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Updated January 24, 2013 - 11:20 PM EST
US, West Chasing Non-Threats in Africa
  Mali Troops Accused of More Summary Executions
  Poorly Armed Mali Army Can't Stand Up to Rebels
  Militant Reports on Algeria Were More Accurate Than Official News
Secular Center-Right Coalition Likely in Israel
  Palestinians Surprised by Election Results, Doubt It Will Lead to Peace
  US Protests 'State of Palestine' Placard in UN
  Palestinians May Take Israel to Int'l Courts Over E-1 Settlement
UN Launches Probe of Civilian Drone Deaths
  Pakistan Presses US for Answers on Drone Strike Plans
Syria Rebels Accused of Looting Churches
  Syrian Palestinians Fear 3-Way Fight for Control of Refugee Camps
Why Diplomacy With Iran Has Failed
  Russia Warns US, Israel Against Attacking Iran
At Least 51 Killed, 98 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
British DM: No Outright Winner in Afghanistan
24 Killed in Five Straight Days of US Drone Strikes in Yemen
In Mali, the Domino Theory Is Real  by Daniel Larison
Yes, Warfare by Drone Still Counts as Warfare  by Michael Kinsley
Why the Charges Against Bradley Manning Should Be Dropped  by Tim Kelly
Mali: The Fastest Blowback Yet in This Disastrous War on Terror  by Seamas Milne
The 13-Year War  by Paul Waldman
Serbia's Olive Branch  by Ted Galen Carpenter

More Viewpoints

EU Plans to Regulate Media Across Europe Under a Single Set of Rules
Hillary Clinton Defends Handling of Benghazi Attack
Rand Paul's Attack on Clinton Enrages Sen. Boxer
ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Woman's Terrifying Incident at Detroit Metro Airport
Israel's UN Envoy: if Mali Is on France's Doorstep, Gaza Is in Our Living Room
Catalonia Declares Itself a Sovereign Entity
The War at Home
Panetta Opens Combat Roles to Women
Obama Nominees Navigate Senate Hurdles
New Vets Showing Gulf War Illness Symptoms
Military Conducts Training Exercises in Miami
Obama to Proceed With Allen Nomination as Supreme NATO Commander in Europe
Jill Kelley Breaks Her Silence Over David Petraeus Scandal
German Soldiers Attacked in Southern Turkey Over NATO Missiles
NATO to Activate Turkey Missile Defenses
Russia: Syria Rebels Obsession With Assad Blocks Peace
Syrian Civil War Devastates Farming: UN
Syrians Struggle in an Uneasy Lebanon
Russia Denies Large Syria Evacuation Amid Fighting
Turkey: Syrian Regime's Actions Equal War Crimes
Palestinian Woman Shot Dead by IDF Soldier, Another Wounded
Twelve Settlements Have More Likud Members Than Votes
Abbas: We're Ready to Talk to Any Israeli Government That Recognizes Palestine
Netanyahu-Obama Ties May Thaw After Israel Election
Yair Lapid 'Rules Out Forming an Anti-Netanyahu Bloc'
How Israelis Voted: From Jerusalem to Tayibe to Efrat
Will a New, Moderate Benjamin Netanyahu Emerge From Israeli Election?
Gaza's Hamas Rulers Arrest 6 Local Reporters
Israeli Election Casts Ex-TV Anchor as Kingmaker
Iron Dome Tested Ahead of Overhaul
EU Chides Iran Over Nuclear Talks Venue Proposals
Iran Tries to Calm Fears Over Nuclear Power Plant
Expert Warns That It's Not Enough to Sanction Iran Anymore Over Its Nuclear Program
Iranian Guard Officer Asserts Power Over Strait of Hormuz
Middle East
4 Killed in Violent Attacks Across Yemen
Jordanians Elect New Parliament With 57% Turnout as Islamists Boycott Vote
Israeli Warplanes Violate Lebanese Airspace
Bahraini Princess Facing Multiple Torture Charges
French Insist African Soldiers Must Take the Lead in Mali
Clinton Says US Cannot Allow N. Mali to Be Terrorism Base
Al-Qaeda Leader's Brother Condemns Mali Operation
Nigerian Leader Warns of Mali Spillover to West and Africa if Terrorists Aren't Contained
Islamist Rebels Gone From Malian Town of Douentza
Algeria Militants Played Shrewd Media Game
Algerian Gas Facility Did Not Have Armed Guards
Algeria Hostage Crisis: Japan Confirms Two More Deaths
3 Beheaded, 5 Others Killed in Heavy NE Nigeria Fighting
Burning Gasoline Pipeline in Nigeria's Shows Spread of Oil Unrest in Major Producer
Central African Republic: Rebels Dissatisfied With Peace Accord
South Sudan May Resort to Trucking Oil if Talks Fail
Groups Call for Somali Govt. to Release Journalist
Afghan 'Spy' Killed Over US Drone Strikes: Officials
Polish Commando Killed in Afghanistan
Civil Society Activists Fear Afghan Exodus
Pro-Government Tribesmen Shot Dead in Badaber: Police
President Not Allowed to Participate in Election Campaigns
Top Court to Probe Corruption Official Kamran Faisal's Death
Japan Envoy Says New PM Wants to Improve China Ties
Russia Explores Old Nuclear Waste Dumps in Arctic
Jailed Pussy Riot Member Complains of 'Death Threats'
EU Leaders Hit Out Over Cameron Referendum Pledge
France in the Firing Line of 'New Jihad'
Mexico Divides Over Honoring Drug War Dead
Prosecutors: Drug Gang Killed, Dismembered 16 Near Mexico City
Costa Rican President Says New US Drug Laws to Affect Fight Against Drug Cartels
Venezuela's Vice President Says He's Target of Assassination Plot
Argentine Destroyer That Led War Against UK Sinks, a Symbol of Decay for Once-Proud Navy
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