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Updated February 11, 2013 - 11:21 PM EST
Obama's Kill List Comes to Northern Africa
  Lawmakers Push Plans to Advance Drone Strikes
  FAA Releases New Drone List – Is Your Town on the Map?
  Incoming CIA Boss Says Covert Drone Strikes Are ‘Last Resort’
  Ex-Gitmo Prosecutor: 'We've Been the Constrained and the Cowardly'
Iraq Checkpoints Targeted: 26 Killed, 37 Wounded
Hagel to Get Senate Committee Vote Tuesday
Israel Setting Stage for More Attacks on Syria
  US Claims Enormous Iranian Militia Set Up in Syria
Ahmadinejad Backs US Talks If Threats Stop
  Despite Scaremongering Iran's Uranium Stockpile Not Growing
  UN Monitors Struggling to Link Somali Arms to Iran
Rebels Launch Surprise Attack Against Malian Troops in Gao
  Mali Arabs Flee Timbuktu Amid Revenge Attacks
State of the Union: Obama to Push for Cutting Nukes
Does the Drone War Need a Kangaroo Court?  by Mark Rothschild
President Obama, Did or Did You Not Kill Anwar Al-Awlaki?  by David Cole
Obama's Drone Leaks: New Imminence, Old Tactics  by Noura Erakat
Beware The Consequences of Pre-Emptive War  by Ron Paul
America's Global Torture Network  by Robert Scheer
America's War With Mexico  by Bill Kauffman

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Obama's Turn in Bush's Bind With Defense Policies
Petraeus's Bodyguards Exposed Affair: Book
France Probes Suspects 'Linked to African Jihadists'
Venezuela Donates Free Heating Oil to 100,000 Needy US Households
Protester Hurls Shoes at Bremer, Ex-US Envoy to Iraq
Attackers Kill 3 North Korean Doctors in Nigeria
Report: Pro-Ahmadinejad Protesters Force Iran's Parliament Speaker to Cut Short Speech
Iran President Still Fiery in Twilight of Term
Yemen Minister Says Weapons Came From Iran
Iranians Rally for 1979 Revolution Anniversary
Iran to Pull Envoy From Bulgaria Following Attack Accusations
President's Secular Party Quits Islamist-Led Government
Pressure Grows on Islamists to End Crisis
Mali Town of Gao Hit by 2nd Suicide Bomber Attack
Heavy Gunfire in Northern Mali Town of Gao
Over 100 Slain in South Sudan Cattle Raid
South Africa Police: Congo Rebel 'Ringleader' Arrested
Senegal Landmine Blast in Casamance Kills Two
Rights Groups Say Journalists Being Persecuted in Ethiopia
Have Hired Guns Finally Scuppered Somali Pirates?
First Phase of NATO Withdrawal From Afghanistan Begins
New US Commander Takes the Helm in Afghanistan
Pakistan Eyes Leftover US Military Equipment in Afghanistan
Two Hurt in Quetta Rocket Attacks
The Rising Islamist Force in Malaysia's Opposition
E-Mails of Reporters in Myanmar Are Hacked
Car Bomb Kills Five Soldiers in Thai South, Wounds One
1 Dead in Indian Kashmir Protests After Man Hanged
Clash Between Muslim Rebels, al-Qaeda-Linked Gunmen Offer Philippines Advantage and Dilemma
Bangladesh to Amend War Crimes Law Amid Protests: Minister
Israel: Obama Visit on Iran, Syria, Palestinians
Likud-Beiteinu and Yesh Atid Sources: Lapid to Join Coalition
Lieberman: Yisrael Beiteinu Will Keep Foreign Portfolio
Muslim Makes Israeli Soccer Debut
Tense Soccer Match Hosted in Jerusalem Amid Racial Hatred
Shas' Rabbi: Lapid's a Scoundrel, Don't Go With Him
Rebels, Troops Battle for Key Damascus Highway
Syrian War Closes in on the Heart of Damascus
Top US General Backed Arming Syrian Rebels Conceptually
Lebanon's Nine Forgotten Shia Hostages, Held in Syria
Eleven Killed Across Iraq
Bomb Targets Iraq House Speaker's Convoy
Gunmen Kill 4 in Northern Iraq City of Mosul
UN, US Condemn Attack on Iran Dissidents in Iraq
National Council of Iraq Tribes Demands Return of Liberty Camp Residents Back to Camp Ashraf
Middle East
Talks to End Bahrain Crisis Begin Amid Mistrust
Libya Unveils New Security Measures
Beirut Pretrial of Islamist Prisoners Begins Amid Tight Security
After 2 Months Without Chavez, Venezuela Govt Voices Optimism but Some Expect New Vote
Representative of Venezuela's Pemon Indians Say Group Has Released Soldiers Held Captive
Colombia, FARC Say Peace Talks Advancing
William Hague: Argentina Bullying Falklands
The War at Home
McCain Wants Pentagon, Not CIA to Run Drone Attacks
Rand Paul: 'Very Unseemly' That President Decides Drone Strikes
Scourge of War: Parents Share Son's Sad Story of Suicide
Cruise-Missile Submarines on the Way Out
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