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Updated January 11, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Obama, Karzai Stay Ambiguous on Troop Levels
  Panetta Vows Continued Support for Afghanistan
Two Bombs Kill 125, Wound Over 200 in Pakistan
  Flurry of Drone Strikes Sets Stage for US Escalation in Pakistan
  Pakistani Soldier Slain in Kashmir Artillery Fire
French, EU Troops Invade Mali for Offensive
  Mali Islamists Seize Key Town of Konna
Syria Slams UN Envoy After Regime Change Call
  Aleppo Misery Eats at Syrian Rebel Support
Hagel Facing Tough Opposition in Senate
US 'Warnings' to Britain Over EU Spark UK Leadership Row
Jordan, PA Won’t Accept Palestinian Refugees From Syria
How Zero Dark Thirty Brought Back the Bush Administration  by Karen J. Greenberg & Tom Engelhardt
The Grilling That Brennan Deserves  by Ray McGovern
Why is Bob Woodward Not on Trial Next to Bradley Manning?  by Glenn Greenwald
Is Hagel Out of the Mainstream?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Syria: A Jihadi Paradise  by Pepe Escobar
The Master as 'Guest': the US Military Swarms Over Africa  by Glen Ford

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US to Press Fight of Detainee's Appeal
Bin Laden Death Photos May Not See the Light of Day
Treasury Dept.: Iran Seeking New Ways to Evade Sanctions
Venezuela Holds Symbolic Inauguration for Chavez
Yemen Tribal Chief Killed in Apparent Revenge Attack by al-Qaeda
Hagel Nomination
Hagel's 'Refreshing Candor' May Be His Greatest Liability
Hagel, Obama Forged Bond Over Iraq
Is Sen. Kirk's Office Running a Secret Anti-Hagel Campaign?
Hagel's Senate Confirmation Will Be Short on Old Allies
Chuck Hagel's Top Defender: Chuck Hagel
Afghanistan Taliban May Be 'Weak,' but Fear Remains
Baloch Govt Announces 3-Day Mourning
Mulla Omer Warns Ulema Against Attending Kabul Moot
Can This Islamic Cleric Liberalize Pakistan's Politics?
NATO Queries Afghan Tanks Demand
Private Iranian Firm May Lay Gas Pipeline in Pakistan
China Censor Row Paper Southern Weekly Back on Sale
Chinese Newspaper Protests End, but Censorship Battle Unresolved
US Urges Japan and South Korea to Mend Ties
North Korea Urged Not to Test Nuclear Weapons
Myanmar Airstrikes Reopen Ethnic Wounds
UK Watchdog Warns of Defense Project Delays and Overspending
New Russian Nuclear Submarine Enters Service
End of an Era as Czechs Vote to Replace President Klaus
Kenya: 10 People Die in Retaliatory Tribal Attack
Somali Pirate 'Big Mouth' Quits
Argentina President Hits Out at Those Who Want to 'Invade' Falklands
Colombia's FARC Rebels Say Ceasefire to End January 20
'Snowball Truce' Brings Brief Joy, Laughter to War-Weary Damascus
UK Says All Options on Table for Syria
Role of Syrian Women Evolves as War Rages On
Relatives of Abducted Pilgrims Protest Near Qatari Embassy
Syrian Kurds Find Refuge in Northern Iraq
Four Men Arrested in London in Syria Terror Inquiry
UN: One Million Syrians Going Hungry Due to Civil War
Syria Says Turkey Involved in Looting
Palestinian Groups Hamas and Fatah Agree on Unity Deal
Palestinians and Israeli Military Clash in West Bank Flashpoints
Fatah Gunmen Form New Organization
Has Likable Lapid Hit the Ceiling?
Naftali Bennett Won't Beat Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli Election, but He's Cut the Margin
Shimon Peres: Israel's Government Does Not Want to Make Peace With Muslim World
Critics of Likud's New Vanguard Say Party Has Abandoned Founder's Ideals
Officials Say Tel Aviv Car Bomb Was a Mob Hit, Not Terrorism
Bombings and Shootings Leave 16 Killed, 35 Wounded in Iraq
Major Differences Persist in Talks With Baghdad, Kurdish Officials Say
Tunisian Prosecutors Opposed Freeing Libya Suspect
Reports of Clashes Near Sirte Denied
Middle East
Kurds, Turks Vow to Continue Talks Despite Killings
Bomb Halts Yemen Marib Oil Pipeline Flows Again
US Navy Sub Damaged in Persian Gulf
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