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Updated February 23, 2013 - 10:44 PM EST
US Blocks UN Vote to Condemn Syria Bombing
  Syrian Rebels to Form Rival Govt for 'Liberated' Areas
  200 Hostages Freed in Shi'ite, Sunni Militia Trade
  Israel 'Monitoring' Arms Shipments to Syria's Rebels
  Foreign Meddling in Syria Prolongs the Bloodletting
Iran: Get the Gun Out of Our Face, and We’ll Talk
  What Americans Believe: Iran War Propaganda
Obama Deploys GIs to Niger for Drone Base
  Chad: 13 Soldiers, 65 Rebels Killed in North Mali Fighting
Netanyahu Coalition Gambit Appears to Backfire
  Nearly 100 Palestinian Protesters Wounded in Clashes
'I'm a Monster': Veterans 'Alone' in Their Guilt
Support Bradley Manning Demos: Saturday and Beyond
Despite Opposition, Hagel Looks Set for Confirmation
Egypt's Morsi Sets Date for Vote, Sparking Condemnation
Panetta: NATO Nations Must Reject All Cuts to Military
Radioactive Waste From Bomb Production Leaking in WA
When Can Your Government Kill You?  by Marcy Wheeler
Can a President Use Drones Against Journalists?  by Amy Davidson
Brennan's Loose Talk on Iran Nukes  by Ray McGovern
16 Ways to Cut Defense Spending
by Jon Basil Utley
Senate Tested, Iran Approved?  by Matthew Duss
The United States of Aftermath  by William Rivers Pitt

More Viewpoints

Pistachio Perplexity
by Paul R. Pillar
Rand Paul Fears 'Hellfire Missiles' in US
Obama to Cede Benghazi Docs in Brennan Fight
TSA at LAX Holds Up Oscar Nominated Palestinian
January Stats: Army Suicide Rate Continues to Rise
US Tech Giant Named to South Korean Cabinet Faces Hitch Over CIA Ties
Japan Says Abe's Quotes About China in Post Interview Were 'Misleading'
Panetta, NATO Partner, Differ on Troop Numbers
Coalition Soldier Dies in Afghanistan; First in a Month
Afghanistan Refuses to Hand Over Maulvi Faqir
Parliament to Dissolve on March 16, Setting Stage for Vote
Pakistan Arrests Militant Leader Over Quetta Bombings
'Sectarian Militants Killed' in Quetta Raid
President Zardari Says Pakistan Severely Affected by Afghan War
Six Indian Policemen Die in 'Maoist' Landmine Blast
Hyderabad: Indian Government Warned of Impending Terrorist Attack
Chinese Troops Prepare for Spillover From Myanmar Civil War
As Myanmar Opens, India Hopes to Turn Eastern Promise Into Reality
Japan and US Reaffirm Their Close Ties
Deadly Bangladesh Clashes Over 'Blasphemous' Bloggers
Indonesian Army Helicopter 'Shot at in Papua'
Russia, China Oppose Military Intervention in North Korea
Egypt's President Morsi Calls Elections
Egypt Opposition Warns Elections Will Add Tensions
Egypt's Military Signals Impatience With President
Egypt's President Is Under Attack From All Sides
Mali Troops Fire Heavy Weapons at Town
Mali Crisis Risks Dragging On, Civilians Bear Brunt: Red Cross
Five Killed in Islamist Car Bomb Attacks in North Mali
Tuaregs and Arabs Not Ready to Return to Mali
Russia Sends Aid to Mali, Worried by Militant Islam
East African Nation of Djibouti, Site of US Military Base, Holds Parliamentary Elections
US Embassy in Senegal Warns of Bomb Threat to Dakar
Fighting Resumes in Sudan's Darfur After January Outbreak
Somalis Using Fake Passports on Turkish Airline
Rwandan Army Deserters 'Held on Lake Kivu Island'
Weekend Reviews
Most Domestic Terrorist Plots Are Manufactured by the FBI
War's Lingering Phantoms
Walking Wounded: The Moving Tale of Afghan Amputees
At Least 29 Killed After Rockets Strike Syria's Biggest City, Activists Say
Syria Rebels Claim to Seize Nuclear Research Center
Syrian Activists Report Scud Attacks in Aleppo
Russia Accuses US of Double Standards Over Syria
Little International Aid Reaches Those Displaced by Civil War Who Stay Inside Syria
Syrian Regime Battles Rebels for Control of Highway to Its Safe Haven
What a 'Period of Calm' Looks Like in the Occupied Territories
It's Still Unclear Why Israel's Mossad Jailed Prisoner X, Ben Zygier
Report: Israel Mulling Apology for 'Operational Errors' on Turkish Flotilla
Palestinians Protest in West Bank, Holy Site
Judge, Sahwa Fighters Among 17 Killed
Protests in Iraq Continue Amid New Killings
Baghdad, Moscow in $4b Arms Deal
Middle East
Eisenhower Leaves Norfolk to Become the Only Carrier in the Persian Gulf
Tunisia's New Premier Promises Inclusive Government
Bahraini Dies After Being Struck by Tear Gas Canister
Germany's Merkel Under Fire for Jump in Military Exports to Gulf Region
Powerful Elite Cast a Shadow Over Reforms in Yemen
Iranian Diplomat Seeking Asylum in Norway
Birmingham Terrorism Threat 'Remains High', Police Say
University Suspends Researcher With Car Bomb Conviction
Yoani Sanchez May Be Top Dissident in Cuba, but She Agrees US Embargo Must Go
Cuba's Raul Castro Mentions Possible Retirement
Colombian Rebels Call on Santos to Save Peace Talks
Ex-Mexican Government Security Official Disputes Existence of List of 27,000 Missing People
Salvadoran Soldiers Stole Children During Civil War, Raised Them as Their Own
The War at Home
Charges Dismissed Against Blackwater Execs
Rand Paul to Hold Up Brennan's CIA Nomination Over Drone Strikes
Paula Broadwell's Promotion Stalled
Pentagon Grounds F-35 Fleet After Engine Crack Found
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