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Updated February 17, 2013 - 11:08 PM EST
Bombing at Pakistan Market Kills 84, Wounds 173
Iraq Horror: 52 Killed, 141 Wounded
Karzai Orders Forces Not to Request Airstrikes
  Kabul Vendors of Stolen US Goods Fret About Future
France's Mali Job 'Not Nearly Finished: Officer
  Militants Infiltrate Towns in Freed Areas of Mali
  'Now What?': As France Leaves Mali, West's War Strategy Shows Peril
Libya Arrests Suspected Christian Missionaries
  Islamist Militia Edging Back Into Benghazi
Iranian Leader: Iran Not Seeking Nuclear Arms
  Are Iranian Magnets the New Aluminum Tubes?
White House Reveals Deep Split on Syria Policy
  Syrian Activists Say 300 Kidnapped in Syria in Tit-for-Tat Abductions
Drones Are Taking to the Skies in the US
Pentagon's Next Africa Chief: 3 Terror Groups Are on Hit List
The Hawks Were Wrong: Iraq Is Worse Off Now  by Mehdi Hasan
Are Liberals Being Hypocrites About Obama's Wars?  by Alex Pareene
Barack Obama's Warfare State  by Malou Innocent
CIA After the War on Terror  by Philip Giraldi
Iraq Back at the Brink  by Ramzy Baroud
Shopping Option C for Syria  by Marc Lynch

More Viewpoints

The Art of Infinite War
by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Rand Paul: Brennan, Drones More Important Than Hagel
Russia's Foreign Minister Still Hasn't Called Kerry Back
2 Killed, 75 Cops Hurt in Bahrain's Clashes: Minister
Tunisia: Tens of Thousands Rally Supporting Islamist Govt
Anti-North Korea Leaflets Launched
Departure Ends AF Medevac Missions at Kandahar
Syrian Opposition Won't Talk to Officials Linked to Crackdown
Around 40,000 Flee Heavy Fighting in East Syria: UN
Red Cross Moves To Get More Syria Aid to Rebel Areas
Power Outage Hits Capital and South
Israeli Military Says Troops Treat Wounded Syrians, Take Them to Israel for Further Treatment
Nasrallah Warns Israel Against Attacking Lebanon
Hezbollah Says Does Not Need Weapons From Syria or Iran
France Mulls Labeling Hezbollah a Terrorist Group
Hezbollah Refuses to Comment on Bulgarian Report on July Bombing That Killed 5 Israelis
At Least Two Killed in Karachi Violence
Terrorist Killed, Six Held in Bannu, Pakistan
Blogger's Death Rekindles Anti-Islamist Protests in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, Demands Grow for Execution of Man Convicted of War Crimes During 1971 Conflict
Indian Authorities Lift Kashmir Curfew Imposed After Execution of Kashmiri Man 1 Week Ago
Philippines Govt to Seek Peaceful End to Sabah Standoff
Departure Ends Air Force Medevac Missions at Kandahar
Sri Lanka Journalist in Hospital After Attack
UN Envoy Says Abuses Still Go on in Myanmar Despite Reforms
Malaysia Denies Entry to Australian Senator Critical of Election Policies
Rare Singapore Protest Against Population Plan
US Military
Girls Looking at Military Careers Want Combat Posts Open
Army Kills the Military's Last Remaining Giant Spy Blimp
Former Ft. Bragg Soldier Accused of Having Gun, Ammo at Airport Checkpoint
EU Demands Rights for Palestinian Hunger Strikers
Legal Official: Zygier Affair May Prompt Indictments
Hamas Delegation Head: Israel Behind Burgas Bombing
Reporter Linked to Zygier Case Says His Home Was Burglarized
1 Killed, 26 Injured in Demonstrations in Egypt
'Brotherhood Militias' Reportedly Terrorize Tahrir Protesters
Egypt Seizes Two Tons of Explosives Bound for Sinai
Egypt's Police to Get 100,000 9mm Pistols
Middle East
Senior Army Official and Judge Among 9 Killed in Iraq
Iran Blames Israel for Guard Commander's Killing, Vows to Avenge His Death
UN Security Council Warns Against Arms Transfers to Yemen
DR Congo
Media Advocacy Group Says Congo Authorities Should Release Journalist Sentenced to 6 Months
UN Chief to Attend Signing of Congo Peace Agreement Later This Month
Somalia Policeman Says a Car Blast at a Beachfront Restaurant in the Capital Kills 1 Person
Britain Urges Chad to Arrest Sudan's Bashir
The Great Unknowns of Kenya's Elections
Ivory Coast Man Facing Deportation Sets Himself Alight at Rome Airport
Weekend Reviews
America's War With Mexico: New Book Paints a Vivid Picture of the Mexican War and the Men Who Made It
Genocide in Iraq: the Case Against the UN Security Council and Member States
Embers of War: the Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam
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Ben Zygier, RIP

Nebojsa Malic
Still a Lie

Philip Giraldi
Towards a Christian Zionist Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
Obama’s Drone War Could Legally Kill Americans But Not Anywhere

Kelley B. Vlahos
Yo! Don’t Touch My Drone

Ran HaCohen
Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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