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Updated January 16, 2013 - 11:21 PM EST
Mali's Islamists United by Invasion
  Militants Take 41 Hostages at BP in Alergia Over Mali Invasion
  US Weighs Military Support for France's Invasion of Mali
  Key House Republicans Push for Bigger US Role in Mali War
  French Vow to Keep Troops in Mali Until It Is 'Terror-Free' Democracy
  France Irked by 'Minimal' European Aid in Mali War
  Mali and the Geo-Politics of Africa
Iraq Slaughter: 55 Killed 288 Wounded
  Turkish Warplanes Pound Kurds in Northern Iraq
  Key Iraqi Sunni MP Assassinated in Suicide Attack Near Fallujah
  Queen Blocked Plan to Pass Iraq War Bomb Powers to Parliament
US: We Don't Believe Syria Used Chemical Arms
  Missiles Pound Aleppo Univ., 83 Killed, 150 Hurt
  Syrian Opposition Finds Hearts and Minds Are Elusive
Obama: Israel 'Doesn’t Know Its Best Interests'
  Likud Accuses Obama of 'Gross Interference' in Elections
Turkish Warplanes Pound Kurds in Northern Iraq
  Key Iraqi Sunni MP Assassinated in Suicide Attack Near Fallujah
  Queen Blocked Plan to Pass Iraq War Bomb Powers to Parliament
Hagel Confirmation Hearing Set for Jan. 31
  In Major Boost, Schumer Backs Hagel Confirmation
Iran: Khamenei's Ban on Nuclear Weapons Should End Issue
Pakistan Turmoil Deepens as Court Orders PM's Arrest
America's Arms Sales to Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown
On Obama's New National Security Team, Keep Your Eye on the Policy  by Ron Paul
War in Mali Is Blowback From Libya  by Owen Jones
Foreign Complicity in the Drone War  by Murtaza Hussain
A Senator's Lonely Crusade to Learn the CIA's Secrets  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Folly of Arming Syria's Rebels  by Gary C. Gambill
Embracing the Legacy of Torture  by Scott Lemieux

More Viewpoints

Hagel Should Trim Defense
by Christopher Preble
Internet Activist's Prosecutor Linked to Another Hacker's Death
UN Nuclear Watchdog Eyes Iran Deal, Parchin Visit
US Tries to Play Down Media Report That Syria Used Chemical Weapons
Serbia Holds Out Chance of UN Seat for Kosovo
Report: Lightning a Threat to F-35
Navy's $670 Million Fighting Ship Is 'Not Expected to Be Survivable,' Pentagon Says
Mali Rebels Dig in and Blend in for a Long Struggle
House Lawmaker Calls for US to Cover France's 'Back' in Mali
Panetta: No US Troops on the Ground in Mali
West Backs France's Unilateral Mali Invasion
France Says Mali Victory 'Will Be Swift'
French Action in Mali Exposes Absence of African Neighbors, Western Allies
French Triple Troops in Mali, Prepare for Assault
US May Provide Airlift for French Mali Ops
Nigeria to Send Troops to Mali in Next 24 Hours
Tens of Thousands Flee New Fighting in Mali: UN
West African Troops to Arrive 'in Days'
Canadian C-17 Joins Allied Efforts En Route to Mali
Aussie FM: Mali Risks Following Afghanistan
Egypt Court Postpones Case Against Egypt Parliament
US Condemns Comments by Egypt's Mursi as Islamist Leader
Misrata Council Chairman Resigns
Libya Paid Mauritania $200 Million to Extradite Ex-Spy Chief: Lawyer
Somali Journalist Arrested After Story on Rape by Govt. Forces
Central African Republic Prime Minister Pick Announced
Ugandan, US Forces Hunting LRA Welcome CAR Truce
Ethiopia Jails 10 for Plotting Attacks
UN Appeals for $131 Million Aid for Zimbabwe
US Plays Down Afghan Threat to Central Asia
Pentagon Swears It Won't Sell Killer Drones to Afghanistan, Just Spy Ones
Afghan Massacre Suspect Bales Due in Court Thursday for Arraignment
We Need Reply of Long March: Qadri
India PM Warns Pakistan Over Kashmir Violence
Pakistan Deeply Disappointed by Indian Rhetoric: FM
4 US Deminers Hurt at Cambodian Training Center
Israel Police Block Palestinians From Reoccupying Protest Camp
Rightists Protest 'Illegal Construction' in Arab Village
As Elections Draw Near, Israel's Center-Left Leaders Bicker
Israel Renews Contacts With UN Human Rights Council
UN Body Says Israel Wants Rights Review Postponed
Assad May Run for 2014 Election
Russia Says Against Referring Syria Crisis to War Crimes Court
Recovery Center in Turkey Sees Growing Number of Paralyzed Syrians
Seeking Safety From Rape, Syrian Girls Reportedly Are Marrying Earlier Than Before War
Sunni Lawmaker Among 13 Killed in Iraq
Iraqiya Slate Demanding an Investigation on Assassination Attempt Against Issawi
Sadr Advises Maliki to Go Directly to the Demonstrators and Hear Their Demands
Iraq Completes Removal of 12,000 Landmines Near Oil Wells
Turkey's PM Erdogan Says Won't Bow to Kurdish Militancy
Turkey PKK: Thousands at Memorial Ceremony Near Paris
United Arab Emirates
Warplane Sale on French Agenda in UAE
Man Jailed for Leaking UAE Military Information
Middle East
Yemen Says al-Qaeda Holding Western Hostages
Jordan Islamists to Step Up Anti-Election Campaign
Panetta Reassures Portugal on Azores Islands After US Downsizes Base There
Russia 'Spies' Go on Trial in Germany
Northern Irish Court Quashes Conviction for Soldiers' Killing
Colombia Expects Venezuelan Help for FARC Talks Even if Chavez Dies
Chavez VP Gives State-of-the-Nation Address
Canada to Resettle Up to 5,000 Iranian, Iraqi Refugees
President Pinera Plants Another Chilean Flag in Antarctica, at Site of Planned Air Force Base
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