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Updated January 23, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Israel Deadlocked Between Center-Left, Far-Right
  Netanyahu Turns to Iran After Narrow Election Win
Is US Involvement in Mali War Really ‘Limited’?
  Algerian Officials Claim Benghazi Ties to Hostage Siege
  US Military Shipping French Troops, Supplies to Mali
  UN Warns of Mali Refugee Crisis: 400,000 Already Displaced by War
  House Intel Chair: US 'Knew Something Big Was Coming'
51 Killed, 98 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
  Iraq Attacks Surge: Over 175 Killed in Past Week
US Drone Strike Kills 14 in Eastern Afghanistan
  'Pathetic Coward': Prince Harry Blasted for Taliban Comments
Yemen Cabinet Minister Condemns Drone Strikes
  17 Killed in Four Straight Days of US Drone Strikes in Yemen
Pakistan Unhappy US Drone Strikes Will Continue
Bahrain: The Forbidden Country
Armed Drones Could Target President: Former US Intel Chief
Will the Next War Be in Asia?  by Michael Klare & Tom Engelhardt
How Cameron Created the Chaos in North Africa  by Brendan O'Neill
Reflections on the Vietnam War: the Things a Warrior Knows  by Ron Kovic
The Mali Trap  by Patrick Cockburn
Obama's Assassination Manual  by Paul Pillar
How Much Military Is Enough?  by Jill LePore

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Is Trivial

by Robert Jensen
Rapper Kicked Off Stage After Obama Bashing at Inauguration
Cameron Vows Referendum by 2017 on UK Leaving EU
Hagel Meets AIPAC: 'On Board' With Iran Policy
Algeria Attack Puts Focus on Worker Security
Privacy Visor Blocks Facial Recognition Software
The War at Home
Clinton to Be Grilled Over Security in Benghazi Hearings
Bases May Downsize as Army Looks to Smaller Force
Republican Lawmaker to Probe Naked-Scanner Costs
Gen. Allen Cleared of Wrongdoing Over Emails to Jill Kelley
Federal Prosecutors Dispute CIA Leaker John Kiriakou's Contrition
Ga. Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Army Militia Plot
Combat Stress Marred Him, Say Kin of GI Killed by Police
Algeria Scouring Sahara for 5 Missing Foreigners
Algeria Defends Tough Response to Hostage Crisis as Toll Rises
Canada Seeks Evidence on Hostage-Taker, Summons Algeria Envoy
UN Secretary-General: 'Dialogue Not Possible at This Time' With Mali's Islamic Insurgents
Mali Army Chief Sets Sights on Gao, Timbuktu
Military Aid Offers Pour Into Mali
Chadians Advance in Mali Troop Moves Against Islamists
Fight for Mali Town Shows How al-Qaeda Melts Into Population, Uses Civilians as Cover
Suspected Islamists Kill 18 in Nigeria
US Chides Sudan, South Sudan for Oil Export Delay
North Korea
North Korea Hints at Nuclear Test
UN Security Council Condemns North Korea's Rocket Launch, Expands Existing UN Sanctions
North Korea Warns It Will Strengthen 'Nuclear Deterrence' in Reaction to UN Punishment
Philippines to Fine US Navy After USS Guardian Ran Aground on UNESCO Heritage Reef
Philippines Challenging China's Claims in South China Sea at International Tribunal
UN Secretary-General Sees 'Not Much Prospect of Resolution' of Syria Civil War by Diplomacy
Russia Says It Is Not Planning Full Syria Evacuation
Some Syrian Kurds Resist Assad, Defying Conventional Views
Saudi FM Rules Out Political Solution to Syrian Crisis
Life in Lebanon 'Horrible' for Palestinians Fleeing Syria
Netanyahu Conciliatory, Yesh Atid Ecstatic Over Polls
Abbas Intimates That Israel Wants to Kill Him
Centrist Newcomer Surprise Star of Israel Election
Israeli Interior Minister Promises Shas to Form Part of Coalition
2,000 Israelis Vote for Palestinians
Abbas Protests Malaysian Prime Minister's Gaza Visit
UK: Israel Losing Support Over Settlements
Baghdad Focus of Violence That Leaves 33 Killed and 77 Wounded
Iraq Frees 888 Prisoners
Iraq MP Condemns Torturing Detainees to Death
Iraq to Build Southern Oil Pipeline to Boost Exports
Oil Exec, Ex-Official Face Trial for Violating UN Oil Sanctions on Iraq
Understanding Jordan's Parliamentary Election
Qadri Says He or His Family Won't Contest Elections
Karachi: Gunmen Kill PML-N Leader, Father
Two Blasts in Peshawar; No Casualties
Serving as Ambassador to US Risky Business: Haqqani
Kashmir Police Publish Nuclear War Survival Tips
Paris Murder Suspect 'Has No Links With PKK'
EU Gears Up for Cyber Security Overhaul
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