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Updated March 26, 2013 - 11:20 PM EDT
Gen. Allen: Leaving Afghanistan Never an Option
  Another Bagram Prison 'Handover,' But US Keeps Some Detainees
US Training Syrian Rebels in Jordan
  NATO: 'No Intention to Intervene Militarily in Syria'
  CIA Oversees Big Increase in Arms to Syrian Rebels
  Syria 'Chemical' Attack Was Rebels' Doing, Evidence Suggests
UN: Spike in Israeli Warplanes Over Lebanon
  Netanyahu to Stop Seizing Palestinian Tax Dollars
3 Hospitalized as Gitmo Hunger Strike Worsens
  'Men Live in Guantanamo Animal Cages, Will Never Get Trials'
  Pentagon Seeks Funds to Build New Gitmo Prison
South Korea, US Agree on Plan for War With North
NATO Researchers: Stuxnet Attack on Iran Was Illegal
13 S. African Troops Killed in Central African Rep. Takeover
Mahmoud Abbas: Obama and Bibi's Man in Palestine  by John Taylor
Finally, the Backlash Against Drones Takes Flight  by Medea Benjamin & Noor Mir
Beyond Military Intervention: A 'Wacko Birds' Manifesto for US Foreign Policy  by Stephen Kinzer
Why Bush and the Neocons Invaded Iraq  by Robert Parry
What Obama Really Did on His Middle East Trip  by Stephen M. Walt
The Racism That Fuels the 'War on Terror'  by Glenn Greenwald

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Boris Berezovsky Died by Hanging, UK Police Say
Guanarito Virus Goes Missing at UMBC Highlighting US Lab Security Problems
Chinese Fishmonger Finds Live Bomb Inside a Squid
Poll: No Drone Strikes on US Soil
A Photo That Makes North Korea Look a Lot Less Scary
The War at Home
Sen. Rand Paul: Use Foreign Aid Funds to Pay for Bridges
Military No Less Conservative, but Less Republican, Survey Finds
Suspect Tied to African, Yemen Militants Pleads Guilty to US Charges
Chinese Citizen Sentenced in Military Data-Theft Case
Man Sentenced to 18 Years for Plotting Attack on US Military Center
Afghan Suicide Attack Kills Five Police in Jalalabad
Most Australian Troops to Return From Afghanistan by the End of the Year With Closure of Base
Kerry Arrives for Afghanistan Visit, Will Skip Pakistan for Now
US General Defends Karzai
US Army Hands Over Bagram Prison to Afghanistan
Pakistan's Sharif Holds Big Election Rally
Two Soldiers Injured in Bajaur Agency Blast
China Buys Fighter Jets and Submarines From Russia
China President Xi Jinping Hails Ties With Africa
Sri Lanka
Buddhist-Muslim Violence Spreads in Myanmar
US: If Sri Lanka Doesn't 'Internalize' 'Accountability Probe' It May Go Global
In Sri Lanka, India Has Lost the Plot to China
India's 'Rotten Diplomacy' in Sri Lanka Breeds Loathing
Buddhist-Muslim Violence Spreads in Myanmar
Malaysia to Relocate Villagers in Sabah
Central African Republic
Central African Republic President Flees to Cameroon
Central African Rebel: 'Consider Me Head of State'
Central African Republic Rebel Chief to Name Power-Sharing Government
Central African Republic Suspended From African Union, Says Official
Twin Explosions Rock Presidential Palace in Kismayo
Gunmen Kill Female Journalist in Somalia
Somali National Held Aboard Navy Ship Pleaded Guilty, US Officials Say
EU Suspends Zimbabwe Sanctions After Peaceful Poll on New Constitution
Zimbabwe Court Orders Rights Lawyer to Be Released
Kenya Court: Partial Recount in Presidential Vote
Syrian Rebels Bombard Central Damascus, Army Artillery Hits Back
Jordan Closes Main Border Crossing With Syria
UN to Move Some Staff Out of Syria After Mortar Blasts Near Hotel
Syrian Opposition Commander Riad Al-Asaad Loses Leg in Bomb Attack
Lebanon Harboring Over 375,000 Syrian Refugees: Report
Kurds in Syria: a Struggle Within a Struggle
White House: Resignation Doesn't Impact Support for Syrian Opposition
Al Khatib to Speak for Syria at Arab League Summit, Despite Resignation
Syrian Opposition Alawites Call for Rebellion in Army
Russia, China Must Be Part of Syria Chemical Arms Inquiry: Moscow
Israel, Turkey Begin Talks Over Compensation for Flotilla Victims' Families
Ramallah: A Tour Puts a City in Reach and at Arm's Length
Settlers Give Pre-Passover Bread to Nearby Palestinians
Israeli Foreign Ministry Won't Give Lapid a Diplomatic Passport
Israel's Prisoner X Said to Have Exposed Spies
Israel's Prisoner X 'Wanted to Become Mossad Hero' Before Rogue Operation Led to Downfall
Scattered Attacks Leaves Seven Killed Across Iraq
Birth Defects Plague Iraq, but Cause Unknown
Father Speaks of Visit to Spot Where Son Was Killed in Iraq
Egyptian Women Blamed for Sexual Assaults
Egypt: Activists to Be Questioned Over Violence
Protesters End Siege of Libyan PM's Office
Libya to Spend Billions on Military
Libya FM: Gadhafi Family Granted Oman Asylum
9 Dead in Clash With Islamic Radicals in Mali
London: Head of UK Domestic Spy Agency to Step Down
Prince Harry to Tour US to Promote Troops' Rehabilitation
Argentina Demands UN Reject Falkland Islands Referendum
Haiti PM: Government Aide Slain Outside Home in Drive-By by Masked Gunmen on Motorcycle
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