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Updated March 2, 2013 - 11:16 PM EST
How US Marks Unidentified Men as Drone Targets
Syria Rebels Angry at US: 'We Only Want Weapons'
  Rebel Cooperation Shows Challenge of Isolating Islamists
  EU Likely to Begin Arming Syrian Rebels by Summer
  Syria Rebels: Govt 'Death Squad' Massacred 72 Near Aleppo
NATO Troops Kill 2 Afghan Kids Tending Cattle
  US Deaths Drop as Afghan Military Bears Brunt of Attacks
Israel May Gradually Lose $500 Million in US Aid
  Kerry Slams Turkish PM for 'Objectionable' Mention of Zionism
  Palestinian PM Tear Gassed by Troops at West Bank Protest
Manning's Leak Admission Inspires Supporters
  Manning to Face More Serious Charges in Leak
  Transcript: Bradley Manning's Court Statement
US: Cuba Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism
British Defense Secretary: Cut Welfare, Not Troops
Putin Urges 'Drastic Upgrade' to Russia's Military
US Drones Blow Up Any Hope of Close Ties With Yemenis  by Farea Al Muslimi
AIPAC and Congress Sustain Iranian Nuclear Program  by Paul Pillar
John Kerry the Interventionist  by Ben Schreiner
Who's Turning Syria's Civil War Into a Jihad?  by Philip Giraldi
Can Chuck Hagel Stop the Pentagon Juggernaut?  by Eric Margolis
The Meaning of the Hagel Fight  by Robert Golan-Vilella

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Lessons From the British Empire
by Jordan Michael Smith
Pentagon Plans to Ask for Base Closures
Thousands of Soldiers to Leave Europe
Yemeni al-Qaeda Posts New Issue of Online Magazine
Venezuela Rebuffs 'Absurd' Rumors Over Chavez Death
San Francisco Says No to Indefinite Military Detention
Leaving N. Korea, Rodman Calls Kims 'Great Leaders'
Activists: 10 Bodies Found on Road Near Damascus
Syria Risks Dissolution, UN Chief Says
Syria Jihadists Take Iraq Border Post: Watchdog
Heavy Fighting Over Police Academy in North Syria
Russia Charges That US Aid Helps Syrian 'Extremists'
Kremlin Says Putin, Obama Seek 'New Initiatives' on Syria
Former Syrian General: US, Russia Can End War
Scud Missile Fired in Syria Lands Near Iraqi Village: Mayor
Iraqi Finance Minister Tells Protesters He Is Resigning
Eight Killed, 81 Wounded in Iraq Violence
Bahrain Activist Zainab Al-Khawaja Sentenced to Jail
Kerry Faces Anger Among Egypt's Liberal, Secular Camp Over Perceived US Backing of Morsi
Protesters Demand Armed Forces Intervention in Cairo
Christian-Muslim Tension Flares in Southern Egypt
Egypt Quietly Stifles NGOs by Cutting Off Foreign Cash Flow
UK Police, FBI, Visit Libya for Talks on Lockerbie Bombing Probe
Mali Locals Say al-Qaeda Commander Dead, France Cautious
UN Chief Ban Seeks Speedy Talks on Mali Peacekeepers
Mali to Hold Presidential Vote in July: PM
Somalia: Suicide Bomber and Diner Killed in Attack
Ethnic Clashes Flare in Guinea, President Asks for Calm
DR Congo: Bunagana Residents Flee M23 Clashes to Uganda
Tsvangirai Says Mugabe Losing Grip, Resorting to Violence
Palestinians, Israeli Soldiers Clash in West Bank
Three Palestinians Wounded by IDF Fire
Palestinians Say Prisoner Dies in PA Custody
Likud: Jewish Home Also Boycotting Haredim
West Bank Romance Shakes Religious Settler Community
Ehud Barak Will Meet With US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in Washington Tuesday
Herod Exhibit Digs Up Controversy
Gunmen Kill Pakistani Reporter in Southwest
Former Pakistan President Sets Mid-March Return
Bombs, Grenades, Submachine Guns Seized in Karachi
Death Toll in Bangladesh War Crimes Clashes Rises to 53
Sentencing of Islamist Leader Brings Unhealed Rifts to Surface in Bangladesh
Malaysia: Sabah Stand-Off 'Turns Deadly' as Clashes Break Out
Six People Hurt by Bomb Blast in Thailand's South
Way to Reach Kim Jong-Un? Follow the Ball
Japanese Court Sentences 2 US Sailors to Prison in Okinawa Rape
Spring Break: US College Students Flood Cancun Under Watch of Mexican Marines, Police
The War at Home
Grounded US F-35 Fighter Jet Fleet to Resume Flights
Attack on Mosque Illustrates Relationship Between FBI and Muslims in SF Bay Area
Weekend Reviews
Former Insiders Criticize Iran Policy as US Hegemony
Our Man in Iran
The Spy Who Bored Me
Drugs, War, and Occupation
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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