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Updated February 10, 2013 - 11:18 PM EST
Obama: Budget Cuts Would Damage Military
  Flaws Reportedly Found in US Missile Shield
  US Cost of War Includes 253,330 Brain Injuries, 1,700 Amputations
US Senators Propose Assassination Court
  Push to Expand US 'Kill List'
  Is This the Secret US Drone Base in Saudi Arabia?
  Obama's 'Extreme' Anti-Terror Tactics Face Liberal Backlash
  Senator Warns CIA Against Lying About Civilians Killed by Drones
Israeli Strike in Syria Might Be First in Series
  Obama Cites Threat to Israel in Decision Not to Arm Syria's Rebels
  Ex-State Dept. Official: US Will Get 'Sucked In' to Syria War
US Military Leader: Troops to Stay in Afghanistan
  Pentagon Slams UN Report on Afghan Child Deaths
Israel Foils 5th Palestinian Bid to Build W. Bank Tent Village
Heavily-Armed Mali Rebels Spreading Across Africa
Guantanamo Bay Failed  by Kelley Vlahos
Korea: The Case for Withdrawal  by Geoffrey Fattig
Learning From America's History of Assassinations  by Gary Hart
How We Made Killing Easy  by David Cole
Liberals Love Drones Too  by Alex Seitz-Wald
Obama, the Warrior King  by Micah Zenko

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Chuck Hagel Camp: He's Not Dropping Out
5 Homeland Security 'Bots Coming to Spy on You (if They Aren't Already)
UN's Drone Investigator Backs Brennan for CIA Job
Obama Plan to Visit Mideast Stirs Hopes, but Not Much
US Military May Skip Paris Air Show: Budget Cuts
Sinn Fein Chief Asks IRA Die-Hards to End Violence
Assange Urges Leak of US Drone Rules
Heavy Strikes as Assad's Forces Resist Rebel Advance on Damascus
Iraq's Maliki: Assad Could Hold on for Years
Syrian Refugee Influx Hits Lebanon
Hamas Blames Abbas After Unity Talks Falter
Deputy PM Ayalon: Israel Should Recognize Palestinian UN Membership
Lieberman Says Palestinian Peace Accord Impossible
US Envoy: Obama's Trip to Israel Will Bring 'Urgent' Peacemaking Agenda
Deputy PM Ayalon Sees Mini-Summit During Obama Visit
New Entry Permits Grant Israeli Nationality to Palestinian, but Without the Rights
Iron Dome Soldiers: We Sleep in Giant Puddles
Iran Says Its English News Channel Is Dropped by Satellite Broadcasting to North America
Yemen's Interior Minister Says Seized Weapons Were Exported From Iran, Headed to Insurgents
Iranians Continue to Support N-Program, Blame US for Sanctions: Poll
Iranians Protest at US Embassy in London Over Camp Liberty Killings
Lebanese Army Accuses Israel of 17-Hour Overflights
Southern Lebanon Residents Block Road, Snatch Memory Card Belonging to UNIFIL
Attack on Iranian Dissident Camp Adds to Iraq Bloodshed
6 Dead in Rocket Attack on Iraqi Refugee Camp
Middle East
More Than 100 Demonstrate in Saudi Capital for Release of People Detained Without Charge
Tunisian Pro-Government Supporters Rally in Capital Day After Opposition Figure's Funeral
Russia Activist Sergei Udaltsov Under House Arrest
Vigilante Group in South Mexico Turns Over to Authorities 11 Detained as Suspected Criminals
Injury Toll Rises to 216 in Egypt's Friday Clashes: Health Ministry
Fear of Assassinations Haunt Opposition in Egypt, Fueled by Tunisia Killing, Fatwas
25 Egyptians, 1 Tunisian Referred to Criminal Court Over Terrorism Charges
Clashes as Anti-Mursi Camp Demands Change
Egypt Court Orders YouTube Blocked for a Month After Case Raised Against Anti-Islam Film
Malian Military Battles Militants Outside Gao
In the Side of a Dune in Timbuktu, Bodies of 2 Arab Men, Latest Sign of Reprisal Killings
Mali Soldiers Arrest 2 Men With Explosives
New Focus in Mali Is Finding Militants Who Have Fled Into Mountains
Most Canadians Against Sending Combat Troops to Mali: Poll
Khartoum-Backed Militia 'Kill 17 People'
New Fighting in Borderland Between Sudan and South Sudan
US Demands Sudan Stop Darfur Air Attacks
Bomb Kills Family of Six in South Afghanistan
Some Taliban Prisoners Released by Pakistan Are Back in Battle, Officials Fear
Review of Deadly Sept Attack on Base in Afghanistan Finds Troops Let Guard Down
Military Cleans Vehicles to Meet Standards for Return to US From Afghanistan
Pakistan Warplanes Pound Militant Hideouts, 8 Killed
Karachi: Four Killed in Violence
Blast Near Quetta Police Station Kills at Least One
China's Increasingly Good Mock Air Battles Prep Pilots for Real War
Mysterious Blogger Who Posts Citizen Snapshots of New China Leader Comes Forward
At Least 2 Hurt in Kashmir Protests, Clashes Following India Execution
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