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Updated February 28, 2013 - 11:25 PM EST
Manning Pleads Not Guilty to Aiding the Enemy
  Bradley Manning Court Papers Released
  Manning Trial: US Govt to Call 141 Witnesses for Prosecution
Senators Push Vote for US to Help Israel Attack Iran
  Iran Cheers Latest Offer as 'Turning Point' in Negotiations With West
  Netanyahu Spurns Iran Talk Progress, Demands Military Threats
  Ahmadinejad Set to Challenge Iran's Ayatollahs
  Israeli Judge Acquits Antiwar Protesters, Slams Trumped-Up Charges
  Are Sanctions on Iran ‘Effective’?
US-Backed Afghan Police Poison 17 Comrades
  US Admits Claims of Taliban Decline Were False
  Army: Cost of Afghan Exit to Grow Sharply
  Will Misconduct by US Forces Strangle the US-Afghan Relationship
White House Pledges More Aid to Syrian Rebels
  Iraq PM: Syria Civil War Could Spread Across Region
Israel Preps Troops for 'Escalation' in West Bank
  EU: Israeli Settlements Deliberate Strategy to Block Palestinian State
  Worrying About an Intifada
Hagel: US 'Can’t Dictate to the World'
Bombs Kill at Least 22 in Iraqi Capital
How the Bush Administration Sold the War – and We Bought It  by Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson
Drugs, War, and Occupation  by Ron Jacobs
Supreme Court Derails Needed Oversight in Surveillance Law  Detroit Free Press
Cracks in Sanctions on Iran  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
On Iran, Try Backscratching, Not Blackmail  by Stephen M. Walt
The Continent Without a Military  by Doug Bandow

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Gaza-Bound Libyan Missiles Intercepted
Algerian in Jihad Jane Plot Faces US Extradition
New Sophisticated Malware Targets 23 Countries, Including Israel
Stuxnet Missing Link Found, Resolves Some Mysteries
Former Gitmo Uighur Resettled to Turkey
Gunfire, Chants Mark Wounded Knee Anniversary
Netanyahu Said Ready to Cut Deal With Yesh Atid, Jewish Home
Two Palestinians End Hunger Strike That Fueled Protests
Second Laptop Stolen From Israeli Nuclear Chief
Once a Curiosity, Captured Tanks Are a Growing Part of Syrian Rebels' Arsenal
Criminals Cash in on Syria's Chaos With Kidnappings and Ransoms
Backers of Syrian Rebels Endanger Iraq: Iraqi Minister
Three Killed, Five Wounded in Quiet Day in Iraq
MEK Urges More Security in Iraq
Middle East
Qatar's Influence in Egypt Runs Deeper Than Its Pockets
Libya to Ask UN to Lift Arms Embargo: State Media
Ousted Yemen Leader Saleh Urges Countrymen to Forgive and Forget
Plan Floated at UN to Lift Somalia Arms Embargo for a Year
US Court Convicts Somali Pirates
UN Security Council Asks for Report on Possible Mali Peacekeepers
In Kenyan Slums, Political Tensions, Threat of Violence Rise Ahead of Monday's Election
UN Chief Tones Down Criticism of Rwanda Over Congo Claims
UK Ministry of Defense Wasting Billions on Unneeded Equipment, MPs Say
France's Hollande Juggles Trade, Human Rights in Moscow
Unexploded WWI Shell Found Outside Belgian Nuclear Reactor, Safely Removed by Military
The War at Home
The Ravages of War Related PTSD Spread to Partners and Children of US Soldiers
Attacked at 19 by an Air Force Trainer, and Speaking Out
TSA Chief: Sequester Would Impact Airport Security Most During Summer
Navy Identifies 2 Divers Who Died at Md. Army Site
Remains of Korean War Soldier Returned Home 62 Years Later
10 Hurt in Afghanistan Suicide Attack
Rockets Fired at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan
Karachi Violence Claims Five More Lives
Another Journalist Shot Dead in North Waziristan
Pakistan Naval Officer Injured in Karachi Shooting
Pakistan Yet to Ship Any Wheat From Barter Deal With Iran
China Arrests 5 Tibetans, Mostly Buddhist Monks, Accused of Inciting Self-Immolations
Reports Say China's First Aircraft Carrier on Way to Permanent Base at Qingdao in North
China Likely to Appoint Expert on North Korea, Japan as Foreign Minister
North Koreans Blame US for Fueling 'Explosive Situation'
Thailand Signs Peace Talks Deal With Muslims Militants
Clashes Over Land Batter Police in Myanmar
Extreme Trafficking: Police Find 'Drug Cannon' at US-Mexico Border
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