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Updated March 11, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Karzai Accuses US of Colluding With Taliban
  US Claims 'Security Concerns' as Karzai Cancels Hagel Meet
  2 US Troops, 3 Afghans Killed in Insider Attack
  NATO Kills Afghan Actor in Southwest Airstrike
  Afghan Student Details Capture, Torture by CIA 'Strike Force'
  General: US Won’t Transfer Afghan Detainees Who Might Get Released
Report: US Training Syria Rebels in Jordan
  Twenty Bodies Turn Up in Aleppo's River of Martyrs
Pak Christians Protest After 'Blasphemy' Attacks
  US Drone Strike Kills Two in Pakistan
North Korea Declares 1953 Armistice Invalid
10 Companies Profiting the Most From War
Air Force Erases Drone Strike Data
West Doesn't Accept New Kenyan President
In Cyberwarfare, Rules of Engagement Hard to Define
Three Democratic Myths Used to Demean the Paul Filibuster  by Glenn Greenwald
Is Lockheed Martin Sequester-Proof?  by Jeremiah Goulka & Tom Engelhardt
Repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Law  New York Times
Congress, Drones, and The Imperial Presidency  by Ron Paul
The Meaning of Shock and Awe  by David Bromwich
The 3 Real Problems With Drone Strikes  by Cenk Uygur

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Cheney Unconcerned With Critics in New Documentary
Ex-TSA Screener Says They Do Little to Keep Fliers Safe
Prosecutor: Transparency Sufficient at Gitmo Trial
Libyan Islamists Arrest and Torture 48 Christians
Egyptian Christian Suspected of Proselytizing Dies in Libyan Detention
Activists: Syrian Regime Bombs Rebel-Held City
Syrian Rebels Pierce Assad's Siege Lines in Homs: Opposition
Syria's Priceless Heritage Under Attack
Denmark TV Used Game Image in Syria Report
Yishai Warns Lapid Will Target Settlements
PM Calls Urgent Meeting With Lapid, Bennett; No Agreement Reached
UN Clears Israel of Charge It Killed Baby in Gaza
Shas Lashes Out at PM's 'Bourgeois Government'
Shas Ministers Shirk Last Cabinet Meeting
Attacked Arab-Israeli Woman: We'll Die on This Land
Iraq Protest Organizer and 2 Councilmen Among 6 Killed
Torture of Detainees by State Security Is Still Pervasive in Iraq, Report Claims
Tony Blair 'Subcontracted' Iraq War Decision to George Bush Says Sir Christopher Meyer
A Decade After US-Led Invasion, Kurds Look to Turkey, the West, Mull Future Without Iraq
Sadr Condemns Attacks on Demonstrators in Mosul, Demands Parliamentary Investigation
Escape Attempt by Abu Ghraib Prison Detainees Thwarted
Blast Injures Several People in South Iran
Iran Blocks Use of Tool to Get Around Internet Filter
US Senator, Treasury Press EU to Blacklist Hezbollah
Russia Puts Dead Whistleblower on Trial
Falklands Votes in Sovereignty Referendum Rejected by Argentina
Chávez Heir Faces Challenge in Ties With Armed Forces
Afghanistan Urges Coalition to Stop Abusing University Students
Security Threats, Fractures Plague US and Afghans
US Delays Transfer of Bagram Prison to Afghan Forces
Karzai Claims CIA-Trained Afghans Seized Student
Christian Protesters, Police Clash in Pakistan
Christian Community Protest Sabotaged in Karachi
Bomb Blast Kills One Child, Injures Three in Landi Kotal
Tibetan Self-Immolations Spark China Tension
Protests Mark 54th Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising
China Calls for Global Hacking Rules
Police Fire Teargas on China Village After Land Grab Protest
As North Korea Blusters, South Breaks Taboo on Nuclear Talk
South Korean, US Troops Launch Military Drills That North Korea Has Threatened War Over
North Korea Cuts Off Hotline With South Korea
North Korea: 'If the US Has Nuclear Weapons, Why Can't We?'
Police Scatter Demonstrators in Capital of Azerbaijan
Kazakhstan's Independent Media Under Fire
Egypt's Interior Minister Won't Allow 'Militias'
As Egypt's Security Crisis Deepens, Calls for a Coup
Diplomats Confirm Deaths in Nigerian Hostage Crisis
Hostage Killings a New, Dangerous Turn for Nigeria
Kenyatta Declared Winner, Amid Dilemma for Western Allies
Somali Army Chief Vows to Rout Out Remanants of Al Shabab
Guinea Court Summons Opposition Leaders Over Protests
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