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Updated March 21, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
Obama, Netanyahu Talk Up 'Right' to Attack Iran
  Obama Vows Unwavering US Support for Israel
  Palestinians Prepare a Bitter Welcome for Obama
Damascus Mosque Blast Kills 42 Including Imam
  Major Clashes Along Syria's Border with Israel
  Chemical Weapons Report a Ticket to Intervention?
  Lebanese Soldiers Wounded in Sectarian Flare-Up in Tripoli
  Congressional Hawks: Syria Chemical Attack 'Probable,' Demand Action
Afghans Back Off Demand That US Leave Province
  Afghanistan's Nuristan Province 'At Mercy of the Taliban'
Huge Drop in Workers at City-Sized US Embassy in Baghdad
Obama May Shift Drone Programs From CIA to Pentagon
Pentagon Watchdog Doubts Need for New $1.8 Billion Carbine
Report Warns of Intel Blind Spots Because of al-Qaeda Focus
No More Asking for Permission To Speak  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Way Worse Than a Dumb War: Iraq Ten Years Later  by Phyllis Bennis
Bang the Drum Loudly: The Failed Journalism That Sent America to War in Iraq  by James Moore
Unlearned Lessons of the Iraq War  by Daniel Larison
An Illegal Anniversary  by Robert Jensen
Iraq Debacle: Doomed to Happen Again?  by David Sirota

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Venezuela Halts Communication With US
Nixon Mocked Democrats for Jerusalem Position
General Says Guantanamo Buildings Are in Disrepair
Weapons Experts Raise Doubts About Israel’s Antimissle System
Senators Fear Drones 'Buzzing Overhead'
Cyprus Asks Russia for Help to Avoid Meltdown
The War at Home
Terrorism Suspect Has Been Secretly Held in New York Since October

8th Marine Dies From Mortar Explosion

Pentagon Bans Mortar Type That Killed Seven Marines
Judge Won't Let Fort Hood Suspect Plead Guilty
South Korea Hit by Major Cyber Attack
A Message for Kim Jong-Un: US Embassy in South Korea Tweets Image of B-52
Six Pakistan Army Officers Involved in Abductions in Balochistan
Pakistan to Hold Democratic Milestone Vote on 11 May
Nuclear States Divided on India Joining Export Control Group

Marines Accused of Killing Indian Fishermen Questioned in Italy

Afghan Villages Rise Up Against Taliban
Afghanistan, 2 Ex-Soviet Nations to Build Railway
Malaysia Charges 8 Filipinos in Borneo Incursion
New US, Chinese Officials Reach Out Ahead of Talks Later This Year
Myanmar Parliament Agrees to Review Constitution
Egypt Arrests Three Former Libyan Officials
Egypt Seeks Prisoner Swap With Libya: Sources
Gamaa Islamiya Goes From Terrorist Group to Security Force
Group Defends Libyan Town, Once Gadhafi Stronghold
Central Africa
Bosco Ntaganda: US Wants Swift ICC Transfer From Rwanda
Sudanese Leader, in Power Since 1989, Says He Intends to Step Down in 2015
Kenya Supreme Court to Top Politicians: Keep Quiet
Document Shows Abbas's Desire to Resume Israeli Talks
Palestinian Frustration Grows Over Lack of Help
Israeli Politicians Raise Pollard With US President
Full Text of Obama's Speech on Arrival in Israel
US Defense Chief Hagel to Visit Israel in April
Presidential Limo Breaks Down in Israel, Fueled With Gasoline Rather Than Diesel by Driver
Chemicals Would Be 'Game Changer' in Syria, Obama Says
Key Syria Dissidents Leave Coalition Group
Rep. Rogers: Not Attacking Syria a Stain on 'National Character'
12 Killed, 34 Wounded in Iraq
Iraq's Model City: Kirkuk Thrives in Sea of Corruption and Violence
Massive American Embassy in Baghdad Cutting Staff Sharply Decade After War in Iraq Began
Police Decision in Kirkuk Sparks Dispute With Iraqi Military
Powering Up After a Decade Down
Jordanian Force Cordons Off Syrian Refugee Camp
Jordan's King Abdullah Criticizes Regional Leaders
Kurdish Rebel to Call Ceasefire in Turkey's Best Peace Hope
Turkish Capital Ankara Hit by Twin Explosions
Turkish PM Doubles Down on Zionism Comments
Middle East
1 Killed, 4 Injured in Northern Lebanon Clashes
Saudi Arabia Arrests 18 for Spying
Kremlin: No Evidence of a Crime in Whistleblower's Suspicious Prison Death
Moscow's Top Court Rejects Appeal by Pussy Riot
Priest Kidnapped by Argentine Junta Says That He Was Not Denounced by Future Pope
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