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Updated February 14, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Senate Blocks Hagel Nomination – for Now
Ten Afghan Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrike
  Afghan President Welcomes Withdrawal of US Troops
  NATO Lowered Standards to Make Afghan Forces Look 'Improved'
Kerry: Moves Against North Korea Will Scare Iran
  Iran Confirms Installation of More Efficient Centrifuges
  Iran Announces Conversion of Uranium Into Reactor Fuel
Rights Group: Israel Violated Laws of War in Gaza
  Egypt Floods Gaza Tunnels to Cut Palestinian Lifeline
At Least 20 CIA Prisoners Still Missing
  Pentagon Creates Medal to Honor Drone Operators
Kerry: US Planning 'New Options' Against Syria's Assad
Former US Envoy Blasts 'Callousness' Toward Pakistan
Escalation: Obama to Spend $50 Million on Mali War
Britain to Unveil Major Global Escalation of Terror War
Was Benghazi Attack Retaliation for Secret US Raids?
Obama to Restore Afghanistan Status Quo Ante  by Anthony Gregory
Obama Could Go it Alone: Bring All the Troops Home, Stop the Killing  by Phyllis Bennis
The Shooting Gallery: Obama and the Vanishing Point of Democracy  by Jason Leopold
Obama's Secret Court for Killing  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Drone Trust the Government  by Sheldon Richman
Whether It's North Korea or Iran, Sanctions Won't Work  by Simon Jenkins

More Viewpoints

Rand Paul to Place 'Hold' on Brennan's CIA Nomination
Rand Paul Endorses Filibuster of Hagel
Sudan Denies Mali Islamist Fighters Arrived in Darfur
Gitmo Warden Says He Didn't Know About Mics in Meeting Room
Senior Iranian Commander Reportedly Killed in Lebanon
Iraq War Plan Based on 'Primitive' Grasp of Islam: UK Labour Frontbencher
Fighting Rages Near Aleppo Airport
Syrian Troops Bombard Rebel Posts Around Capital
Lebanese Prevent Tankers From Crossing Into Syria
Russian Arms Exporter Says Supplies to Syria Will Go On
Syria Ex-Spokesman Speaks After Disappearance
Syria Official Warns of Trafficking in Antiquities
Qatar Handing Syria Embassy Over to Opposition
Christian Armenians Flee Syria, but Home Is Hard to Find
EU Urges Iran to Be Flexible at Nuclear Talks With Big Powers
US-Led Sanctions to Blame for Iran Drug Shortage: Report
California Official Chides State Farm for Indirect Iran Investments
Iraq to Hire DC Lobbyist
US Refuses to Move Iranian Exiles Back to Old Camp in Eastern Iraq
US Used 'Christian Heavy Metal' to Torture Iraqi Militants
Kuwait: Iraq to Resume Flights After 22-Year Halt
Iraqi Beauticians Conquer Fear at Baghdad Festival
Middle East
Bahrain Air Grounds Flights, Faces Liquidation
Frustrated Turkey Still Wants EU Entry, but Maybe Not Euro
Pope Resignation: Sunni Authority Al-Azhar Eyes Better Ties
French, Mali Troops Recover Cache of Explosives in Northern Mali City of Gao
Tsvangirai Says Zimbabwe Elections Expected in July
Book Tying Angola Generals to Diamonds Protected
The War at Home
John McCain Might Delay Chuck Hagel Vote
Reid Challenges GOP to Filibuster Hagel Nomination for Pentagon
US General Allen, Cleared in Email Probe, Weighs Future
Drone Aircraft Use Spreads to Northeast Ohio, Privacy Advocates Express Concern
Prisoner X
Zygier 'Ran Mossad Front Company Selling Electronics to Iran'
Australia Knew of Zygier's Arrest in 2010
Aussie FM Says Australia Learned of Secret Israeli Detention From Intel Channels Before Man Died
Australia Orders Probe Into Israel's 'Prisoner X'
Israel Confirms Existence of Prisoner X: 'A Man Was Jailed Under False Identity'
Lieberman: MPs Undermined State's Security by Talking About Prisoner X
Israelis Puzzle Over Mysterious Death of Mossad's 'Prisoner X'
Israel Prison Death Shows Censorship Flaws
Ben Zygier: Asio Suspect Who Died in Israeli Jail
Mossad and Australian Spies: How Reporter Homed in on Zygier
Habayit Hayehudi Rejects PM's Portfolio Offer
Jailed Palestinian Hunger Striker Faces Death
Museum Exhibit Becomes Front in Israeli-Palestinian Struggle
Israeli Soldiers Shoot Man Approaching Israel From Syria
Ministry of Information Confirms All Private Security Dissolved in South Afghanistan
UK Welcomes Obama Announcement on Drawdown of Troops From Afghanistan
Pakistan Asks Taliban to Announce Ceasefire Before Talks
Pakistan Decides Not to Unblock YouTube
South Korea to Step Up Missile Defense After North Test
North Korea Nuke Test May Offer Intelligence Windfall
101th Self-Immolation by Tibetan Monk
Maldives Ex-President in Indian Embassy to Avoid Arrest
Sri Lanka Fails to Keep War Probe Promises: UN
Colombian Rebels Kill 7 Soldiers, Pressure on Peace Talks Grows
In Shift, Peru to Start Uprooting Coca in Rebel Haven
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