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Updated March 24, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
CIA Expands Role in Syria Intervention
  Syria Chemical Weapons: Finger Pointed at Jihadists
Obama Charms Israel but Chills Palestinians
  Obama to Abbas: 'Don't Go to ICC Over Settlements'
  Netanyahu: Fear Over Syrian Weapons Motivated Apology to Turkey
  Obama Forced to Drive Past Walls Between Israelis, Palestinians
The Iraq War: Ten Years in Ten Numbers
  As Iraq Anniversary Fades, 'Strategic Narcissism' Stands Out
Central Africa Rebels Seize Capital, President Flees
China's Xi Calls for New-Type International Relations
US Mulls Whether to Take Cuba Off Terror List
Rethinking Israel-Palestine: Beyond Bantustans, Beyond Reservations  by Noura Erakat
Let the Voices of Drone Strike Victims Be Heard on Capitol Hill  by Robert Naiman
North Korea Is Not America's Problem  by Doug Bandow
Eric Holder: If the President Does It, It’s Legal  by John W. Whitehead
How Do You Say 'Quagmire' in French?  by Leon Hadar
'Assad Must Go' Is the Wrong Solution  by Susanne Koelbl

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US Spy Operation That Manipulates Social Media
Boris Berezovsky: Russian Oligarch Found Dead
Microsoft, Too, Says FBI Secretly Surveilling Its Customers
Jihadi Web Forums Losing Members to Twitter, Facebook, Death
10 Sketches From Inside Gitmo's Military Courtroom
Musharraf Returns to Pakistan
HRW Urges Govt to Hold Musharraf Accountable for Rights Violations
Pakistan Ex-President Says Deal Avoids Homecoming Arrest
Musharraf Says He Wants to 'Free' Pakistan
Musharraf Granted Protective Bail in Benazir, Bugti Cases
Pakistan Taliban Threaten to Send Musharraf to 'Hell' When He Returns
HRW Urges Govt to Hold Musharraf Accountable for Rights Violations
Rickshaw Bomb Kills 9 in Dera Allah Yar
Cricket Legend Imran Khan – Pakistan's Election Wildcard – Rallies 150,000 People in Lahore
Suicide Attack on Check Post Leaves Six Dead in North Waziristan
US and Afghanistan Resolve Dispute Over Parwan Detention Center
US Prepares for Transfer of Strategic Base to Afghans
Logic Bomb Set Off South Korea Cyberattack
China Tightens Border Searches to Punish North Korea as US Asks for Sterner Measures
Xi Jinping: Russia-China Ties 'Guarantee World Peace'
China's Testing Woes Remind That Developing Carrier Planes Is Hard
Troops Impose Uneasy Calm on Violence-Torn Myanmar City
Myanmar's Army Patrols Central City After Violence
Fire at Myanmar Refugee Camp on Thai Border Kills 45
Japan Asks Okinawa to Approve Marine Offshore Runways
Egypt Confiscates Military Fatigue Shipments Headed for Libya
Criminal Gangs Fill Void Left by Egypt's Broken Security Apparatus
Mayor: Radical Islamists Attack Malian City of Gao, but Are Pushed Back
France Confirms Death of Islamist Commander Abou Zeid in Mali
Senior Egypt Islamist Denounces French Mali Intervention
25 Killed in Series of Attacks in Nigeria
UN Pulls Staff as Central African Republic Rebels Advance
Congolese Mining Center of Lubumbashi Attacked by 240 Mai Mai Militia Fighters
US Aids Honduran Police Despite Death Squad Fears
14 Killed in 2 Drug-Plagued Mexican States
Havana Diplomats at UN Try to Block Cuban Blogger's News Conference
Weekend Reviews
Nick Turse's Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam
How Do You Say 'Quagmire' in French?
The Disinherited
The Unheard Voices of Palestinians
Portrait of a Pacifist: Jo Metson Scott's Images of Dissenting Soldiers in Iraq
Syria Rebels Take Control of Strategic Southern Base
US and UK Public Reject Stronger Military Support for Syrian Rebels
Slain Syrian Cleric's Burial at Islamic Site Sparks Controversy
Thousands Grieve for Murdered Syrian Imam Who Supported Assad
EU Urges Political Solution in Syria Amid Fears of Spillover
Syrians, Fleeing Home, Crowd in Roman Caves
On Both Sides in Syrian War, Doctors Are Often the Target
Fearing Stark Future, Syrian Alawites Meet in Cairo
Clashes in Lebanon as PM Mikati Resignation Accepted
Mikati's Resignation Throws Lebanon Into Deeper Crisis
Lebanon Without Government as Syria Simmers
Abbas Mulls Firing Palestinian PM Fayyad
Hamas Arrests Hardline Islamists Over Rocket Attacks
Kerry to Meet Palestinian, Israeli Leaders After Obama Visit
Erdogan: Israeli Apology 'Was Offered the Way We Wanted'
Erdogan: Still Too Soon to Drop Case Against IDF Officers
Palestinian National Authority Welcomes US Resumption of Financial Aid
3 Killed in Attack on Shi'ite Representative to Yemeni National Dialogue
Yemeni Security Forces Clash With Secessionists in Aden, 5 Injured
Yemen Activists 'Sidelined' in Post-Saleh Era
Ten Iraqis Killed in Shootings
A Decade After Iraq Invasion, America's Voice in Baghdad Has Gone From a Boom to a Whimper
Iraq's Kurdistan Region: We Can Be Reliable Energy Source for Europe
Middle East
Kurdish Rebels Declare Formal Ceasefire With Turkey
Bahrain Blocks Marches for Jailed Rights Activist
Morocco Islamists Struggle With Coalition Rule
Euro Exit Could Be Cyprus's Only Way Out
Kremlin 'Could Punish Europe' in Reprisal for Cyprus Bailout's Bank Levy
Scottish National Party Delegates Vote for Constitutional Ban on Trident
Man Dies in Sixth Bulgarian Self Immolation in Less Than a Month
Northern Irish Police Defuse Car Bomb Near G8 Venue
The War at Home
Bills Would Mandate Warrant for GPS Tracking, Cellphone Location Data
Northern Virginia Officials Worry CIA Facility May Scuttle Bid to Land FBI Headquarters
Americans Still Dying
Army Helicopter Pilot (OH) Killed in Crash Was Nearing Retirement
Estherville (IA) Mourning Soldier Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Maryland Soldier Killed in Black Hawk Crash in Afghanistan
Procession Held for Fallen Peoria (AZ) Sailor
Father of Two, North Carolina Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Injuries
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