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Updated January 7, 2013 - 11:28 PM EST
Obama Nominates Hagel for Defense Secretary
  Opposition to Hagel May Be Softening
  Hagel Says Critics Distort His Views on Israel, Iran
  Israeli Officials Hope Hagel on Board With Iran War
  Hagel at Israeli USO: Smears Debunked
Obama Nominates John Brennan for CIA Chief
US Drones Attack South Waziristan: 17 Killed
  Pakistan, India Trade Accusations on Kashmir Fighting
US, Britain Slam Assad 'Peace Plan'
  Key Source for Syrian Death Toll Questions Accuracy of UN Report
Gaza Rally Turnout Surprises Hamas and Fatah
  What Netanyahu and Liberman Really Mean by a Two-State Solution
New US Sanctions Aims at Destroying Iran's Economy
Defense Firms Worry Delay of Sequester Won't Stop Cuts
Judge: Push for Mali War Risks Terror Attacks in France
Amnesty International's Latest Arms Trade Campaign Is Colonialism With a Kindly Face  by Brendan O'Neill
Transparency and Secrecy: Score One for the Thicket  by Jon Fasman
Israeli Soldiers' Suicides: the Untold Story  by César Chelala
Chuck Hagel and Liberals: What Are the Priorities?  by Glenn Greenwald
The Gravest Threat to World Peace  by Noam Chomsky
Canada's Shameful and Unending Disdain for Omar Khadr  by Andy Worthington

More Viewpoints

Hagel and the Israeli Lobby
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
Obama Adviser Who Decried 'War on Terror' Now Defends Drones
David Cameron: We Would Fight a Falklands Invasion
US-Funded Anti-Terror Squad in Indonesia Criticised for Killing Suspected Militants
Russia Kills Militants Suspected of Christmas Attack Plan
Richardson, Schmidt Fly to North Korea Monday
Obama to Nominate Hagel
Conservatives Denounce Pick of Hagel for Defense Secretary
Parties Gird for Possible Hagel Fight
Obama, Chuck Hagel Forged Bond Over Iraq
McConnell in 2007: Hagel 'One of the Premier Foreign Policy Voices'
Twin Suicide Attack at Afghan Tribal Meeting Kills Five
NY Congressman: Americans 'Tired' of War in Afghanistan
Six Killed in Jamrud Van Attack
40 Drone Hits Claim 255 Lives in NWA in 2012
Pakistan to Release 3,000 Afghan Trucks Stranded at Borders
9-Year-Old in Critical Condition After Gang-Rape
At Least 3 Philippine Police Officers Among 13 Suspected Guns-For-Hire Killed in Gunbattle
Egypt Strengthens Islamist Role in Cabinet, Eyes IMF Deal
Egypt's Copts Celebrate Christmas With Prayers, but Worry About Islamist Domination
Egypt Policeman Killed in Sinai
Assassination Bid on Libyan Leader
Thousands of Libyan Gunmen Sign Up for Police Training
Central African Republic
Central African Republic: Rebels Repeat Call for President to Step Down Ahead of Peace Talks
South African President Deploys 400 Troops to Central African Republic
Nine Dead as Somali Forces Clash With Islamists: Elder
7 Killed, 7 Wounded in Northwest Nigeria Attacks
Israel Plans to Build Syrian Border Fence
Likud Scorns, Kadima Praises Center-Left Unification Attempt
Bennett: Israel Can Defeat Gaza Terror Militarily
Meet the Right-Wing Poster Boy of Israeli Politics
Palestinian PM Blames Cash Crisis on Lack of Arab Aid
Comptroller Report Highlights the Deep Distrust and Moral Decay of Israel's Top Brass
Israeli Parties Unite in Call for Pollard's Release
Shin Bet Chief: Chance of 3rd Armed Intifada Slim
Despite Sanctions, Iran Says Pistachio, Saffron Exports Almost Doubling
US Pursues Iranophobia in Latin America: Iranian Official
Islamists Pursue Own Agenda in Iraq's Sunni Protests
Iraq's President Recovers Well in Germany
Arms Shipped to Yemen US-Made, No Connection to Turkey: Official
Yemen Court Sentences Alleged 5 al-Qaeda Militants
Middle East
Turkey's Erdogan Rules Out Amnesty for Kurdish Militants
Kuwaiti Forces Disperse Protesters With Stun Grenades
Northern Ireland
Violence in Northern Ireland for 3rd Day Over Flag
Police Arrest 70 After Belfast Flag Riots
Northern Irish Paramilitaries Hijacking Flag Protests: Police Federation
US Military
Senate Balks at Promotion for Navy Officer Who Shot Down Air Force Jet
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