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Updated January 19, 2013 - 11:25 PM EST
Scores Dead, Missing as Algeria Storms Plant
  Algeria Crisis Has US, UK Poised to Act
  Algerian Hostage Crisis Throws Spotlight on Spillover of Libyan War
  After Algerian Incident, West Africa Fears Mali Spillover
France Formally Asks for US Military Aid in Mali
  Hollande's Intervention in Mali Raises Concerns
  Mali Claims 'Heavy' Rebel Losses in Recapture of Central Town
Russia Slams US for Blaming Syria for Blasts
  12 Killed in Clashes in Damascus Palestinian Refugee Camp
  US Intervention Wouldn’t Have Ameliorated Syrian Crisis
Pakistan to Release All Afghan Taliban Detainees
  Video of Marines Urinating on Corpses Was One of 12 Made That Day
Netanyahu Will 'Never' Dismantle Any Settlements
Manning Denied a Whistleblower Defense
Iran Beefs Up Cyber Forces in Wake of US, Israeli Attacks
Obama Again Warns Cameron Against EU Exit
Pentagon, Prosecution Disagree on 9/11 Conspiracy Charge
FBI Doesn't Want You to Know About Its 'Secret' Surveillance
Algeria's Bloody Slaughter Was Utterly Predictable  by Robert Fisk
David Albright & Co. Call for Intensifying War on the Iranian People  by Muhammad Sahimi
Burn, Burn – Africa's Afghanistan  by Pepe Escobar
Another Word for Propaganda  by Robert Scheer
Maladroit in Mali?  by Stephen Walt
America's Drone Wars Are Not Creating a Safer World  by Mark Shea

More Viewpoints

Top US Commander Denied Visa in Rights Row: Russia
Aaron Swartz's Father Says Feds 'Destroyed My Son'
Don't Shrink Afghan Forces, Two Key Senate Democrats Warn Obama
Algerian Stance Spoils US Strategy for Region
Falkland Islands Set Date for Referendum on Future Sovereignty
US Confirms Americans Still Held Hostage in Algeria
Algeria Hostage Crisis: SAS on Standby
Algerians Suspect Inside Help in Hostage Raid
A Hostage Crisis Haunted by the Ghosts of Algeria's Bloody Past
Algeria Siege: 'The Army Bombed the Trucks'
One American Dead in Algerian Hostage Crisis
British Leader Sees Wider Threat in Algeria Attack
Jihad 'Prince,' a Kidnapper, Is Tied to Raid
First-Hand Hostage Accounts From the Attack in Algeria
Frenchman 'Hid for 40 Hours' During Attack
Escaped Algerian Hostage Witnessed Dead French Boss
US Sends Trainers for Mali-Bound Force
EU to Deploy Military Trainers to Mali
Is Mali the Next Afghanistan?
UN Says 400,000 Refugees May Flee Mali in Coming Months
How Independent Is the Reporting in Mali?
First Batch of Nigerian Troops Off to Mali
Editor: Somali Journalist Shot Dead; 1st This Year
Maverick American Jihadi Faces Somali Death Threat
Abbala, Beni Hussein Tribal Clashes Move to Central Darfur, 12 Killed
Niger Ambassador, Wife Found Dead
Pakistan PM Corruption Official Found Dead
Qadri's Party May Take Part in Election
Canada Probing Pakistan Protest Leader Over Asylum Request
IED Casualties Dropped 50% in Afghanistan in 2012
Rural Afghans Turn Against Taliban, Eke Out Own Fight
Myanmar Government Announces Ceasefire With Kachin Rebels
China Might Block Eventual Korean Unification, Report Says
US Navy Ship Accident Raises Concern for Philippine Coral Reef
The War at Home
TSA to Phase Out Rapiscan 'Naked Scanners'
West Point Center Cites Dangers of 'Far Right' in US
Twin Suicide Blasts Hit South of Damascus
BBC Sees Evidence of Homs Massacre
Al Jazeera Reporter Killed by Sniper in Syria
French Journalist Killed by Sniper Fire in Syria
Number of Syrian Refugees in Turkey Exceeds 157,000
Palestinians Build Another West Bank Tent Protest
Hamas's Star Rising in the West Bank
Final 'Post' Poll: Likud Beytenu, Livni Fall Again
Netanyahu Set to Win Israel Vote, but Losing Steam
Jerusalem Voters Uninspired by Campaigns
IDF Shoots, Injures 2 Palestinians in W. Bank, Gaza
Qatar's Emir Reaffirms Support for Hamas
Attacks on Iraqi Police Leave Five Dead
Iraq's Kurdish Govt Defies BP Over Kirkuk
Iraq Sunnis Rally Against Shi'ite-Led Government
Iraqiya MP: House Works to Pass Laws That Are in Line With the Demands of the Demonstrators
Yemen Tightens Security Around French Embassy
Yemeni Officer Killed by Gunmen Near Sanaa
Middle East
Bahrain Security Forces Fire Tear Gas in Street Clashes in Capital
Muslims, Christians Clash in Southern Egypt
4 Hurt in Attack on Lebanese Minister's Convoy
Jordan's Islamists, Opposition Rally Against Vote
Turkey Raids Target Banned Marxist Group DHKP-C
Serbia, Kosovo Reach Preliminary Deal on Customs
New Northern Ireland Violence May Be About More Than the British Flag
Russian Activist Dolmatov in Netherlands 'Suicide'
Colombia: Canadian, Peruvian Gold Miners Kidnapped by Rebels
Weekend Reviews
Why Are We Still Reading About Vietnam?
And the Academy Award for the Promotion of Torture Goes to …
Why We Hate Them: Arabs in Western Eyes
Israel Confronts Its 'Image Problem'
Another Word for Propaganda
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