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Updated January 30, 2013 - 11:21 PM EST
Israeli Warplane Attacks Syria-Lebanon Border
CIA Nominee Had Detailed Knowledge of Torture
Pentagon Prepares for Defense Cuts
Hagel's Foreign-Policy Answers for the Senate
  Hagel Wants Nuke Cuts, Then Elimination
  Who Agrees With Chuck Hagel on Ending Nukes?
French in Mali May Drive Islamists Into Libya
  In Recaptured City in Mali, Islamists Hunted Down
  Looters Target Arab, Algerian-Owned Shops in Timbuktu
First Ever: Israel Boycotts Its UN Rights Review
  Hamas Leader Mashaal 'Interested' in Leading PLO
  Israel Forced Birth Control on Ethiopian Women Without Consent
State Dept: Iran Space Monkey 'Serious Concern'
  Space Monkey Launch Does Not Pose Military Threat, Say Experts
  UN Watchdog, US Back Iran's Denial of Nuclear Site Blast
81 Slain Syrians Pulled From River
Gitmo Judge Criticizes Censorship of Tribunal
Egypt Army Chief Warns State Could Collapse
Court: 'Terrifying Acts of Brutality' by UK Troops in Iraq
US-Backed Guatemala Dictator to Face Charges of Genocide
Is America Training Too Many Foreign Armies?  by John Norris
American and Iranian Apes on a Treadmill  by Paul Pillar
Pentagon's 'Cyber-Security' Ain't About Defense  by Glenn Greenwald
Mali: Here We Go Again  by Sheldon Richman
Iran's Fordow Nuclear Site 'Explosion'  by Zachary Keck
A US-China Entente in Afghanistan  by M.K. Bhadrakumar

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Hillary Clinton Warns GOP Lawmakers Not to Act Like North Africa Terrorists
UN Drone Investigator Might Be a Deadly Robot's Worst Nightmare
Govt. Appetite Growing for Twitter User Data
Lawyers May Get Access to Secret Guantanamo Camp
Survey: Global Failings in Defense Corruption
Hagel SecDef Nomination
Graham Vows to Block Hagel Confirmation Process Until Panetta Testifies on Benghazi
The Secret Enemies of Chuck Hagel
Hagel High School Hijinks: Played Russian in 'Model UN'!
Christians United for Israel Lobbies Against Hagel
Tuaregs Say They Seized Mali Towns From Islamists
UK Ups Offer for Mali, African Anti-Islamist Effort
Donors Pledge $455 Million to Mali Military Push
Tankers Ramp Up US Role in Mali
Relief and Anxiety Meld in Malian Towns Freed of Islamists
Timbuktu, Ancient Seat of Islamic Learning
In Port Said, Alienation From Cairo Makes Anger Burn Hotter
Egypt in Show of Defiance Against Islamist Leader
US Embassy in Cairo Closes Amid Egyptian Violence
Cairo Hotel Tweets for Help Amid Clashes
Morsi Due in Germany on Visit Shortened by Egypt Crisis
Suicide Bomber Kills 2 at Somali President's Villa
Nigeria Cautiously Welcomes Claimed Islamist Ceasefire
Video Shows South Africa Police Shooting Miners
$7.3 Million Camp for Afghan Police Found Nearly Empty: Inspectors
Karzai Accuses Foreign Countries of 'Plotting' Against Afghan Peace
Danish Troops Out of Afghanistan by End of Next Year
'Local Afghan Police Chief Assassinated in Kapisa'
28 Militants Give Up Fighting in Northern Afghan Province
Karzai: Afghan Government Should Lead Peace Talks
Pakistan Polio Vaccination Policeman Shot Dead by Gunmen
Blast on Outskirts of Peshawar Kills One, Injures Three
Confirming North Korean N-Test Almost Impossible
In Thailand, Power Comes With Help From Skype
Myanmar Lifts 25-Year-Old Ban on Public Gatherings
Sri Lanka Journalists Protest Attacks on Media
Both Sides Trade Blame for 'Massacre' in Syria as Refugee Exodus Swells
Syrian Refugees Top 700,000, UN Struggling to Cope
Syrian Rebels Storm Regime Complex, Free Prisoners
Syrian Troops Battle Rebels in Oil-Rich East
UN: Syrian Refugees Overwhelm Jordan Camp
Peace Envoy Tells UN That Syria Is 'Being Destroyed Bit by Bit'
UN Denies Abbas Claims on Palestinians Fleeing Syria
Palestinian Fighter, Rebel Dies in Damascus
Obama Giving $155 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Syrians
Netanyahu Okays Transfer of Tax Revenues to Palestinian Authority
Israeli Secularists Find Their Voice in Yair Lapid
Suspicion: Girl Who Spat on Israeli Arab MP Also Sprayed Anti-Christian Slogans
Israel Angered Over Argentina-Iran Bombing Probe
Sunni Discontent and Syria Fears Feed Iraqi Unrest
UK High Court Hears of Iraqi Girl 'Shot Dead by British'
French Journalist Held in Baghdad Jail
Iraqiya MP Urges Sistani to Help Negotiate Settlement in Political Crisis
Middle East
Kurdish Militants Set for Turkey Ceasefire in February: Paper
Tunisia Deploys Special Combat Units to Protect Oil and Gas Fields
Sinn Fein Leader Adams Apologizes for Past IRA Killings of Police, Soldiers in Irish Republic
Debris of US F-16 Missing in Italy Believed Found, Search Focuses on Spot
Ukraine Gongadze Case: Court Convicts Journalist's Killer
Mexico: Surviving Band Member Leads Police to Bodies
Venezuelan Govt. Faces Criticism for Handling of Overcrowded Prisons After Bloody Clash
The War at Home
Clinton 'Not Inclined' to Run for President in 2016
Report: TSA Training for Possible Checkpoint Shooting
Guantánamo Defense Lawyers Seek 48-Hour Visits
Senate Confirms Kerry Nomination for State Dept.
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