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Updated February 13, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
In SOTU, Obama Misleads on Foreign Policy
  Sequestration Defense Cuts Are Puny, Won’t Hurt Economy or Security
  Obama Announces Cybersecurity Executive Order
  Daniel Ellsberg: ‘Obama Has Conducted Clear-Cut Impeachable Crimes’
Ten Afghan Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrike
  US to Cut 34,000 Troops From Afghanistan, Mum on Long-Term Levels
  NATO Lowered Standards to Make Afghan Forces Look 'Improved'
  Afghanistan Can't Handle Direct Aid, US Watchdog Says
  Despite Sanctions, US Aid to Afghanistan Might Also Be Helping Iran
  DM: Britain Lost Hundreds of Military Drones in Iraq, Afghanistan
China Summons North Korea Envoy, Slams Test
  Ignore the ‘Professional Threat Inflation Complex’ on North Korea
Hagel May Need 60 Votes After Clearing Panel
US Arms Fuel Asian Tension
Iran Confirms Conversion of Uranium Into Reactor Fuel
Australian Suspected of Mossad Links Dies in Israeli Jail
Italian Ex-Spy Chief Gets 10 Years in CIA Rendition Case
Why the War on Terror Endures: Spawning Terror Over There  by Steve Breyman
The Law of War Does Not Shield the CIA and Brennan's Kill List  by Morris Davis
Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden Come Clean on Iran?  by Franklin Lamb
A Conspiracy of Stupidity  by Tom Engelhardt
What Does a Police State Look Like?  by David Sirota
Wapo on Iran in Syria: The Lens Reflects a Mirror  by Farideh Farhi

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Reid Will Not Honor Graham's Request to Hold Hagel Nomination for Pentagon
Hidden Mike Revealed at Guantanamo Meeting Room
Syrian Rebels Loot Artifacts to Raise Money for Fight Against Assad
Pentagon: AF Wrongly Blamed Pilot for F-22 Crash
Fort Hood Hero Says Obama 'Betrayed' Her
Syrian Minister Confirms Readiness for Talks With Opposition
Syrian Opposition: Turkish Border Blast Was an Assassination Attempt
Syria Border Bombing: How Will Turkey Respond if Attacks Continue?
Syria Rebels 'Seize Northern Air Base'
Syria Violence Claims Head of Ancient Arab Poet
Lebanese Ministry Denies Exporting Fuel to Syria From Refineries
Iran Says Watchdog Visit to Parchin Nuke Site Still Possible
Iran Scorns Israel's Nuclear Red Line as 'Laughing Matter'
Minor Bomb Explodes in Bahrain's Shopping Mall
Bahrain Air Ceases Operation Due to Unstable Political, Security Situation
Turkish Jets Bomb PKK Bases in Northern Iraq
Four Killed in Iraq Violence
Iraq to Sign Prisoner Swap Deal With UK
Arrest Warrant Against Ramadi Protest Organizer
Middle East
Foreign Minister: Libya Needs Help to Secure Borders
In Amenas Attack in Algeria Shows Rift Between Aqim Leaders
Rights Group Accuses Yemen of Failing to Probe 2011 Slaying of Protesters in Uprising
Mali's Jihadists Were Transported to Darfur - Jem
Mali Threatens to Become Another Afghanistan: Canada
Kenya Holds First-Ever Presidential Debate
Israel Rattled by Report 'Prisoner X' Was Australian Mossad Agent
Israeli MKs Blow Cover Off Censored Security Affair
Likud Sources: Netanyahu Offered Bennett Top Jobs
Lapid Calls for Peace Talks, but Says Olmert Went Too Far
Soccer Racism Raises Concern in Israel
Gazans Learn 'Language of the Occupier'
Israeli Border Guard Officers Recorded Chanting 'Muhammad Is Dead' in Jerusalem
Hundreds of Police Stage Rare Protests
Egypt Sentences Israeli to 2 Years in Prison
Egypt Activist Gendi Died After Car Crash, Not Torture: Doctor
North Korea
Panetta Say North Korea Nuclear Test 'Serious Threat' to US
Nuclear Test Seen as Push by Kim Jong-UN for Credibility
Israel Urges Swift Response to North Korea Nuclear Test
Text of UN Statement on North Korea Nuclear Test
13 Killed in Assam Poll Violence
Separatist's Family Snubs India's Offer to Visit Jail Grave
Thai Military Kills 19 Militants Who Attacked Base
Quetta: Foreigner Among 5 Arrested; Weapons Recovered
Indonesia Passes Anti-Terror Funding Bill
AF Sergeant Arrested for Drunk Driving, Causing Accident in Okinawa
Mexico Unveils New Security Strategy Details; Billions for Jobs, Schools in Violent Areas
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