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Updated January 15, 2013 - 9:47 PM EST
Mali, Unintended Consequences, & Endless War
  US Pledges to Aid French Invasion of Mali
  Mali Rebels Counterattack, Seize Another Town
  Terror Alert in France as Mali Invasion Escalates
Missiles Pound Aleppo Univ., 83 Killed, 150 Hurt
  Syria's Foreign Rebels Demand Islamic State
  US Policy in Syria to ‘Maintain Functions of the State’?
  Eight Children Among 45 Slain as Syria Pounds Damascus Suburbs
AIPAC's Shadow War Against Chuck Hagel
  In Major Boost, Schumer Backs Hagel Confirmation
  Senator Asks CIA Nominee When Drones Can Kill Americans
Afghan Tribal Elders to Decide on US Immunity
  Karzai Govt Wants US to End Village Militia Training
Pakistan Turmoil Deepens as Court Orders PM's Arrest
How a Govt. Report Spread a Questionable Claim About Iran
Poll: Israelis Want Major Cuts in Settlement Funding, Military
Obama and the Criminal Collective Punishment of Iranians
2012 Another Record Year for Military Suicides: 349 Died
America's Strategic Stupidity  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Dishonorable Smear of Chuck Hagel: A Warrior Who Despises War  by Doug Bandow
Obama, Keep Your Vow to Close Gitmo  by Vince Warren
The Bombing of Mali Highlights All the Lessons of Western Intervention  by Glenn Greenwald
Israel's Party Faithful  by David Remnick
Dying From Green on Blue  by Jacob G. Hornberger

More Viewpoints


by Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick
Can Neocons Identify Anti-Semites? Argentina as a Case Study
Israeli Views of Hagel: Why the Right Is Wrong
US Govt. Imposed Harsh Restrictions on Terror Suspect
Kachin Rebels: Three Civilians Killed in Myanmar Army Shelling
Indian Army Chief Threatens Pakistan Over LoC Killings
Saudi Report: Assad Residing on Warship
Syria War Envelops Region in 'Staggering' Crisis: Aid Agency
Lebanon's Hezbollah Steps in to Help Syrians Fleeing Violence at Home
Rape Has Become 'Significant' Part of Syrian War, Says Humanitarian Group
Azeris Say Armenians Fleeing Syria Resettled in Separatist Area
Defense Sources Back Up Olmert in Iran Spending Spat
Gaza Man Shot Near Border; IDF Denies Involvement
Israel Investing in Disputed West Bank Sites
UN Chief Urges Israel to Rescind E1 Settlement
Voter Turnout Push Could Challenge Israeli Leader
EU Urged to Ban Israeli Settlement Products
Jordan's King Says Arab Spring Should Push Israel to Restart Talks
Iraq Frees Prisoners in Gesture to End Sunni Protests
Four Military Personnel Killed in Northern Iraq
Iraq Reels Under Intensifying Political Divide
Saudi Arabia
Obama Meets New Saudi Interior Minister at White House
Saudi Clerics Demand Fair Trials for Prisoners
Police Car Attacked in Libya's Benghazi, One Wounded
Libya's Police to Create Diplomatic Security Force
Middle East
Yemen Raid Nets Two al-Qaeda Militants: Security Sources
Algeria Military Says 3 Militants Killed Trying to Cross Southern Desert Border
Violence Plagues Tunisia's Politics 2 Years Later
European Airlines Drop Flights as Sanctions Bite Iran
'Red October' Cyber-Attack Found by Russian Researchers
Russian Army Officer Sacked After Pneumonia Deaths
UK Govt Says 'Insult' Ban Will Be Dropped
UK Navy Officer 'Unlawfully Killed' in Submarine Shooting
Gun Attack on PM's Party HQ as Greek Violence Escalates
Guatemalan Mayor Shot to Death on Same Day President Reports Strong Decline in Violence
Night Terror in El Salvador
Lines at Cuba Travel Agencies on Day 1 of New Law
West African Army Chiefs Approve Escalation of Mali War
French Expand Bombing Campaign, Enter Central Mali
Mali Islamists Counter Attack, Promise France Long War
Al-Qaeda Carves Out Own Country in Mali
US Military Could Be Drawn Into Mali Fight
EU Rules Out Troops in Mali
Germany Mulls Medical, Logistic Mali Aid
UK Army Brass Warn Against Mali Escalation
British Military Personnel 'Could Be Sent to Mali to Support EU Training Mission'
Mali: From Regional Role Model to Crisis Zone
Algeria Closes Its Border With Mali as Conflict Escalates
France to Evacuate Its Citizens From Mali's Segou
A Look at What Countries Are Contributing to Mali Invasion
Somali Witnesses to Failed Rescue Saw Mayhem
Somalia Govt 'Uninformed' of French Raid
Somali Militants Post Photo of Dead French Soldier
Second French Commando Dies of Wounds: Somali Rebels
Uganda Army Apologizes Over Killer Soldier's Actions
China Says 4 Workers Kidnapped by Militants in Sudan's North Darfur
US Embassy Employee Murdered in South Africa
Nigeria Arrests Boko Haram Militant
An Ouster in Concession to Pakistan Protesters
Thousands of Protesters Rally in Pakistani Capital
Protesters, Police Clash in Pakistani Capital After Rally by Cleric Calling for Gov't Reforms
Quetta Shi'ites Agree to Bury Blast Dead
Qadri Wants Houses Dissolved by Morning
Hamid Karzai Says US Will Give Spy Drones to Afghanistan
Senate Republican Leader Wants 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan
NATO Official Presents Post-Afghanistan Priorities
UN Human Rights Chief Seeks Investigation of North Korea
Video: China's Plainclothes Police Stuff Man Into Unmarked Van for Speaking to Reporters
The War at Home
Viagra for Vets Costs Surge on War Disorders
Napolitano to Stay as Homeland Security Secretary
WWII-Era Ordnance Found in Maryland Neighborhood
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