Hong Kong's Leader
Northern Ireland
Bomb Thrown at House in West Belfast
Police Arrest 2 Men on Attempted Murder of Police Officer; Bomb Under the Car
High Court Grants Delay in Evacuation of Amona Outpost
Defend Government Policy or Resign, Israel's Ambassadors Are Told
Israeli National Security Adviser Chided for Snapping at Envoys
Pro-Palestinian Israeli Arrested in Egypt Ordered Held for 15 More Days
After Rocket Attack, an Israeli City Seems Resigned to More in the Future
Likud to Expel Member Who Posted Anti-Jewish Home Ads With Holocaust Imagery
Reform Jews, AIPAC Take Opposing Positions on Penalizing Palestinians
Leader of Egypt's Largest Ultraconservative Islamist Party Splits, Forms New Group
Egypt's Opposition Still Hopeful, Despite Many Defeats
Sinai Tribes Threaten Civil Disobedience Over New Regulations on Border With Israel
Egypt Prosecutors Investigate Popular TV Comedian Who Parodied President
Maliki and Sadr Trade Warnings as 17 Iraqis Are Killed in Iraq
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Rebels Ignore Negotiation
CAR President Urges Rebels to Let Him Finish His Term
Region Sends Troops to Prop Up Central Africa Republic Regime
Residents of Central African Republic's Capital Nervously Await Attack by Rebels From North
Nigerian Officials Deny Report of Church Massacre
Nigerian Army Says 14 Die in Gun Battle With Boko Haram
South Sudan Willing to Withdraw Army From Sudan Border: President
Ethiopian Court Finds 10 Guilty of Terror Charges
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