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Updated March 5, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
AG Holder: We Can Kill Americans on US Soil
Hugo Chavez, Fiery Venezuelan Leader, Dies
48 Syrian Troops, 9 Iraqis Killed in Iraq Ambush

Israel Warns UN as Syria War Moves Into Buffer Zone

  Iraq Accuses Qatar of Financing Jihadi Groups in Syria
  US, Saudi Arabia Stand United for Democracy in Syria?
Biden: Obama 'Not Bluffing' Over Attacking Iran
  Kerry: Iran 'Running Out of Time' for Talks
  Israeli PM Urges Rivals to Join Govt, Citing 'Iran Threat'
  Anti-AIPAC Billboards in Downtown DC Greet Conference Delegates
Chuck Hagel Friend Requests Ehud Barak
  Obama's Israel Trip in Jeopardy
  New Bus Service for Palestinians Raises Charges of Racism
  Israel Blames Hamas for Keeping Shut Gaza Crossing
Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Vs. the Media’s
  Diplomats: US, China Agree on North Korea Sanctions
Karachi Party Urges Shi'ites to Patrol Their Neighborhoods
UN Rights Advocate Seeks Findings on CIA Detention
We Must Resist the Reckless Push for War on Iran  by Murtaza Hussain
Sequester Doesn't Cut Military Spending Enough  by Doug Bandow
How the White House Let Diplomacy Fail in Afghanistan  by Vali Nasr
Congress Goes Bipartisan – Against Civil Liberties  by W. James Antle III
How Cops Became Soldiers  Michael Arria interviews Radley Balko
We Are Fighting for All Palestinians  by Samer Issawi

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Full Text of Biden's Speech at AIPAC Policy Conference
Chicago Police Bypassed Warrants to Make Arrests Using 'Investigative Alerts'
Ex-Libya Rebel Offers to Settle Over UK Rendition for $4.50 and Apology
Al-Qaeda Confirms Leader Killed in Mali
The NSA Doesn't Like Having Its Privacy Invaded
Ehud Barak Says Little Hope of Restraining Iran
The Road to Coalition: Netanyahu, Lapid Spoke Privately

Netanyahu Tells Pollard's Wife He'll Ask for Jailed Spy's Release

Israeli Settler Rabbi Who Promoted Peace Dies
Syrian Forces Hit Two Cities as Rebels Claim Advances
Syrian Opposition Says Captures Eastern City of Raqqa
Aleppo Council Seeks to Assert Civilian Authority as Rebels Advance
As Syrian Refugee Population Nears 1 Million, Relief Agencies Cannot Keep Up
Plans for Giant Mosque Overlooking Istanbul Stoke Secularists' Fears
4 Soldiers Wounded in Mine Blast in SE Turkey
Middle East
Russia Willing to Consider Making It Easier for Libya to Buy Arms
Locust Alert in Middle East as Plague Descends on Egypt and Creates Panic in Israel
Long Wait in Kenya Vote; 19 Dead in Mombasa
Gunmen in Kenya Take Control of 2 Polling Stations
Somalia's Al Shabaab Urges Kenyan Muslims to Boycott Vote
Kenya's Election and the Main Candidates
Removal of Berlin Wall Section Put on Hold
Mexico Wants US Ties to Focus on Economy, Education, Not Drugs
Audit Finds US Loan Program in Haiti Filled With Flaws
Five Killed in Egyptian Clashes
1 Officer, 2 Soldiers Injured in Northern Egypt: Official
Port Said Security Headquarters Torched
Unrest in Egyptian City Draws in Military
Health Ministry Reports 117 Injuries in Port Said Clashes
Iraq Ten Years On: How Baghdad Became a City of Corruption
48 Syrians, 9 Iraqis Killed Near Border; 14 Iraqis Killed Elsewhere
Jobs Protesters Break Into Iraq's West Qurna-2 Oilfield
Iraq to Get Russian Weapons by June: Minister
Suicide Car Bomber Hits Yemen Militia, Kills 12
US-Backed Yemen Govt Unyielding on Child Executions
US Consolidates Afghan Bases With Eye Toward Pulling Out
Dam and Other Afghan Projects Being Scaled Back as US Picks Up Pace of Withdrawal
US Disavows 2 Drone Strikes Over Pakistan
Pressure Mounts on Pakistan to Secure Shi'ites After Karachi Blast
Pakistan Interior Minister: Backbone of TTP Broken
Four TTP, LEJ Activists Held in Karachi
Florida Imam Convicted of Funneling Money to Pakistani Taliban
Malaysia Soldiers Attack Armed Filipino Clan in Borneo
Invasion of Borneo Creates Problems in Malaysia, Philippines
Indian Woman on 12-Year Hunger Strike Charged
US Soldiers Sought for Questioning in BB Gun Attack in Seoul
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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