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Updated February 1, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
Syria Threatens Retaliation Over Israeli Attack
  Israel May Attack Syria More in the Future
  US Responds to Israeli Attack by Warning Syria
UN: Israel Must Withdraw All Settlers or Face ICC
  Israeli Officials Blast UN Report on Human Rights
Suicide Bomber Kills 27 Near Pakistan Mosque
  97 Killed in Militant Faction Fights in Pakistan Tribal Agency
Neocons Press Hagel in Confirmation Hearings
Bomber Kills Guard at US Embassy in Turkey
White House Slams Iran Upgrade as 'Escalation'
Top US General in Afghanistan Sees 'Uncertain Future'
Gitmo 9/11 Trial Judge Orders Hidden Censors Unplugged
US Allies Aid Drone Strikes, Hope to Ditch Responsibility
Officials: AQIM Planning More Attacks on Western Targets
Most Americans Think the Govt Threatens Their Freedoms
Chuck Hagel and Murder in Vietnam  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Hagel Offers Himself as Secretary of Israel's Defense  by Philip Weiss
The Real Invasion of Africa Is Not News  by John Pilger
The Ominous US Presence in Northwest Africa  by Sheldon Richman
When Truth Tried to Stop War  by Ray McGovern
Adding Flame to the Syrian Fire  by Paul Pillar

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Meet the Contractors Turning America's Police Into a Paramilitary Force
Canadians' Possible Role in Algeria Attack of Great Concern to US
Turn to Violence Across Mideast Raises Questions
CIA Whistleblower Sentenced to Prison
Hagel SecDef Nomination
Ten Ridiculous Questions From Chuck Hagel's Confirmation Hearing
Hagel Doesn't Want to Get Sucked Into France's Mali War
On Nukes, Hagel Is in Good Company
Hagel Says Will Ensure 'Ally' Israel Maintains Military Edge
Ordered to Germany, Pvt. Hagel Wound Up in Vietnam
Hagel and US as 'World's Bully' – in Context
The War at Home
Panetta to Testify on Benghazi
Rand Paul Planning Round 2 Against TSA
Marines Increase Rocket Strikes in Afghanistan
American Deaths in Afghan War Drop to 4-Year Low
Bundestag Extends German Military Mission in Afghanistan
Denmark to Continue Their Economic Assistance to Afghanistan
Uzbekistan Wants NATO's Leftovers From Afghanistan
Afghanistan Sets Up Oil Deals in a Bid to Have a Real Economy After NATO Leaves
18 Killed as Violence Flares Up in Karachi
Nine Suspected Militants Killed in Orakzai Airstrikes
Senior Pakistani Cleric Abdul Majeed Deenpuri Shot Dead in Karachi
Chinese Firm Will Run Strategic Pakistani Port at Gwadar
Pakistan's Top Court Squashes Rumors, Orders Elections as Planned
Two Pakistan Polio Vaccination Workers Killed in Mine Blast
Pakistan Under Pressure to Stop Cross-Border Attacks Ahead of UK Summit
Tibetans Guilty of Murder for 'Inciting Immolations'
Wall Street Journal 'Also Victim of China Hacking Attack'
US Navy to Scrap $277m Warship Grounded on Philippine Reef
Japan PM Says to Change Post-War Constitution
Vigilantes in Southern Mexico Announce 'Charges' Against 53 Prisoners
Argentina Rejects Meeting With Falklands Government
Official Says Canadian Navy Officer Damaged Credibility, Intelligence Gathering Ability
Syria Warns: Air Defense on High Alert
Iran Threatens 'Grave Consequences' for Israel After Syria Strike
Israel Strike on Syria 'Unacceptable': Russia
Libya Interior Ministry Calls on Syrian Refugees to Register
Jordan Islamist Sees Clash With Secular Syrian Rebels
Syrian Revenge: Hackers Attack Israeli Guesthouse Websites
Bennett Endorses Netanyahu for PM; Yachimovich Abstains
Shin Bet Arrests Cell Plotting to Kidnap IDF Soldier
Some Fear a Soccer Team's Racist Fans Mirror Israel
Argentina Swipes Back at Israel Over Accord With Iran
Yemen Clashes Between al-Qaeda, Militiamen Kill 14
Hostage Talks Follow Halt to Yemen Army Assault
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Calls on Iraqi Sunni Protesters to Take Up Arms
Ashton: Iran, P5+1 Will Meet Soon
Turkey Hunts Arms Smugglers as Shipment Found in Yemen
Northern Africa
We Want to Stand With You, David Cameron Tells Libya
Egypt's Political Factions Denounce Violence
Security Council Plans New UN Peacekeeping Force for Mali After France Ousts Islamists
Mali Leader Won't Talk Peace to Islamists
Malian President Offers Tuareg Rebels Talks
Mali Militants 'in Disarray' After French Air Strikes
Mali Eyes Post-Conflict Elections
In Salafis Wake, Charred Malian Heritage in Timbuktu
With Easy Part of Mali Mission Almost Over, Chad Is Poised to Take Lead
Somali Govt Charges Woman Who Says She Was Raped by Troops
China's Narrow Focus on Oil in South Sudan Won't Work: US Envoy
France Expels to Morocco a Suspected Radical Islamist With Views 'Hostile' to French Values
Armenia Presidential Candidate Shot, Election in Doubt
David Cameron 'To Keep Defense Equipment Spending Pledge'
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