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Updated January 27, 2013 - 11:18 PM EST
Report: Major Attack on Iran Nuclear Facility
  Barak: US Plans Possible 'Surgical Strike' on Iran
  Iranian Official: Attack on Syria Would Be Seen as Attack on Iran
Iraq Parliament Votes to Stop Maliki Reelection
  Iraqi Insurgents Try to Harness Opposition Rage
US Expands Aid to French Mission in Mali
  French, Mali Forces Capture Airport, Key Bridge in Militant Stronghold
Jihadists and Secular Activists Clash in Syria
  NATO Says Missile Battery Deployed to Turkey Is Operational
Hackers Hijack Govt Website to Avenge Swartz
  Court: WikiLeaks Suspects Denied More Evidence
  Feds Pile on More Charges Against Anonymous Agitator
Taliban, Rival Militia Clash in Khyber, 40 Dead
41 Die in Egyptian Clashes After Soccer Riot Death Sentences
Government Persecution, From Aaron Swartz to Bradley Manning  by Chase Madar
PBS Infomercial for the Military Defense Industry  by Kevin Gosztola
Google Reveals the Extent of the FBI's Warrantless Email Snooping  by Dominic Rushe
The Feminist Objection to Women in Combat  by Noah Berlatsky
America's Pivot: One Big Contradiction  by Justin Logan
Mali Is Not Another Afghanistan  by Aaron Ellis

More Viewpoints

Israel's Human Rights Record 'Concerns' UK
FBI Increasing Pressure on Suspects in Stuxnet Inquiry
Venezuela Persuaded Europeans to Stress Sovereignty in Summit Declaration
Barcelona Pursues Italy Over 1938 Bombing
Putin Says West Is Fomenting Jihadi 'Blowback'
Could Kerry, Hagel Drive Reboot in US-Cuba Ties?
Syria Rebels Free 100 Inmates in Prison Battle: Watchdog
16 Dead in Syria Regime Air Strike
Closer Ties Emerge Between Sunni Militants From Lebanon and Syria, Officials Say
Syrian Troops and Militia Push to Take Sunni Homs Areas
Abbas Asks Israel to Let in Palestinians Fleeing Syria
US Needs to Work With Russia to End Syria Fighting: Kissinger
Britain Pledges $33 Million in Aid to Syria
US Sending $10 Million in New Aid to Syria
Lebanon PM: Syrian Refugees Situation at Dangerous Point
Daughters: Iran Opposition Leader Denied Contact With Family for 2 Months
South Korea Reveals Staggering $1 Billion Transfer Fraud in Iranian Money
Middle East
Seven Killed in Iraq, Gunmen Attack Soldiers
Lebanon Registers Four Israeli Violations of Its Airspace in One Day
Bahrain Reconciliation Talks to Start by Early Feb
Attack Kills 10 Police in Afghanistan
Looking Behind the Sightlines of an American Soldier Under Taliban Fire
Eyeing Rich Bounty, China in Line for Afghan Role
Pakistan to Raise Drone Issue at UN
Mortar Shell Kills Five in Khyber
Violence Claims Five Lives in Karachi
Pro-Govt Militia Attacked in Pakistan's Dera Bugti; One Killed, Five Kidnapped
Pakistan Takes Video Games Off Shelves That Portray Country as Terrorist
Kachin Rebels in Myanmar Lose Key Hilltop
Myanmar Says US Criticism Over Fighting Is Unwarranted, Dislikes Being Called Burma
North Korea
Satellite Images Reveal North Korea Ready for Nuclear Test
North Korean Leader Vows to Take Strong Action in Apparent Reference to Nuclear Test
Philippine Police Say Gunmen Ambush Truck Carrying Police, Village Guards, Kill 9
Philippines Accuses China of Chasing Fishing Boats
Egypt Army to Deploy After Soccer Verdict Riot
In Speech to Nation, Egypt President Warns Against New Unrest
North Africa
Norway's Statoil Confirms Its 4th Missing Worker in Algeria Terror Attack Is Dead
Libya's Silence on Oil Deals a Setback for Transparency
Tunisia Vows to Protect Sufi Shrines After Two Mausoleums Are Torched
Mali Islamists Say Ready for Hostage Talks
The Tale of 16-Year-Old Child Soldier Is a Window Into Mali's Dirty War
Nigerian Militant Jailed for Life for Abuja Car Bombs
5 Indian Sailors Kidnapped Off Nigeria's Oil Delta Freed After Being Held for Month
Senior Diplomat Denies Attempted Coup in Eritrea, Describes Such Reports as Wishful
South African Court Blocks Delivery of Helicopter Gunships to Zimbabwe
Leftist Ex-PM Zeman Wins Czech Presidential Election
Business 'Uninterested' in Lawyer's Death, Says Russian Prime Minister
The War at Home
Yahoo, Like Google, Demands Warrants for User E-Mail
11 Body Parts Defense Researchers Will Use to Track You
Anonymous Hacks US Sentencing Commission, Distributes Files
Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest
Mexico Violence Prompts Self-Policing by Civilians
Hospital: 61 Killed in Venezuela Prison Riot
Americans Still Dying
Father of Six, Plainwell (MI) Sergeant Dies of Wounds From Afghan IED
Weekend Reviews
A Mind-Blowing Book on the Vietnam War
Ex-CIA Analyst Melvin Goodman Measures Cost of Militarization
Theodore & Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom
Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill & Rick Rowley's New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert US Warfare
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